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#ifndef PCI_BCM63XX_H_
#define PCI_BCM63XX_H_
#include <bcm63xx_cpu.h>
#include <bcm63xx_io.h>
#include <bcm63xx_regs.h>
#include <bcm63xx_dev_pci.h>
* Cardbus shares the PCI bus, but has no IDSEL, so a special id is
* reserved for it. If you have a standard PCI device at this id, you
* need to change the following definition.
* defined in ops-bcm63xx.c
extern struct pci_ops bcm63xx_pci_ops;
extern struct pci_ops bcm63xx_cb_ops;
* defined in pci-bcm63xx.c
extern void __iomem *pci_iospace_start;
#endif /* ! PCI_BCM63XX_H_ */