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* Copyright(c) 2008, RealTEK Technology Inc. All Right Reserved.
* Module: __INC_HAL8192SPHYCFG_H
* Note:
* Export: Constants, macro, functions(API), global variables(None).
* Abbrev:
* History:
* Data Who Remark
* 08/07/2007 MHC 1. Porting from 9x series PHYCFG.h.
* 2. Reorganize code architecture.
/* Check to see if the file has been included already. */
#ifndef _R8192S_PHY_H
#define _R8192S_PHY_H
/*--------------------------Define Parameters-------------------------------*/
#define LOOP_LIMIT 5
#define MAX_STALL_TIME 50 //us
#define AntennaDiversityValue 0x80 //(dev->bSoftwareAntennaDiversity ? 0x00:0x80)
#define MAX_TXPWR_IDX_NMODE_92S 63
//#define delay_ms(_t) PlatformStallExecution(1000*(_t))
//#define delay_us(_t) PlatformStallExecution(_t)
/* Channel switch:The size of command tables for switch channel*/
#define MAX_PRECMD_CNT 16
#define MAX_POSTCMD_CNT 16
/*------------------------------Define structure----------------------------*/
typedef enum _SwChnlCmdID{
/* 1. Switch channel related */
typedef struct _SwChnlCmd{
SwChnlCmdID CmdID;
u32 Para1;
u32 Para2;
u32 msDelay;
}__attribute__ ((packed)) SwChnlCmd;
extern u32 rtl819XMACPHY_Array_PG[];
extern u32 rtl819XPHY_REG_1T2RArray[];
extern u32 rtl819XAGCTAB_Array[];
extern u32 rtl819XRadioA_Array[];
extern u32 rtl819XRadioB_Array[];
extern u32 rtl819XRadioC_Array[];
extern u32 rtl819XRadioD_Array[];
typedef enum _HW90_BLOCK{
HW90_BLOCK_PHY0 = 1,
HW90_BLOCK_PHY1 = 2,
HW90_BLOCK_RF = 3,
HW90_BLOCK_MAXIMUM = 4, // Never use this
typedef enum _RF90_RADIO_PATH{
RF90_PATH_A = 0, //Radio Path A
RF90_PATH_B = 1, //Radio Path B
RF90_PATH_C = 2, //Radio Path C
RF90_PATH_D = 3, //Radio Path D
RF90_PATH_MAX = 4, //Max RF number 90 support
#define bMaskByte0 0xff
#define bMaskByte1 0xff00
#define bMaskByte2 0xff0000
#define bMaskByte3 0xff000000
#define bMaskHWord 0xffff0000
#define bMaskLWord 0x0000ffff
#define bMaskDWord 0xffffffff
typedef enum _VERSION_8190{
// RTL8190
// BB and RF register read/write
extern u32 rtl8192_QueryBBReg(struct net_device* dev,u32 RegAddr, u32 BitMask);
extern void rtl8192_setBBreg(struct net_device* dev,u32 RegAddr, u32 BitMask,u32 Data);
extern u32 rtl8192_phy_QueryRFReg(struct net_device* dev,RF90_RADIO_PATH_E eRFPath, u32 RegAddr, u32 BitMask);
extern void rtl8192_phy_SetRFReg(struct net_device* dev,RF90_RADIO_PATH_E eRFPath, u32 RegAddr,u32 BitMask,u32 Data);
bool rtl8192_phy_checkBBAndRF(struct net_device* dev, HW90_BLOCK_E CheckBlock, RF90_RADIO_PATH_E eRFPath);
/* MAC/BB/RF HAL config */
extern bool PHY_MACConfig8192S(struct net_device* dev);
extern bool PHY_BBConfig8192S(struct net_device* dev);
extern bool PHY_RFConfig8192S(struct net_device* dev);
extern u8 rtl8192_phy_ConfigRFWithHeaderFile(struct net_device* dev,RF90_RADIO_PATH_E eRFPath);
extern void rtl8192_SetBWMode(struct net_device* dev,HT_CHANNEL_WIDTH ChnlWidth,HT_EXTCHNL_OFFSET Offset );
extern u8 rtl8192_phy_SwChnl(struct net_device* dev,u8 channel);
extern u8 rtl8192_phy_CheckIsLegalRFPath(struct net_device* dev,u32 eRFPath );
extern void rtl8192_BBConfig(struct net_device* dev);
extern void PHY_IQCalibrateBcut(struct net_device* dev);
extern void PHY_IQCalibrate(struct net_device* dev);
extern void PHY_GetHWRegOriginalValue(struct net_device* dev);
extern void InitialGainOperateWorkItemCallBack(struct work_struct *work);
void PHY_SetTxPowerLevel8192S(struct net_device* dev, u8 channel);
void PHY_InitialGain8192S(struct net_device* dev,u8 Operation );
/*--------------------------Exported Function prototype---------------------*/
bool HalSetFwCmd8192S(struct net_device* dev, FW_CMD_IO_TYPE FwCmdIO);
extern void PHY_SetBeaconHwReg( struct net_device* dev, u16 BeaconInterval);
void ChkFwCmdIoDone(struct net_device* dev);
#endif // __INC_HAL8192SPHYCFG_H