Merge remote-tracking branch 'gfiber-internal/master' into default

* gfiber-internal/master:
  Fix include name
  Replace manifest with new versions
  GFRG200/GFRG210: Switch to Linux 4.1
  repo: add marvell cpss to list of repos
  gfch100: add surprise/athena repos
  Add libgep project to manifest
  Add projects for Mindspeed kernel and driver v3.2
  Revert "GFRG200/GFRG210: Switch to Linux 4.1"
  GFRG200/GFRG210: Switch to Linux 4.1
  Add vendor/opensource/wpa_supplicant-quantenna.
  Add vendor/opensource/hostapd-quantenna.
  Create new manifests that use include for easier updating
  Track correct branch for bruno_arm kernel
  Add vendor/opensource/backports-quantenna.
  Add kernel/skids and toolchains/skids.
  manifest: add uboot/armada
  Add vendor/google/sdr.
  armada: no need for kernel/armada anymore, kernel/bruno works
  armada: add kernel and toolchain
  Add vendor/quantenna/drivers.
  Add vendor/google/jacob100
  Add vendor/google/gl_dart.
  Add vendor/google/glfw_dart
  add vendor/google/glfw_nexus to restricted manifest
  Add frobnicast project to unrestricted manifest
  Added Frobnicast to projects list
  Sync the google_cast project
  Remove the kernel/bruno_new project.
  Chromium project changes for M43 release
  Sync the Chromium fiber_shell project
  Build fixes for latest Chromium gardening
  Add the directory for the 7250 kernel.
  Add toolchain for broadcom ARM toolchain.
  Sync new chromium
  Add widevine_cenc to manifests
  Add vendor/opensource/dnsmasq
  Add dnsmasq
  Add WindCharger projects.
  Remove chromium from the unrestricted list.
  Add default_unrestricted.xml.
  Add spacecast repo.
  Update manifest smartsync server

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  1. default.xml
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