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* YAFFS: Yet another Flash File System . A NAND-flash specific file system.
* Copyright (C) 2002-2010 Aleph One Ltd.
* for Toby Churchill Ltd and Brightstar Engineering
* Created by Martin Fouts <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
* Note: Only YAFFS headers are LGPL, YAFFS C code is covered by GPL.
#ifndef __YAFFS_CONFIG_H__
#define __YAFFS_CONFIG_H__
/* DO NOT UNSET THESE THREE. YAFFS2 will not compile if you do. */
/* These options are independent of each other. Select those that matter. */
/* Default: Not selected */
/* Meaning: Yaffs does its own ECC, rather than using MTD ECC */
/* Default: Selected */
/* Meaning: Yaffs does its own ECC on tags for packed tags rather than use mtd */
/* Default: Not selected */
/* Meaning: ECC byte order is 'wrong'. Only meaningful if */
/* Default: Not selected */
/* Meaning: Always test whether chunks are erased before writing to them.
Use during mtd debugging and init. */
/* Default: Not Selected */
/* Meaning: At mount automatically empty all files from lost and found. */
/* This is done to fix an old problem where rmdir was not checking for an */
/* empty directory. This can also be achieved with a mount option. */
/* Default: Selected */
/* Meaning: Cache short names, taking more RAM, but faster look-ups */
/* Default: Unselected */
/* Meaning: Select to disable block refreshing. */
/* Block Refreshing periodically rewrites the oldest block. */
/* Default: Unselected */
/* Meaning: Select to disable background processing */
/* Default: Selected */
/* Meaning: Enable XATTR support */
Older-style on-NAND data format has a "page_status" byte to record
chunk/page state. This byte is zeroed when the page is discarded.
Choose this option if you have existing on-NAND data in this format
that you need to continue to support. New data written also uses the
older-style format.
Note: Use of this option generally requires that MTD's oob layout be
adjusted to use the older-style format. See notes on tags formats and
MTD versions in yaffs_mtdif1.c.
/* Default: Not selected */
/* Meaning: Use older-style on-NAND data format with page_status byte */
#endif /* YAFFS_OUT_OF_TREE */
#endif /* __YAFFS_CONFIG_H__ */