Merge gfiber-internal/manifests into openbox/HEAD

* /ssd/athena/.repo/manifests:
  Reorganize the manifest.xml variants.
  manifest: add dek-tools for
  netsnmp: add repo
  Prowl: add new kernel and toolchain repos
  Add uboot/qsr1000 (quantenna) to manifest
  Add standalone tornado repo.
  Add oregano-native project to manifest
  gfch100: add vendor/hfw/glaukus-protobufs
  gfch100: add bcm851xx_api, move hfw from restricted to unrestricted
  Adding google_dashplayer to manifest
  added gcm repo
  Add release manifest that includes bootloader projects
  Remove unused kernel repos.
  Add a new repository for the lockdown kernel.
  wipg: add new wipg repo
  gfch100: add vendor/marvell/3220sdk
  Remove deprecated projects; ozone-nexus and vendor/fiber
  Remove wifitv manifests.

Change-Id: I8c9a9f7060444a208ddbc1c77ef64ad52400c912