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* Copyright (c) 2001 Atsushi Onoe
* Copyright (c) 2002-2005 Sam Leffler, Errno Consulting
* All rights reserved.
* Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
* modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions
* are met:
* 1. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright
* notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
* 2. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright
* notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the
* documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution.
* 3. The name of the author may not be used to endorse or promote products
* derived from this software without specific prior written permission.
* Alternatively, this software may be distributed under the terms of the
* GNU General Public License ("GPL") version 2 as published by the Free
* Software Foundation.
* $Id: ieee80211_var.h 2607 2007-07-25 15:20:59Z mrenzmann $
#ifndef _NET80211_IEEE80211_VAR_H_
#define _NET80211_IEEE80211_VAR_H_
* Definitions for IEEE 802.11 drivers.
#define IEEE80211_DEBUG
#include <compat.h>
#include "qtn/lhost_muc_comm.h"
#include "qtn/qvsp_data.h"
#include "net80211/ieee80211_linux.h"
#include <common/queue.h>
#include <common/ruby_pm.h>
#include "net80211/_ieee80211.h"
#include "net80211/ieee80211.h"
#include "net80211/ieee80211_crypto.h"
#include "net80211/ieee80211_ioctl.h" /* for ieee80211_stats */
#include "net80211/ieee80211_node.h"
#include "net80211/ieee80211_power.h"
#include "net80211/ieee80211_proto.h"
#include "net80211/ieee80211_scan.h"
#include "net80211/ieee80211_tpc.h"
#include "net80211/ieee80211_tdls.h"
#include <linux/if_bridge.h>
#include <linux/net/bridge/br_public.h>
#define IEEE80211_BGSCAN_INTVAL_MIN 15 /* min bg scan intvl (secs) */
#define IEEE80211_BGSCAN_INTVAL_DEFAULT (5*60) /* default bg scan intvl */
#define IEEE80211_BGSCAN_IDLE_MIN 100 /* min idle time (ms) */
#define IEEE80211_BGSCAN_IDLE_DEFAULT 250 /* default idle time (ms) */
#define IEEE80211_USE_QTN_BGSCAN(vap) \
(((vap->iv_ic)->ic_flags_ext & IEEE80211_FEXT_REPEATER) && \
((vap)->iv_opmode == IEEE80211_M_STA) && \
((vap)->iv_ic->ic_bsschan != IEEE80211_CHAN_ANYC))
#define IEEE80211_COVERAGE_CLASS_MAX 31 /* max coverage class */
#define IEEE80211_REGCLASSIDS_MAX 10 /* max regclass id list */
#define IEEE80211_PS_SLEEP 0x1 /* STA is in power saving mode */
#define IEEE80211_PS_MAX_QUEUE 50 /* maximum saved packets */
#define IEEE80211_XR_BEACON_FACTOR 3 /* factor between xr Beacon interval and normal beacon interval */
#define IEEE80211_XR_FRAG_THRESHOLD 540
#define IEEE80211_BLACKLIST_TIMEOUT 90 /* Default blacklist timeout (secs) */
#define IEEE80211_FIXED_RATE_NONE -1
#define IEEE80211_NUM_BEACONS_TO_MISS 100 /* beacons allowed to miss before rescan */
#define IEEE80211_MS_TO_TU(x) (((x) * 1000) / 1024)
#define IEEE80211_TU_TO_MS(x) (IEEE80211_TU_TO_USEC(x) / 1000)
#define IEEE80211_TU_TO_USEC(x) ((x) * 1024)
#define IEEE80211_TU_TO_JIFFIES(x) ((IEEE80211_TU_TO_MS(x) * HZ) / 1000)
#define IEEE80211_JIFFIES_TO_TU(x) IEEE80211_MS_TO_TU((x) * 1000 / HZ)
#define IEEE80211_SEC_TO_USEC(x) ((x) * 1000 * 1000)
#define IEEE80211_MS_TO_USEC(x) ((x) * 1000)
#define IEEE80211_USEC_TO_MS(x) ((x) / 1000)
#define IEEE80211_MS_TO_JIFFIES(x) ((x) * HZ / 1000)
#define IEEE80211_MAX_AMPDU_SUBFRAMES (64)
#define IEEE80211_TX_BA_REQUEST_RELAX_TIMEOUT (75/*ms*/ * HZ / 1000)
#define IEEE80211_APPIE_MAX 1024
#define IEEE80211_QTN_NUM_RF_STREAMS 4
#define IEEE80211_MEASUREMENT_REQ_TIMEOUT(offset, du) (((offset + du) * HZ / 1000) + HZ)
#define IEEE80211_RSSI_FACTOR 10
#define IEEE80211_PWRCONSTRAINT_VAL(ic) \
(((ic)->ic_bsschan->ic_maxregpower - (ic)->ic_pwr_constraint) > 0 ? \
(ic)->ic_pwr_constraint : 0)
#define SM(_v, _f) (((_v) << _f##_S) & _f)
#define MS(_v, _f) (((_v) & _f) >> _f##_S)
/* Variants of the SM and MS macros that don't require a shift position macro */
#define MS_OP(_v, _f) (((_v) & (_f)) >> __builtin_ctz(_f))
#define SM_OP(_v, _f) (((_v) << __builtin_ctz(_f)) & (_f))
#define MIN(_a, _b) ((_a)<(_b)?(_a):(_b))
#define MAX(_a, _b) ((_a)>(_b)?(_a):(_b))
#define ABS(_x) (((_x) > 0) ? (_x) : (0 - (_x)))
#define IS_MULTIPLE_BITS_SET(_x) (((unsigned)(_x)) & (((unsigned)(_x)) - 1))
/* For Little-endian */
#define ntohll(x) be64_to_cpu(x)
#define htonll(x) cpu_to_be64(x)
/* Power constraing override */
struct ieee80211_pc_over {
uint8_t pco_set;
struct timer_list pco_timer;
uint16_t pco_pwr_constraint;
uint8_t pco_rssi_threshold;
uint8_t pco_sec_offset;
uint8_t pco_pwr_constraint_save;
#define IEEE80211_EXTENDER_SCAN_MBS_INTERVAL 15 /* seconds */
#define IEEE80211_EXTENDER_MBS_INVALID_TIMEOUT 5 /* seconds */
* All Non-DFS channels are AVAILABLE by default
* [AP] Any DFS channel is set to AVAILABLE:
* (i) only after CAC_DONE,
* (ii) and no radar was found
* [STA] All DFS channels are NON_AVAILABLE by default.
/* A DFS channel will stay in the NOT_AVAILABLE_RADAR_DETECTED state during the non-occupancy period */
/* All DFS channels are marked as NOT_AVAILABLE_CAC_REQUIRED by default */
#define ieee80211_is_chan_available(channel_to_check) \
(IEEE80211_CHANNEL_STATUS_AVAILABLE == ic->ic_get_chan_availability_status_by_chan_num(ic, (channel_to_check)))
#define ieee80211_is_chan_not_available(channel_to_check) \
(IEEE80211_CHANNEL_STATUS_NON_AVAILABLE == ic->ic_get_chan_availability_status_by_chan_num(ic, (channel_to_check)))
#define ieee80211_is_chan_radar_detected(channel_to_check) \
(IEEE80211_CHANNEL_STATUS_NOT_AVAILABLE_RADAR_DETECTED == ic->ic_get_chan_availability_status_by_chan_num(ic, (channel_to_check)))
#define ieee80211_is_chan_cac_required(channel_to_check) \
(IEEE80211_CHANNEL_STATUS_NOT_AVAILABLE_CAC_REQUIRED == ic->ic_get_chan_availability_status_by_chan_num(ic, (channel_to_check)))
* 802.11 control state is split into a common portion that maps
* 1-1 to a physical device and one or more "Virtual AP's" (VAP)
* that are bound to an ieee80211com instance and share a single
* underlying device. Each VAP has a corresponding OS device
* entity through which traffic flows and that applications use
* for issuing ioctls, etc.
* Data common to one or more virtual AP's. State shared by
* the underlying device and the net80211 layer is exposed here;
* e.g. device-specific callbacks.
struct ieee80211vap;
enum ieee80211_shortrange_flags {
enum ieee8211_scs_cnt {
enum ieee80211_phy_mode{
IEEE80211_11AC_ONLY = 0x1,
IEEE80211_11N_ONLY = 0x2
#define IEEE80211_MAX_TDLS_NODES 16
struct ieee80211_tdls_scs_stats {
uint8_t s_addr[IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN]; /* Sender address */
uint8_t r_addr[IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN]; /* Receiver address */
uint16_t tx_time; /* Tx time - us */
uint16_t is_latest; /* latest statistics data flag */
} __packed;
struct ieee80211_tdls_scs_entry {
LIST_ENTRY(ieee80211_tdls_scs_entry) entry;
struct ieee80211_tdls_scs_stats stats;
struct ieee80211_scs {
uint32_t scs_smpl_dwell_time;
uint32_t scs_sample_intv;
uint32_t scs_thrshld_smpl_pktnum;
uint32_t scs_thrshld_smpl_airtime;
uint32_t scs_thrshld_atten_inc;
uint32_t scs_thrshld_dfs_reentry;
uint32_t scs_thrshld_dfs_reentry_minrate;
uint32_t scs_thrshld_dfs_reentry_intf;
uint32_t scs_thrshld_loaded; /* unit: thousandth of air time */
uint32_t scs_thrshld_aging_nor; /* unit: minute */
uint32_t scs_thrshld_aging_dfsreent; /* unit: minute */
uint16_t scs_enable; /* 1 - channel switching can be triggered; 0 - don't change channel */
int16_t scs_debug_enable;
uint16_t scs_smpl_enable;
uint8_t scs_stats_on; /* 1 - scs stats on; 0 - scs stats off */
uint8_t scs_report_only;
struct timer_list scs_compare_timer;
uint32_t scs_cca_idle_thrshld;
uint32_t scs_cca_intf_hi_thrshld;
uint32_t scs_cca_intf_lo_thrshld;
uint32_t scs_cca_intf_ratio;
uint32_t scs_cca_intf_dfs_margin;
uint32_t scs_pmbl_err_thrshld;
uint32_t scs_cca_sample_dur;
uint8_t scs_cca_intf_smth_fctr[SCS_CCA_INTF_SMTH_FCTR_NUM];
uint8_t scs_rssi_smth_fctr[SCS_RSSI_SMTH_FCTR_NUM];
uint8_t scs_chan_mtrc_mrgn;
uint8_t scs_leavedfs_chan_mtrc_mrgn;/* DFS-to-Non-DFS channel switch margin */
int8_t scs_atten_adjust;
uint32_t scs_cnt[IEEE80211_SCS_CNT_MAX];
uint16_t scs_atten_sw_enable;
int16_t scs_last_smpl_chan; /* index into the channel array */
struct brcm_rxglitch_thrshld_pair *scs_brcm_rxglitch_thrshlds;
uint32_t scs_brcm_rxglitch_thrshlds_scale;
uint32_t scs_pmbl_err_smth_fctr;
uint32_t scs_pmbl_err_range;
uint32_t scs_pmbl_err_mapped_intf_range; /* pmbl err range mapped to percent of cca intf */
uint32_t scs_sp_wf; /* short preamble weight factor */
uint32_t scs_lp_wf; /* long preamble weight factor */
uint32_t scs_sp_err_smthed; /* 1s based */
uint32_t scs_lp_err_smthed; /* 1s based */
uint32_t scs_cca_intf_smthed;
uint32_t scs_cca_intf_smthed_jiffies;
uint16_t scs_pmp_rpt_cca_smth_fctr;
uint16_t scs_pmp_rx_time_smth_fctr;
uint16_t scs_pmp_tx_time_smth_fctr;
uint16_t scs_pmp_stats_stable_percent;
uint16_t scs_pmp_stats_stable_range;
uint16_t scs_pmp_stats_clear_interval;
uint16_t scs_as_rx_time_smth_fctr;
uint16_t scs_as_tx_time_smth_fctr;
uint16_t scs_cca_idle_smthed;
uint16_t scs_cca_idle_smth_fctr;
uint16_t scs_cca_threshold_type; /* 0:normal, 1:less sensitive, 2:more sensitive */
ATH_LIST_HEAD(, ieee80211_tdls_scs_entry) scs_tdls_list[IEEE80211_NODE_HASHSIZE];
spinlock_t scs_tdls_lock;
#define IEEE80211_SCS_CNT_INC(_scs, _id) ((_scs)->scs_cnt[_id]++)
#define IEEE80211_CCA_IDLE_THRSHLD 40
#define IEEE80211_CCA_INTFR_RATIO 20
#define IEEE80211_PMBL_ERR_THRSHLD 300
struct ieee80211_ocac_counts {
uint32_t ap_not_running;
uint32_t chan_scanning;
uint32_t curchan_dfs;
uint32_t init_offchan;
uint32_t no_offchan;
uint32_t pick_offchan;
uint32_t invalid_offchan;
uint32_t set_bcn_intval;
uint32_t restore_bcn_intval;
uint32_t pm_update;
uint32_t unsupported_mbssid;
uint32_t beacon_scheme0;
uint32_t wds_exist;
uint32_t set_run;
uint32_t set_pend;
uint32_t skip_set_run;
uint32_t skip_set_pend;
uint32_t alloc_skb_error;
uint32_t set_frame_error;
uint32_t hostlink_err;
uint32_t hostlink_ok;
uint32_t cac_failed;
uint32_t cac_success;
uint32_t radar_detected;
uint32_t csw_rpt_only;
uint32_t csw_fail_intf;
uint32_t csw_fail_radar;
uint32_t csw_fail_csa;
uint32_t csw_success;
uint32_t clean_stats_reset;
uint32_t clean_stats_start;
uint32_t clean_stats_stop;
uint32_t tasklet_off_chan;
uint32_t tasklet_data_chan;
uint32_t intr_off_chan;
uint32_t intr_data_chan;
struct ieee80211_ocac_params {
uint16_t traffic_ctrl; /* use qosnull frame to control the traffic */
uint16_t secure_dwell_ms; /* milliseconds, the time on off channel
within one off-channel action, using qosnull
with large NAV to protect the traffic */
uint16_t dwell_time_ms; /* milliseconds, the time on off channel
within 1 beacon interval */
uint16_t duration_secs; /* seconds, the total time for one channel */
uint16_t cac_time_secs; /* seconds, the total time on off channel
for one channel */
uint16_t wea_dwell_time_ms; /* milliseconds, the time on weather channel
within 1 beacon interval */
uint32_t wea_duration_secs; /* seconds, the total time for weather channel */
uint32_t wea_cac_time_secs; /* seconds, the total time on off channel
for weather channel */
uint16_t thresh_fat; /* percent, the threshold of FAT used to decide
to run off-channel CAC */
uint16_t thresh_traffic; /* percent, the threshold of traffic used to
decide to run ocac */
uint16_t thresh_fat_dec; /* percent, the threshold of consecutive FAT decrease,
used to monitor the traffic variation */
uint16_t thresh_cca_intf; /* percent, the threshold of cca interference to
decide to jump to off channel */
uint16_t offset_txhalt; /* milliseconds, the offset after sending
beacon to halt tx in MuC */
uint16_t offset_offchan; /* milliseconds, the offset after halt tx to
switch to off channel in MuC*/
uint16_t timer_interval; /* the ocac_timer interval */
uint16_t beacon_interval; /* TUs, the beacon interval for OCAC */
struct ieee80211_ocac_cfg {
uint8_t ocac_enable;
uint8_t ocac_debug_level;
uint8_t ocac_report_only; /* report mode, don't switch channel */
uint16_t ocac_chan_ieee; /* ieee channel number, "0" means auto */
uint16_t ocac_timer_expire_init; /* the ocac_timer expire when starting ocac */
char ocac_region[4]; /* the radar mode indicated by region */
struct ieee80211_ocac_params ocac_params;
struct ieee80211_ocac_tsflog {
uint32_t log_index;
struct ieee80211_ocac {
uint8_t ocac_running;
uint8_t ocac_bcn_intval_set;
uint8_t ocac_repick_dfs_chan;
uint32_t ocac_accum_duration_secs; /* seconds, the accumulated off-channel
CAC time for one channel*/
uint32_t ocac_accum_cac_time_ms; /* milliseconds, the accumulated time on
off channel for one channel*/
struct timer_list ocac_timer;
struct ieee80211_channel *ocac_chan; /* current off channel for CAC */
struct ieee80211_ocac_cfg ocac_cfg;
struct ieee80211_ocac_counts ocac_counts;
struct ieee80211_ocac_tsflog ocac_tsflog;
#define IEEE80211_SET_CHANNEL_DEFERRED_CANCEL 0x80000000
#define IEEE80211_SET_CHANNEL_TSF_OFFSET 0x40000000
enum ieee80211_scan_frame_flags {
struct qtn_bgscan_param {
u_int16_t dwell_msecs_active;
u_int16_t dwell_msecs_passive;
u_int16_t duration_msecs_active;
u_int16_t duration_msecs_passive_fast;
u_int16_t duration_msecs_passive_normal;
u_int16_t duration_msecs_passive_slow;
u_int16_t thrshld_fat_passive_fast;
u_int16_t thrshld_fat_passive_normal;
u_int16_t debug_flags;
struct channel_change_event {
u_int8_t cce_previous;
u_int8_t cce_current;
struct ieee80211_phy_stats {
u_int32_t tstamp;
u_int32_t assoc;
u_int32_t atten;
u_int32_t cca_total;
u_int32_t cca_tx;
u_int32_t cca_rx;
u_int32_t cca_int;
u_int32_t cca_idle;
u_int32_t rx_pkts;
u_int32_t rx_gain;
u_int32_t rx_cnt_crc;
u_int32_t rx_noise;
u_int32_t tx_pkts;
u_int32_t tx_defers;
u_int32_t tx_touts;
u_int32_t tx_retries;
u_int32_t cnt_sp_fail;
u_int32_t cnt_lp_fail;
u_int32_t last_tx_scale;
u_int32_t last_rx_mcs;
u_int32_t last_tx_mcs;
u_int32_t last_rssi;
u_int32_t last_rssi_array[IEEE80211_QTN_NUM_RF_STREAMS];
u_int32_t last_rcpi;
u_int32_t last_evm;
u_int32_t last_evm_array[IEEE80211_QTN_NUM_RF_STREAMS];
#define BRCM_RXGLITCH_NEXT_TRIG_THRSHLD 20 /* percent */
#define BRCM_RSSI_MIN -120
struct brcm_rxglitch_thrshld_pair {
int rssi;
uint32_t rxglitch;
struct ip_mac_mapping {
struct ip_mac_mapping *next;
__be32 ip_addr;
u_int8_t mac[ETH_ALEN];
struct ieee80211_wowlan_pattern {
uint32_t len;
uint8_t magic_pattern[MAX_USER_DEFINED_MAGIC_LEN];
struct ieee80211_wowlan {
uint16_t host_state;
uint16_t wowlan_match;
uint16_t L2_ether_type;
uint16_t L3_udp_port;
struct ieee80211_wowlan_pattern pattern;
* Channel occupancy record
struct ieee80211_chan_occupy_record {
uint32_t occupy_start; /* time in seconds when channel was selected */
uint8_t cur_chan; /* channel for which time is recorded */
uint8_t prev_chan; /* previous channel */
uint32_t duration[IEEE80211_CHAN_MAX]; /* time spent on a channel in seconds */
uint32_t times[IEEE80211_CHAN_MAX]; /* number of times channel was used */
#define DM_ACI_FACTOR_MIN -4
#define DM_CCI_FACTOR_MIN -4
#define DM_DFS_FACTOR_MAX 32
struct ieee80211_dm_factor {
uint32_t flags;
int txpower_factor;
int aci_factor;
int cci_factor;
int dfs_factor;
int beacon_factor;
#if defined(QBMPS_ENABLE)
#define BMPS_MODE_OFF 0
#define BMPS_MODE_AUTO 2
#define BMPS_TPUT_THRESHOLD_UPPER 8000 /* 8 mbps */
#define BMPS_TPUT_THRESHOLD_LOWER 4000 /* 4 mbps */
#define BMPS_TPUT_MEASURE_PERIOD_MS 5000 /* 5 seconds */
struct bmps_tput_measure {
struct timer_list tput_timer; /* STA BMPS timer for TX/RX */
/* tput measurement */
uint32_t prev_tx_bytes; /* # of TX bytes in previous measurement */
uint32_t prev_rx_bytes; /* # of RX bytes in previous measurement */
uint32_t tput_kbps; /* TX & RX overall throughput in kbps */
* Operating class table for regulatory region to operating class conversion.
struct operating_class_table {
uint8_t index;
uint8_t global_index;
uint8_t bandwidth;
uint8_t chan_set[IEEE80211_CHAN_BYTES];
uint16_t behavior;
struct region_to_oper_class {
const char *region_name;
uint8_t class_num_5g;
uint8_t classes_5g[IEEE80211_OPER_CLASS_BYTES];
uint8_t class_num_24g;
uint8_t classes_24g[IEEE80211_OPER_CLASS_BYTES_24G];
const struct operating_class_table * const class_table;
* Logical SSID group used for defining association limits per group of VAPs.
struct ssid_logical_group {
u_int16_t limit;
u_int16_t reserve;
u_int16_t assocs;
struct offchan_protect {
struct timer_list offchan_stop_expire; /* off channel suspend/resume expiration timer */
uint32_t offchan_suspend_cnt; /* off channel suspending counter */
unsigned long offchan_timeout; /* off channel suspending timeout, in jiffies */
struct sta_dfs_info {
struct timer_list sta_radar_timer;
bool sta_dfs_radar_detected_timer;
int sta_dfs_radar_detected_channel;
unsigned long sta_dfs_tx_chan_close_time;
uint8_t sta_dfs_strict_mode;
bool sta_dfs_strict_msr_cac;
bool allow_measurement_report;
struct ieee80211_vopt_info {
uint8_t state;
uint8_t cur_state;
uint8_t bf;
uint8_t bbf;
uint8_t pppc;
uint8_t airfair;
uint32_t scs;
uint32_t ocac;
uint32_t qtm;
struct ieee80211com {
/* MATS FIX The member ic_dev is not used in QDRV and should be removed */
struct net_device *ic_dev; /* associated device */
struct ieee80211_channel * (*ic_findchannel)(struct ieee80211com *ic, int ieee, int mode);
ieee80211com_lock_t ic_comlock; /* state update lock */
ieee80211com_lock_t ic_vapslock; /* vap state machine lock */
TAILQ_HEAD(, ieee80211vap) ic_vaps; /* list of vap instances */
enum ieee80211_phytype ic_phytype; /* XXX wrong for multi-mode */
enum ieee80211_phymode ic_phymode; /* Phy Mode */
int ic_radar_bw; /* Radar mode */
enum ieee80211_opmode ic_opmode; /* operation mode */
struct ifmedia ic_media; /* interface media config */
u_int8_t ic_myaddr[IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN];
struct timer_list ic_inact; /* mgmt/inactivity timer */
struct offchan_protect ic_offchan_protect;
uint32_t ic_ver_sw;
uint16_t ic_ver_hw;
uint16_t ic_ver_platform_id;
uint32_t ic_ver_timestamp;
uint32_t ic_ver_flags;
u_int32_t ic_flags; /* state flags */
u_int32_t ic_flags_ext; /* extension of state flags */
u_int32_t ic_flags_qtn; /* Quantenna specific flags */
u_int32_t ic_caps; /* capabilities */
enum ieee80211_vht_mcs_supported ic_vht_mcs_cap; /* VHT MCS capability */
enum ieee80211_ht_nss ic_ht_nss_cap; /* Current HT Max spatial streams */
enum ieee80211_vht_nss ic_vht_nss_cap; /* Current VHT Max spatial streams */
enum ieee80211_vht_nss ic_vht_nss_cap_24g; /* Current 2.4G VHT Max spatial streams*/
u_int8_t ic_ath_cap; /* Atheros adv. capabilities */
u_int8_t ic_promisc; /* vap's needing promisc mode */
u_int8_t ic_allmulti; /* vap's needing all multicast*/
u_int8_t ic_nopened; /* vap's been opened */
struct ieee80211_rateset ic_sup_rates[IEEE80211_MODE_MAX];
struct ieee80211_rateset ic_sup_xr_rates;
struct ieee80211_rateset ic_sup_half_rates;
struct ieee80211_rateset ic_sup_quarter_rates;
struct ieee80211_rateset ic_sup_ht_rates[IEEE80211_MODE_MAX];
u_int16_t ic_modecaps; /* set of mode capabilities */
u_int16_t ic_curmode; /* current mode */
u_int16_t ic_lintval; /* beacon interval */
u_int16_t ic_lintval_backup; /* beacon interval for backup */
u_int16_t ic_holdover; /* PM hold over duration */
u_int16_t ic_bmisstimeout;/* beacon miss threshold (ms) */
u_int16_t ic_txpowlimit; /* global tx power limit */
u_int32_t ic_sample_rate; /* sampling rate in seconds */
u_int16_t ic_newtxpowlimit; /* tx power limit to change to (in 0.5 dBm) */
u_int16_t ic_uapsdmaxtriggers; /* max triggers that could arrive */
u_int8_t ic_coverageclass; /* coverage class */
int8_t ic_pwr_adjust_scancnt; /* Num of scans after which gain settings toggle */
uint32_t ic_bcn_hang_timeout; /* Beacon hang timeout */
int rts_cts_prot; /* RTS-CTS protection support */
/* 11n Capabilities */
struct ieee80211_htcap ic_htcap; /* HT capabilities */
int ldpc_enabled; /* LDPC support */
int stbc_enabled; /* STBC support */
/* 11n info */
struct ieee80211_htinfo ic_htinfo; /* HT information */
/* 11n beamforming */
u_int16_t ic_bfgrouping;
u_int16_t ic_bfcoeffsize;
int ic_txbf_period;
/* 2.4G band vht capabilities */
struct ieee80211_vhtcap ic_vhtcap_24g;
struct ieee80211_vhtop ic_vhtop_24g;
/* 5G band capabilities */
struct ieee80211_vhtcap ic_vhtcap;
struct ieee80211_vhtop ic_vhtop;
struct ieee80211_scs ic_scs; /* SCS related information */
struct delayed_work ic_scs_sample_work; /* SCS (ACI/CCI Detection and Mitigation) workqueue */
struct ieee80211_ocac ic_ocac; /* OCAC related information*/
uint32_t ic_11n_40_only_mode;
uint16_t ic_vht_opmode_notif; /* Override OpMode Notification IE, for WFA Testbed */
uint8_t ic_non_ht_sta;
uint8_t ic_ht_20mhz_only_sta;
uint8_t ic_non_ht_non_member;
uint8_t ic_pppc_select_enable;
uint8_t ic_pppc_select_enable_backup;
uint8_t ic_pppc_step_db;
uint8_t ic_gi_fixed; /* Enable fixed GI setting */
uint8_t ic_gi_select_enable; /* Enable dynamic GI selection */
uint8_t ic_bw_fixed; /* Fixed bw setting */
uint8_t ic_def_matrix; /* Default expansion matrices */
uint8_t ic_sta_cc; /* Channel change due to noise at STA */
uint8_t ic_sta_cc_brcm; /* Channel change due to noise at brcm STA */
uint8_t ic_tx_qos_sched; /* tx qos sched index for hold-time table */
uint8_t ic_local_rts; /* Use RTS on local node */
uint8_t ic_peer_rts_mode; /* Config for informing peer nodes to use RTS */
uint8_t ic_dyn_peer_rts; /* Dynamic peer RTS current status */
uint8_t ic_peer_rts; /* Inform peer nodes to use RTS */
uint8_t ic_dyn_wmm; /* Dynamic WMM enabled */
uint8_t ic_emi_power_switch_enable;
uint8_t ic_dfs_channels_deactive; /* Deactive all DFS channels */
uint8_t ic_beaconing_scheme;
uint8_t ic_dfs_csa_cnt;
uint8_t ic_weachan_cac_allowed;
* Channel state:
* ic_channels is the set of available channels for the device;
* it is setup by the driver
* ic_nchans is the number of valid entries in ic_channels
* ic_chan_avail is a bit vector of these channels used to check
* whether a channel is available w/o searching the channel table.
* ic_chan_active is a (potentially) constrained subset of
* ic_chan_avail that reflects any mode setting or user-specified
* limit on the set of channels to use/scan
* ic_curchan is the current channel the device is set to; it may
* be different from ic_bsschan when we are off-channel scanning
* or otherwise doing background work
* ic_bsschan is the channel selected for operation; it may
* be undefined (IEEE80211_CHAN_ANYC)
* ic_prevchan is a cached ``previous channel'' used to optimize
* lookups when switching back+forth between two channels
* (e.g. for dynamic turbo)
uint8_t ic_rf_chipid; /* RFIC chip ID */
int ic_nchans; /* # entries in ic_channels */
struct ieee80211_channel ic_channels[IEEE80211_CHAN_MAX+1];
struct ieee80211req_csw_record ic_csw_record; /* channel switch record */
struct ieee80211_chan_occupy_record ic_chan_occupy_record;
uint32_t ic_csw_reason; /* reason for the last channel switch */
u_int8_t ic_csw_mac[IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN]; /* client mac addr when SCS channel switch */
struct ieee80211_assoc_history ic_assoc_history;
u_int8_t ic_chan_avail[IEEE80211_CHAN_BYTES];
u_int8_t ic_chan_active[IEEE80211_CHAN_BYTES];
u_int8_t ic_chan_availability_status[IEEE80211_CHAN_MAX+1];
u_int8_t ic_chan_pri_inactive[IEEE80211_CHAN_BYTES]; /* channel not used as primary */
u_int8_t ic_is_inactive_usercfg[IEEE80211_CHAN_BYTES]; /* 0x1-regulatory 0x2-user override */
u_int8_t ic_is_inactive_autochan_only[IEEE80211_CHAN_BYTES];
u_int8_t ic_chan_dfs_required[IEEE80211_CHAN_BYTES]; /* channel is DFS required */
u_int8_t ic_chan_weather_radar[IEEE80211_CHAN_BYTES]; /* weather radar channel */
u_int8_t ic_chan_disabled[IEEE80211_CHAN_BYTES]; /* channels are disabled */
u_int8_t ic_chan_active_20[IEEE80211_CHAN_BYTES];
u_int8_t ic_chan_active_40[IEEE80211_CHAN_BYTES];
u_int8_t ic_chan_active_80[IEEE80211_CHAN_BYTES];
u_int8_t ic_max_system_bw;
u_int8_t ic_bss_bw; /* BSS channel width, in station mode only */
struct ieee80211_vopt_info ic_vopt;
struct ieee80211_channel *ic_curchan; /* current channel */
struct ieee80211_channel *ic_bsschan; /* bss channel */
struct ieee80211_channel *ic_prevchan; /* previous channel */
struct ieee80211_channel *ic_scanchan; /* scanning channel */
int16_t ic_channoise; /* current channel noise in dBm */
struct ieee80211_channel *ic_des_chan; /* desired channel */
int ic_des_chan_after_init_cac; /* Saved desired chan to switch after Initial CAC */
int ic_des_chan_after_init_scan;/* Saved desired chan to switch after Initial Scan */
int ic_chan_is_set;
u_int16_t ic_des_mode; /* desired mode */
/* regulatory class ids */
u_int ic_nregclass; /* # entries in ic_regclassids */
u_int8_t ic_regclassids[IEEE80211_REGCLASSIDS_MAX];
struct ieee80211_channel *ic_fast_reass_chan; /* fast reassociate channel */
u_int8_t ic_fast_reass_scan_cnt; /* Number of times tried to do fast reassoc */
/* scan-related state */
struct ieee80211_scan_state *ic_scan; /* scan state */
enum ieee80211_roamingmode ic_roaming; /* roaming mode */
unsigned long ic_lastdata; /* time of last data frame */
unsigned long ic_lastscan; /* time last scan completed */
/* NB: this is the union of all vap stations/neighbors */
struct ieee80211_node_table ic_sta; /* stations/neighbors */
/* XXX multi-bss: split out common/vap parts? */
struct ieee80211_wme_state ic_wme; /* WME/WMM state */
uint8_t ic_vap_pri_wme; /* enable automatic adjusting wme bss param based on vap priority */
uint8_t ic_airfair; /* airtime fairness */
/* XXX multi-bss: can per-vap be done/make sense? */
enum ieee80211_protmode ic_protmode; /* 802.11g protection mode */
u_int16_t ic_nonerpsta; /* # non-ERP stations */
u_int16_t ic_longslotsta; /* # long slot time stations */
u_int16_t ic_sta_assoc_limit; /* total assoc limit per interface */
u_int16_t ic_sta_assoc; /* stations associated(including WDS node) */
u_int16_t ic_wds_links; /* WDS links created */
u_int16_t ic_dt_sta_assoc; /* dturbo capable stations */
u_int16_t ic_xr_sta_assoc; /* XR stations associated */
u_int16_t ic_nonqtn_sta; /* Non-Quantenna peers */
struct ssid_logical_group ic_ssid_grp[IEEE80211_MAX_BSS_GROUP]; /* VAPs logical group assocication limits */
/* dwell times for channel scanning */
u_int16_t ic_mindwell_active;
u_int16_t ic_mindwell_passive;
u_int16_t ic_maxdwell_active;
u_int16_t ic_maxdwell_passive;
struct qtn_bgscan_param ic_qtn_bgscan;
/* Adding Wireless stats per MAC. Per Vap is maintained in vap structure */
struct iw_statistics ic_iwstats;
* Spectrum Management.
u_int16_t ic_country_code;
uint16_t ic_spec_country_code; /* specific country code for EU region */
int ic_country_outdoor;
struct ieee80211_ie_country ic_country_ie; /* country info element */
uint8_t ic_oper_class[IEEE80211_OPER_CLASS_BYTES]; /* Supported operating class */
const struct region_to_oper_class *ic_oper_class_table;
* current channel power constraint for Power Constraint IE.
* NB: local power constraint depends on the channel, but assuming it must
* be detected dynamically, we cannot maintain a table (i.e., will not
* know value until change to channel and detect).
u_int8_t ic_pwr_constraint;
struct ieee80211_pc_over ic_pco; /* Power constraint override related information*/
u_int8_t ic_chanchange_tbtt;
u_int8_t ic_chanchange_chan;
u_int8_t ic_csa_count; /* last csa count */
u_int8_t ic_csa_mode; /* last csa mode */
int32_t ic_csa_reason;
#define IEEE80211_CSA_F_BEACON 0x1
#define IEEE80211_CSA_F_ACTION 0x2
uint32_t ic_csa_flag;
#define IEEE80211_CSA_FRM_BEACON 0
#define IEEE80211_CSA_FRM_ACTION 1
#define IEEE80211_CSA_FRM_MAX 2
int32_t ic_csa_frame[IEEE80211_CSA_FRM_MAX];
struct ieee80211_channel *ic_csa_chan; /* csa channel */
struct timer_list ic_timer_csa; /* Timer that is used to send CSA frame n number of times */
u_int8_t ic_cca_token; /* last cca token */
/* upcoming cca measurement */
u_int64_t ic_cca_start_tsf; /* tsf at which cca measurement will occur */
u_int16_t ic_cca_duration_tu; /* duration of cca measurement in TU */
u_int8_t ic_cca_chan; /* channel of cca measurement */
u_int8_t ic_ieee_alt_chan; /* if not zero jump to this channel if radar is detected */
u_int8_t ic_ieee_best_alt_chan; /* tracks best alternate chan to fast-switch into if radar is detected */
u_int32_t ic_non_occupancy_period; /* radar non-occupancy period. */
/* boot time CAC*/
int32_t ic_max_boot_cac_duration;
unsigned long ic_boot_cac_end_jiffy;
struct timer_list icac_timer;
u_int8_t ic_mode_get_phy_stats;
u_int8_t ic_legacy_retry_limit;
u_int8_t ic_retry_count;
u_int32_t ic_rx_agg_timeout;
u_int32_t ic_ndpa_dur;
u_int32_t ic_su_txbf_pkt_cnt;
u_int32_t ic_mu_txbf_pkt_cnt;
u_int32_t ic_tx_max_ampdu_size;
u_int16_t ic_mu_debug_level;
u_int8_t ic_mu_enable;
u_int8_t ic_rts_bw_dyn;
u_int8_t ic_cts_bw;
u_int8_t use_non_ht_duplicate_for_mu;
u_int8_t rx_bws_support_for_mu_ndpa;
u_int8_t cca_fix_disable;
u_int8_t auto_cca_enable;
u_int8_t ic_opmode_bw_switch_en;
struct muc_tx_stats *ic_muc_tx_stats;
/* virtual ap create/delete */
struct ieee80211vap *(*ic_vap_create)(struct ieee80211com *,
const char *, int, int, int, struct net_device *);
void (*ic_vap_delete)(struct ieee80211vap *);
uint8_t (*ic_get_vap_idx)(struct ieee80211vap *);
/* send/recv 802.11 management frame */
int (*ic_send_mgmt)(struct ieee80211_node *, int, int);
void (*ic_recv_mgmt)(struct ieee80211_node *, struct sk_buff *, int,
int, u_int32_t);
/* send an 802.11 encapsulated frame to the driver */
int (*ic_send_80211)(struct ieee80211com *, struct ieee80211_node *ni,
struct sk_buff *skb, uint32_t priority, uint8_t is_mgmt);
/* reset device state after 802.11 parameter/state change */
int (*ic_init)(struct ieee80211com *);
int (*ic_reset)(struct ieee80211com *);
void (*ic_queue_reset)(struct ieee80211_node *);
/* update device state for 802.11 slot time change */
void (*ic_updateslot)(struct ieee80211com *);
/* new station association callback/notification */
void (*ic_newassoc)(struct ieee80211_node *, int);
void (*ic_disassoc)(struct ieee80211_node *);
void (*ic_node_update)(struct ieee80211_node *);
/* node state management */
struct ieee80211_node *(*ic_node_alloc)(struct ieee80211_node_table *,
struct ieee80211vap *, const uint8_t *, uint8_t tmp_node);
void (*ic_node_free)(struct ieee80211_node *);
void (*ic_qdrv_node_free)(struct ieee80211_node *);
void (*ic_node_cleanup)(struct ieee80211_node *);
u_int8_t (*ic_node_getrssi)(const struct ieee80211_node *);
u_int8_t (*ic_node_move_data)(const struct ieee80211_node *);
void (*ic_iterate_nodes)(struct ieee80211_node_table *, ieee80211_iter_func *,
void *, int ignore_blacklist);
void (*ic_iterate_dev_nodes)(struct net_device *,
struct ieee80211_node_table *,
ieee80211_iter_func *, void *, int);
/* scanning support */
void (*ic_initiate_scan)(struct ieee80211vap *vap);
void (*ic_scan_start)(struct ieee80211com *);
void (*ic_scan_end)(struct ieee80211com *);
int (*ic_check_channel)(struct ieee80211com *ic, struct ieee80211_channel *chan,
int fast_switch, int is_requested_chan);
void (*ic_set_channel)(struct ieee80211com *);
void (*ic_bridge_set_dest_addr)(struct sk_buff *skb, void *eh1);
void (*ic_get_tsf)(uint64_t *tsf);
int (*ic_bmps_set_frame)(struct ieee80211com *ic, struct ieee80211_node *ni,
struct sk_buff *skb);
int (*ic_bmps_release_frame)(struct ieee80211com *ic);
void (*ic_scs_update_scan_stats)(struct ieee80211com *ic);
int (*ic_sample_channel)(struct ieee80211vap *vap, struct ieee80211_channel *chan);
int (*ic_bgscan_start)(struct ieee80211com *ic);
int (*ic_bgscan_channel)(struct ieee80211vap *vap, struct ieee80211_channel *chan,
int scan_mode, int dwelltime);
void (*ic_set_channel_deferred)(struct ieee80211com *, u_int64_t tsf, int flags);
int (*ic_set_start_cca_measurement)(struct ieee80211com *ic,
const struct ieee80211_channel *cca_channel,
uint64_t start_tsf, u_int32_t duration);
int (*ic_do_measurement)(struct ieee80211com *ic);
void (*ic_finish_measurement)(struct ieee80211com *ic, u_int8_t result);
void (*ic_send_csa_frame)(struct ieee80211vap *vap, uint8_t csa_mode,
uint8_t csa_chan, uint8_t csa_count, uint64_t tsf);
int (*ic_set_ocac)(struct ieee80211vap *vap, struct ieee80211_channel *chan);
/* u-apsd support */
void (*ic_uapsd_flush)(struct ieee80211_node *);
/* set coverage class */
void (*ic_set_coverageclass)(struct ieee80211com *);
/* mhz to ieee conversion */
u_int (*ic_mhz2ieee)(struct ieee80211com *, u_int, u_int);
void (*ic_setparam)(struct ieee80211_node *, int, int, unsigned char *, int);
int (*ic_getparam)(struct ieee80211_node *, int, int *, unsigned char *, int *);
void (*ic_register_node)(struct ieee80211_node *ni);
void (*ic_unregister_node)(struct ieee80211_node *ni);
int (*ic_get_phy_stats)(struct net_device *dev, struct ieee80211com *ic,
struct ieee80211_phy_stats *ps, uint8_t all_stats);
int (*ic_ncbeamforming)(struct ieee80211_node *, struct sk_buff *act_frame);
void (*ic_htaddba)(struct ieee80211_node *, int, int);
void (*ic_htdelba)(struct ieee80211_node *, int, int);
void (*ic_join_bss)(struct ieee80211vap *vap);
void (*ic_beacon_update)(struct ieee80211vap *vap);
void (*ic_beacon_stop)(struct ieee80211vap *vap);
void (*ic_setkey)(struct ieee80211vap *vap, const struct ieee80211_key *k,
const u_int8_t mac[IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN]);
void (*ic_delkey)(struct ieee80211vap *vap, const struct ieee80211_key *k,
const u_int8_t mac[IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN]);
/* L2 external filter */
int (*ic_set_l2_ext_filter)(struct ieee80211vap *, int);
int (*ic_set_l2_ext_filter_port)(struct ieee80211vap *, int);
int (*ic_get_l2_ext_filter_port)(void);
void (*ic_send_to_l2_ext_filter)(struct ieee80211vap *, struct sk_buff *);
int (*ic_mac_reserved)(const uint8_t *addr);
/* Stats support */
void (*ic_get_wlanstats)(struct ieee80211com *, struct iw_statistics *);
/* Change of the MIMO power save mode for the STA */
void (*ic_smps)(struct ieee80211_node *, int);
/* TKIP MIC failure report */
void (*ic_tkip_mic_failure)(struct ieee80211vap *, int count);
/* DFS radar detection handling */
void (*ic_radar_detected)(struct ieee80211com* ic, u_int8_t new_ieee);
/* DFS radar selection function */
struct ieee80211_channel *(*ic_select_channel)(u_int8_t new_ieee);
/* DFS action when channel scan is done*/
void (*ic_dfs_action_scan_done)(void);
/* Check if current region belongs to EU region */
bool (*ic_dfs_is_eu_region)(void);
void (*ic_mark_channel_availability_status)(struct ieee80211com *ic, struct ieee80211_channel *chan, uint8_t usable);
void (*ic_set_chan_availability_status_by_chan_num)(struct ieee80211com *ic,
struct ieee80211_channel *chan, uint8_t usable);
int (*ic_get_chan_availability_status_by_chan_num)(struct ieee80211com *ic, struct ieee80211_channel *chan);
void (*ic_mark_channel_dfs_cac_status)(struct ieee80211com *ic, struct ieee80211_channel *chan, u_int32_t cac_flag, bool set);
void (*ic_dump_available_channels)(struct ieee80211com *ic);
int (*ic_ap_next_cac)(struct ieee80211com *ic, struct ieee80211vap *vap,
unsigned long cac_period,
struct ieee80211_channel **qdrv_radar_cb_cac_chan,
u_int32_t flags);
bool (*ic_dfs_chans_available_for_cac)(struct ieee80211com *ic, struct ieee80211_channel *ch);
int (*ic_get_init_cac_duration)(struct ieee80211com *ic);
void (*ic_set_init_cac_duration)(struct ieee80211com *ic, int val);
void (*ic_start_icac_procedure)(struct ieee80211com *ic);
void (*ic_stop_icac_procedure)(struct ieee80211com *ic);
bool (*ic_chan_compare_equality)(struct ieee80211com *ic,
struct ieee80211_channel *curr_chan,
struct ieee80211_channel *new_chan);
/* DFS select channel */
void (*ic_dfs_select_channel)(int channel);
void (*ic_wmm_params_update)(struct ieee80211vap *);
void (*ic_power_table_update)(struct ieee80211vap *vap,
struct ieee80211_channel *chan);
/* tdls parameters configuration */
void (*ic_set_tdls_param)(struct ieee80211_node *ni, int cmd, int value);
uint32_t (*ic_get_tdls_param)(struct ieee80211_node *ni, int cmd);
int (*ic_rxtx_phy_rate)(const struct ieee80211_node *, const int is_rx,
uint8_t *nss, uint8_t *mcs, uint32_t * phy_rate);
int (*ic_rssi)(const struct ieee80211_node *);
int (*ic_smoothed_rssi)(const struct ieee80211_node *);
int (*ic_snr)(const struct ieee80211_node *);
int (*ic_hw_noise)(const struct ieee80211_node *);
int (*ic_max_queue)(const struct ieee80211_node *);
u_int32_t (*ic_tx_failed)(const struct ieee80211_node *);
/* Convert mcs to phy rate in Kbps */
u_int32_t (*ic_mcs_to_phyrate)(u_int8_t bw, u_int8_t sgi, u_int8_t mcs,
u_int8_t nss, u_int8_t vht);
void (*ic_chan_switch_record)(struct ieee80211com *ic, struct ieee80211_channel *new_chan,
uint32_t reason);
void (*ic_chan_switch_reason_record)(struct ieee80211com *ic, int reason);
void (*ic_dfs_chan_switch_notify)(struct net_device *dev, struct ieee80211_channel *new_chan);
int (*ic_radar_test_mode_enabled)(void);
/* Count of the number of nodes allocated - for debug */
int ic_node_count;
void (*ic_node_auth_state_change)(struct ieee80211_node *ni, int deauth_auth);
void (*ic_new_assoc)(struct ieee80211_node *ni);
void (*ic_power_save)(struct ieee80211_node *ni, int enable);
int (*ic_remain_on_channel)(struct ieee80211com *ic, struct ieee80211_node *ni,
struct ieee80211_channel *off_chan, int bandwidth, u64 start_tsf, u32 duration, int flags);
int (*ic_mark_dfs_channels)(struct ieee80211com *ic, int nchans, struct ieee80211_channel *chans);
int (*ic_mark_weather_radar_chans)(struct ieee80211com *ic, int nchans, struct ieee80211_channel *chans);
void (*ic_use_rtscts)(struct ieee80211com *ic);
void (*ic_send_notify_chan_width_action)(struct ieee80211vap *vap, struct ieee80211_node *ni, u_int32_t width);
void (*ic_sta_set_xmit)(int enable);
void (*ic_set_radar)(int enable);
void (*ic_enable_sta_dfs)(int enable);
int (*ic_radar_detections_num)(uint32_t chan);
void (*ic_complete_cac)(void);
int (*ic_config_channel_list)(struct ieee80211com *ic, int ic_nchans);
void (*ic_set_11g_erp)(struct ieee80211vap *vap, int on);
/* Functions at sta to apply commands from AP */
void (*ic_vsp_strm_state_set)(struct ieee80211com *ic, uint8_t strm_state,
const struct ieee80211_qvsp_strm_id *strm_id, struct ieee80211_qvsp_strm_dis_attr *attr);
void (*ic_vsp_change_stamode)(struct ieee80211com *ic, uint8_t stamode);
void (*ic_vsp_configure)(struct ieee80211com *ic, uint32_t index, uint32_t value);
void (*ic_vsp_set)(struct ieee80211com *ic, uint32_t index, uint32_t value);
int (*ic_vsp_get)(struct ieee80211com *ic, uint32_t index, uint32_t *value);
/* Callbacks at AP to send commands to sta */
void (*ic_vsp_cb_strm_ctrl)(void *token, struct ieee80211_node *node, uint8_t strm_state,
struct ieee80211_qvsp_strm_id *strm_id, struct ieee80211_qvsp_strm_dis_attr *attr);
void (*ic_vsp_cb_cfg)(void *token, uint32_t index, uint32_t value);
/* Callback to stream throttler external to vsp module */
void (*ic_vsp_cb_strm_ext_throttler)(void *token, struct ieee80211_node *node,
uint8_t strm_state, const struct ieee80211_qvsp_strm_id *strm_id,
struct ieee80211_qvsp_strm_dis_attr *attr, uint32_t throt_intvl);
void (*ic_vsp_cb_logger)(void *token, uint32_t index, uint32_t value);
void (*ic_vsp_reset)(struct ieee80211com *ic);
struct {
uint8_t set;
uint32_t value;
} vsp_cfg[QVSP_CFG_MAX];
/* BA throttling for 3rd party client control */
uint32_t ic_vsp_ba_throt_num;
struct channel_change_event ic_dfs_cce;
struct channel_change_event ic_aci_cci_cce;
/* association ID bitmap */
u_int32_t ic_aid_bitmap[howmany(QTN_NODE_TBL_SIZE_LHOST, 32)];
/* Number of pm intervals(interface with pm_interval module) */
u_int8_t ic_pm_intervals;
/* Compatibility fix with other vendor chipset */
uint32_t ic_vendor_fix;
struct ip_mac_mapping *ic_ip_mac_mapping;
/* power management */
uint8_t ic_pm_enabled;
struct delayed_work pm_work;
int ic_pm_state[QTN_PM_IOCTL_MAX];
struct timer_list ic_pm_period_change; /* CoC period change timer */
#if defined(QBMPS_ENABLE)
struct bmps_tput_measure ic_bmps_tput_check; /* for BMPS tput measurement */
/* hold the calling task until the scan completes */
wait_queue_head_t ic_scan_comp;
struct ieee80211_node *ic_node_idx_ni[QTN_NCIDX_MAX];
/* Soc mac addr of the STB*/
#if defined(CONFIG_QTN_80211K_SUPPORT)
u_int8_t soc_addr[IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN];
/* Soc IP addr of the STB*/
u_int32_t ic_soc_ipaddr;
/* tpc query info */
struct ieee80211_tpc_query_info ic_tpc_query_info;
int8_t (*ic_get_local_txpow)(struct ieee80211com *ic);
int (*ic_get_local_link_margin)(struct ieee80211_node *ni, int8_t *result);
/* measurement request */
struct ieee80211_global_measure_info ic_measure_info;
int (*ic_get_shared_vap_stats)(struct ieee80211vap *vap);
int (*ic_reset_shared_vap_stats)(struct ieee80211vap *vap);
int (*ic_get_shared_node_stats)(struct ieee80211_node *ni);
int (*ic_reset_shared_node_stats)(struct ieee80211_node *ni);
void (*ic_get_dscp2ac_map)(const uint8_t vapid, uint8_t *dscp2ac);
void (*ic_set_dscp2ac_map)(const uint8_t vapid, uint8_t *ip_dscp, uint8_t listlen, uint8_t ac);
void (*ic_set_dscp2tid_map)(const uint8_t vapid, const uint8_t *dscp2tid);
void (*ic_get_dscp2tid_map)(const uint8_t vapid, uint8_t *dscp2tid);
struct timer_list ic_ba_setup_detect; /*timer for detecting whether it is suitable to enable/disable AMPDU*/
int (*ic_get_cca_adjusting_status)(void);
struct ieee80211_wowlan ic_wowlan; /* WOWLAN related information */
uint8_t ic_extender_role; /* Extender role */
uint8_t ic_extender_mbs_wgt; /* MBS RSSI weight */
uint8_t ic_extender_rbs_wgt; /* RBS RSSI weight */
uint8_t ic_extender_mbs_best_rssi; /* MBS best RSSI threshold */
uint8_t ic_extender_rbs_best_rssi; /* MBS best RSSI threshold */
uint8_t ic_extender_verbose; /* EXTENDER Debug Level */
uint8_t ic_extender_mbs_rssi_margin; /* MBS RSSI margin, used in link down detection only */
uint8_t ic_extender_mbs_bssid[IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN];
uint8_t ic_extender_mbs_ocac;
uint8_t ic_extender_rbs_num;
uint8_t ic_extender_rbs_bssid[QTN_MAX_RBS_NUM][IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN];
unsigned long ic_extender_mbs_detected_jiffies;
uint8_t ic_extender_rssi_continue; /* record continuous RSSI event times */
struct timer_list ic_extender_scan_timer; /* timer used by RBS to search MBS */
uint32_t ic_scan_opchan_enable;
uint32_t ic_extender_bgscanintvl;
uint8_t ic_extender_rbs_bw; /* recorded bandwidth of RBS */
uint32_t ic_tqew_descr_limit; /* tqew desc limit */
uint32_t ic_scan_tbl_len_max;
int ic_scan_results_check;
struct timer_list ic_scan_results_expire; /* scan results expire timer */
int hostap_wpa_state;
/* VHT related callbacks */
void (*ic_send_vht_grp_id_act)(struct ieee80211vap *vap, struct ieee80211_node *ni);
struct timer_list ic_obss_timer;
uint8_t ic_obss_scan_enable;
uint8_t ic_obss_scan_count;
struct ieee80211_obss_scan_ie ic_obss_ie;
void (*ic_coex_stats_update)(struct ieee80211com *ic, uint32_t value);
struct ieee80211_dm_factor ic_dm_factor;
uint32_t ic_vap_default_state; /* 1 - enabled, 0 - disabled*/
int32_t ic_neighbor_count; /* Neighbor APs' count */
uint8_t ic_neighbor_cnt_sparse; /* Threshold of neighbor AP count when it's sparse */
uint8_t ic_neighbor_cnt_dense; /* Threshold of neighbor AP count when it's dense */
/* tx airtime callbacks */
uint32_t (*ic_tx_airtime)(const struct ieee80211_node *ni);
uint32_t (*ic_tx_accum_airtime)(const struct ieee80211_node *ni);
void (*ic_tx_airtime_control)(struct ieee80211vap *vap, uint32_t value);
uint32_t (*ic_rx_airtime) (const struct ieee80211_node *ni);
uint32_t (*ic_rx_accum_airtime) (const struct ieee80211_node *ni);
/* mu group update callback */
void (*ic_mu_group_update)(struct ieee80211com *ic, struct qtn_mu_group_update_args *state);
/* sync rx reorder window on receiving BAR
* 0 - disabled
* 1 - enabled for QTN devices only
* 2 - enabled for all devices
uint8_t ic_rx_bar_sync;
uint8_t bb_deafness_war_disable;
struct sta_dfs_info sta_dfs_info;
static __inline__ uint32_t ieee80211_pm_period_tu(const struct ieee80211com *ic)
return IEEE80211_MS_TO_TU(ic->ic_pm_state[QTN_PM_PDUTY_PERIOD_MS]);
struct vlan_group;
struct eapolcom;
struct ieee80211_aclator;
struct ieee80211_nsparams {
enum ieee80211_state newstate;
int arg;
int result;
#define IW_MAX_SPY 8
struct ieee80211_spy {
u_int8_t mac[IW_MAX_SPY * IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN];
u_int32_t ts_rssi[IW_MAX_SPY]; /* ts of rssi value from last read */
u_int8_t thr_low; /* 1 byte rssi value, 0 = threshold is off */
u_int8_t thr_high; /* 1 byte rssi value */
u_int8_t num;
#define MAX_PROC_IEEE80211_SIZE 16383
#define PROC_IEEE80211_PERM 0644
struct proc_ieee80211_priv {
int rlen;
int max_rlen;
char *rbuf;
int wlen;
int max_wlen;
char *wbuf;
struct ieee80211_proc_entry {
char *name;
struct file_operations *fileops;
struct proc_dir_entry *entry;
struct ieee80211_proc_entry *next;
struct ieee80211_app_ie_t {
u_int32_t length; /* buffer length */
struct ieee80211_ie *ie; /* buffer containing one or more IEs */
#define IEEE80211_PPQ_DEF_MAX_RETRY 1
#define REPLACE_PPQ_ENTRY_HEAD(x, e) do {\
if ((x) == NULL) {\
(x) = (e);\
} else {\
(e)->next = (x);\
(x) = (e);\
} while (0)
enum ppq_fail_reason {
enum coex_bw_switch{
struct ieee80211_pairing_pending_entry {
struct ieee80211_pairing_pending_entry *next;
struct sk_buff *skb;
struct ieee80211_node *ni;
/* response parameters you expect */
u_int8_t expected_category;
u_int8_t expected_action;
u_int8_t expected_token;
unsigned long expire;
unsigned long next_expire_jiffies;
u_int32_t max_retry;
u_int32_t retry_cnt;
ppq_callback_success fn_success;
ppq_callback_fail fn_fail;
struct ieee80211_pairing_pending_queue {
struct ieee80211_pairing_pending_entry *next;
spinlock_t lock;
struct timer_list timer;
unsigned long next_expire_jiffies;
void ieee80211_ppqueue_remove_with_response(struct ieee80211_pairing_pending_queue *queue,
struct ieee80211_node *ni,
u_int8_t category,
u_int8_t action,
u_int8_t token);
void ieee80211_ppqueue_remove_node_leave(struct ieee80211_pairing_pending_queue *queue,
struct ieee80211_node *ni);
void ieee80211_ppqueue_remove_with_cat_action(struct ieee80211_pairing_pending_queue *queue,
u_int8_t category,
u_int8_t action);
void ieee80211_ppqueue_init(struct ieee80211vap *vap);
void ieee80211_ppqueue_deinit(struct ieee80211vap *vap);
struct sk_buff *ieee80211_ppqueue_pre_tx(struct ieee80211_node *ni,
struct sk_buff *skb,
u_int8_t category,
u_int8_t action,
u_int8_t token,
unsigned long expire,
ppq_callback_success fn_success,
ppq_callback_fail fn_fail);
typedef struct _ieee80211_11k_sub_element {
SLIST_ENTRY(_ieee80211_11k_sub_element) next;
uint8_t sub_id;
uint8_t data[0]; /* append differenet sub element data*/
} ieee80211_11k_sub_element ;
typedef SLIST_HEAD(,_ieee80211_11k_sub_element) ieee80211_11k_sub_element_head;
struct tdls_peer_ps_info {
LIST_ENTRY(tdls_peer_ps_info) peer_hash;
uint8_t peer_addr[IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN];
uint32_t tdls_path_down_cnt; /* Teardown counter of this TDLS link */
uint32_t tdls_link_disabled_ints; /* Intervals that disable TDLS link */
struct ieee80211_extender_wds_info {
LIST_ENTRY(ieee80211_extender_wds_info) peer_wds_hash;
uint8_t peer_addr[IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN];
struct ieee80211_qtn_ext_role extender_ie;
* Interworking Information
struct interworking_info {
uint8_t an_type; /* access network type */
uint8_t hessid[IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN]; /* homogeneous essid */
* Station profile specific to dual band mode.
* Each band will maintain profile to be referred while band change.
* Station profile is initialized while bootup from user configurations.
struct ieee80211_sta_profile {
int phy_mode;
int vht;
int bw;
int vsp;
int scs;
int pmf;
struct bcast_pps_info {
u_int16_t max_bcast_pps; /* Max broadcast packets allowed per second */
u_int16_t rx_bcast_counter; /* Counter to record no. of broadcast packets processed in wireless ingress path */
unsigned long rx_bcast_pps_start_time;/* Timestamp in jiffies referred to, to reset the rx_bcast_counter */
u_int16_t tx_bcast_counter; /* Counter to record no. of broadcast packets processed in EMAC/PCIe ingress path */
unsigned long tx_bcast_pps_start_time;/* Timestamp in jiffies referred to, to reset the tx_bcast_counter */
#define IEEE80211_RX_AMSDU_PMBL_WF_SP 10
#define IEEE80211_RX_AMSDU_PMBL_WF_LP 100
struct ieee80211vap {
struct net_device *iv_dev; /* associated device */
struct net_device_stats iv_devstats; /* interface statistics */
struct ifmedia iv_media; /* interface media config */
struct iw_statistics iv_iwstats; /* wireless statistics block */
struct ctl_table_header *iv_sysctl_header;
struct ctl_table *iv_sysctls;
struct proc_dir_entry *iv_proc;
struct ieee80211_proc_entry *iv_proc_entries;
struct vlan_group *iv_vlgrp; /* vlan group state */
struct ieee80211_sta_profile iv_2_4ghz_prof; /* 2.4ghz station profile */
struct ieee80211_sta_profile iv_5ghz_prof; /* 5ghz station profile */
enum ieee80211_pref_band iv_pref_band; /* preferred band in dual band mode */
TAILQ_ENTRY(ieee80211vap) iv_next; /* list of vap instances */
u_int iv_unit; /* virtual AP unit */
struct ieee80211com *iv_ic; /* back ptr to common state */
u_int32_t iv_debug; /* debug msg flags */
u_int32_t iv_rx_amsdu_enable; /* RX AMSDU mode: 0-disable, 1-enable, 2-dynamic */
u_int32_t iv_rx_amsdu_threshold_cca; /* the threshold of cca intf for dynamic RX AMSDU */
u_int32_t iv_rx_amsdu_threshold_pmbl; /* the threshold of preamble error for dynamic RX AMSDU */
u_int32_t iv_rx_amsdu_pmbl_wf_lp; /* the weight factor of long preamble for calculating pmbl error */
u_int32_t iv_rx_amsdu_pmbl_wf_sp; /* the weight factor of short preamble for calculating pmbl error */
struct ieee80211_stats iv_stats; /* statistics */
uint32_t tdls_discovery_interval;
uint32_t tdls_node_life_cycle;
uint8_t tdls_uapsd_indicat_wnd; /* dot11TDLSPeerUAPSDIndicationWindow */
uint8_t tdls_path_sel_weight; /* Weight of path selection algorithm */
struct timer_list tdls_rate_detect_timer; /* TDLS rate detection timer */
struct delayed_work tdls_rate_detect_work; /* TDLS rate detetion work */
struct delayed_work tdls_link_switch_work; /* TDLS link switch queue work */
struct timer_list tdls_node_expire_timer; /* TDLS node expire timer */
ATH_LIST_HEAD(, tdls_peer_ps_info) tdls_ps_hash[IEEE80211_NODE_HASHSIZE];
spinlock_t tdls_ps_lock;
uint8_t tdls_path_sel_prohibited;
uint32_t tdls_over_qhop_en;
uint32_t tdls_timeout_time;
uint32_t tdls_training_pkt_cnt; /* TDLS training packet count */
uint32_t tdls_path_sel_pps_thrshld; /* TDLS path select packet per second threshold */
uint32_t tdls_path_sel_rate_thrshld; /* TDLS path select minium rate threshold */
uint32_t tdls_verbose; /* TDLS debug info level */
int32_t tdls_min_valid_rssi; /* The mininum RSSI value to allow to setup TDLS link*/
int32_t tdls_switch_ints; /* The path switch intervals */
uint32_t tdls_phy_rate_wgt; /* The weight of accumulated phy rate */
struct timer_list tdls_disassoc_timer; /* TDLS disassoication timer */
enum ieee80211_state tdls_pending_state; /* VAP pending state */
uint8_t tdls_fixed_off_chan; /* TDLS fixed off channel */
uint8_t tdls_fixed_off_chan_bw; /* TDLS fixed off channel bandwidth */
int tdls_pending_arg; /* VAP pending argument */
uint8_t tdls_target_chan; /* TDLS target off channel */
uint8_t tdls_off_chan_bw; /* TDLS off channel bandwidth */
uint32_t tdls_cs_time; /* TDLS channel switch time */
uint32_t tdls_cs_timeout; /* TDLS channel switch timeout */
uint32_t tdls_cs_duration; /* TDLS off channel duration in us */
uint8_t tdls_chan_switching; /* TDLS channel switch in progress */
uint8_t tdls_cs_disassoc_pending; /* Disassociation pending to wait channel switch finish */
struct ieee80211_node *tdls_cs_node; /* The peer node channel switch is in progress */
int iv_monitor_nods_only; /* in monitor mode only nods traffic */
int iv_monitor_txf_len; /* in monitor mode, truncate tx packets */
int iv_monitor_phy_errors; /* in monitor mode, accept phy errors */
int iv_monitor_crc_errors; /* in monitor mode, accept crc errors */
int (*iv_newstate)(struct ieee80211vap *, enum ieee80211_state, int);
u_int8_t iv_myaddr[IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN];
u_int8_t iv_ds_pc_addr[IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN]; /* In STA mode, sta is connected to this PC */
u_int32_t iv_flags; /* state flags */
u_int32_t iv_flags_ext; /* extension of state flags */
u_int32_t iv_caps; /* capabilities */
u_int8_t iv_ath_cap; /* Atheros adv. capabilities */
enum ieee80211_opmode iv_opmode; /* operation mode */
enum ieee80211_state iv_state; /* state machine state */
struct timer_list iv_mgtsend; /* mgmt frame response timer */
struct ieee80211_node *iv_mgmt_retry_ni; /* mgmt frame retry parameter - ni */
int iv_mgmt_retry_type; /* mgmt frame retry parameter - type */
int iv_mgmt_retry_arg; /* mgmt frame retry parameter - arg */
#define IEEE80211_MAX_MGMT_RETRY 3
u_int32_t iv_mgmt_retry_cnt; /* mgmt frame retry count */
/* inactivity timer settings */
int iv_inact_init; /* setting for new station */
int iv_inact_auth; /* auth but not assoc setting */
int iv_inact_run; /* authorized setting */
int iv_inact_probe; /* inactive probe time */
int iv_des_nssid; /* # desired ssids */
struct ieee80211_scan_ssid iv_des_ssid[1];/* desired ssid table */
u_int8_t iv_des_bssid[IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN];
int iv_nicknamelen; /* XXX junk */
u_int8_t iv_nickname[IEEE80211_NWID_LEN];
u_int iv_bgscanidle; /* bg scan idle threshold */
u_int iv_bgscanintvl; /* bg scan min interval */
u_int iv_scanvalid; /* scan cache valid threshold */
struct ieee80211_roam iv_roam; /* sta-mode roaming state */
u_int16_t iv_max_aid;
u_int16_t iv_sta_assoc; /* stations associated */
u_int16_t iv_non_qtn_sta_assoc; /* non-qtn stations associated */
u_int16_t iv_sta_assoc_limit; /* max associated stations number */
u_int16_t iv_ps_sta; /* stations in power save */
u_int16_t iv_ps_pending; /* ps sta's w/ pending frames */
u_int16_t iv_ap_buffered; /* data buffered on AP */
u_int8_t *iv_tim_bitmap; /* power-save stations w/ data*/
u_int16_t iv_tim_len; /* ic_tim_bitmap size (bytes) */
u_int8_t iv_dtim_period; /* DTIM period */
u_int8_t iv_dtim_count; /* DTIM count from last bcn */
/* set/unset aid pwrsav state */
void (*iv_set_tim)(struct ieee80211_node *, int);
u_int8_t iv_uapsdinfo; /* sta mode QoS Info flags */
struct ieee80211_node *iv_bss; /* information for this node */
int iv_fixed_rate; /* 802.11 rate or -1 */
u_int32_t iv_rtsthreshold;
u_int16_t iv_fragthreshold;
u_int16_t iv_txmin; /* min tx retry count */
u_int16_t iv_txmax; /* max tx retry count */
u_int16_t iv_txlifetime; /* tx lifetime */
int iv_inact_timer; /* inactivity timer wait */
void *iv_opt_ie; /* user-specified IE's */
u_int16_t iv_opt_ie_len; /* length of ni_opt_ie */
u_int8_t iv_def_txkey; /* default/group tx key index */
struct ieee80211_key iv_nw_keys[IEEE80211_WEP_NKID];
int (*iv_key_alloc)(struct ieee80211vap *, const struct ieee80211_key *);
int (*iv_key_delete)(struct ieee80211vap *, const struct ieee80211_key *,
const u_int8_t mac[IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN]);
int (*iv_key_set)(struct ieee80211vap *, const struct ieee80211_key *,
const u_int8_t mac[IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN]);
void (*iv_key_update_begin)(struct ieee80211vap *);
void (*iv_key_update_end)(struct ieee80211vap *);
const struct ieee80211_authenticator *iv_auth;/* authenticator glue */
void *iv_ec; /* private auth state */
struct ieee80211vap *iv_xrvap; /* pointer to XR VAP , if XR is enabled */
u_int16_t iv_xrbcnwait; /* SWBA count incremented until it reaches XR_BECON_FACTOR */
struct timer_list iv_xrvapstart; /* timer to start xr */
u_int8_t iv_chanchange_count; /* 11h counter for channel change */
int iv_mcast_rate; /* Multicast rate (Kbps) */
const struct ieee80211_aclator *iv_acl; /* aclator glue */
void *iv_as; /* private aclator state */
struct ieee80211_beacon_param_t *param; /* beacon ie arguments list */
struct timer_list iv_swbmiss; /* software beacon miss timer */
u_int16_t iv_swbmiss_period; /* software beacon miss timer period */
struct timer_list iv_swberp; /* software obss erp protection check timer */
u_int16_t iv_swberp_period; /* software obss erp protection check period */
#define IEEE80211_SWBMISS_WARNINGS 10 /* # of warnings before taking action on swbmiss */
u_int16_t iv_swbmiss_warnings;
int iv_bcn_miss_thr; /* Beacon miss threshold */
u_int8_t iv_link_loss_enabled; /* Link loss - Controlled by user. By default is on */
#if defined(QBMPS_ENABLE)
u_int8_t iv_swbmiss_bmps_warning; /* swbmiss warning for STA power-saving */
int8_t iv_bmps_tput_high; /* tput indication for STA power-saving */
u_int8_t iv_qtn_ap_cap; /* Quantenna flags from bcn/probe resp (station only) */
u_int8_t iv_qtn_flags; /* Quantenna capability flags */
u_int8_t iv_is_qtn_dev; /* 1 - is QTN dev, 0 - is not QTN dev */
#define IEEE80211_QTN_AP 0x01
u_int8_t iv_qtn_options;
struct ieee80211_nsparams iv_nsparams; /* new state parameters for tasklet for stajoin1 */
struct IEEE80211_TQ_STRUCT iv_stajoin1tq; /* tasklet for newstate action called from stajoin1tq */
uint16_t iv_vapnode_idx; /* node_idx to use for tx of non specifically targetted frames */
uint8_t iv_ssid_group; /* Logical group assigned for SSID, used for BSS association limits */
struct timer_list iv_sta_fast_rejoin;
uint8_t iv_sta_fast_rejoin_bssid[IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN];
uint8_t wds_mac[IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN];
struct ieee80211_key iv_wds_peer_key;
uint16_t iv_extdr_flags;
struct ieee80211_spy iv_spy; /* IWSPY support */
unsigned int iv_nsdone; /* Done with scheduled newstate tasklet */
struct ieee80211_app_ie_t app_ie[IEEE80211_APPIE_NUM_OF_FRAME];
u_int32_t app_filter;
enum ieee80211_11n_htmode iv_htmode; /* state machine state */
int32_t iv_mcs_config; /* MCS configuration for 11N and 11AC or -1 for autorate */
u_int32_t iv_ht_flags; /* HT mode mandatory flags */
u_int32_t iv_vht_flags; /* VHT mode htcap flags */
u_int8_t iv_dsss_40MHz_ok; /* is dsss/cck OKAY in 40MHz? */
u_int8_t iv_non_gf_sta_present; /* is non GF STA present? (always 1 for 88K) */
u_int8_t iv_ht_anomaly_40MHz_present; /* atleast one 20 MHz STA in 20/40 MHz BSS found */
u_int8_t iv_ht_mixedmode_present; /* HT Non-HT mixed mode is desired */
u_int8_t iv_dual_cts_required; /* HT dual CTS protection is required */
u_int8_t iv_lsig_txop_ok; /* is lsig in TXOP ok */
u_int8_t iv_stbc_beacon; /* is current beacon a stbc beacon */
u_int16_t iv_smps_force; /* The overridden value for SMPS for the STA. */
u_int8_t iv_implicit_ba; /* Implicit block ack flags for the VAP. */
u_int16_t iv_ba_control; /* Block ack control - zero indicates accept no BAs,
bit in position 'n' indicates accept and send BA for the given TID */
u_int16_t iv_ba_old_control; /* Old block ack control */
unsigned long iv_blacklist_timeout; /* MAC Filtering */
u_int16_t iv_max_ba_win_size; /* Maximum window size allowable */
u_int32_t iv_rate_training_count; /* Rate training to new STAs - number of bursts */
u_int32_t iv_rate_training_burst_count; /* Rate training to new STAs - packets per burst */
u_int8_t iv_mc_legacy_rate; /* Multicast legacy rates */
u_int8_t iv_forward_unknown_mc; /* Forward packets even if we have no bridge entry for them */
u_int8_t iv_mc_to_uc; /* Forward mcast/bcast as unicast */
#define IEEE80211_QTN_MC_TO_UC_LEGACY 0
#define IEEE80211_QTN_MC_TO_UC_NEVER 1
#define IEEE80211_QTN_MC_TO_UC_ALWAYS 2 /* For WFA testing only */
u_int8_t iv_reliable_bcst;
u_int8_t iv_ap_fwd_lncb;
#if defined(CONFIG_QTN_80211K_SUPPORT)
struct ieee80211_pairing_pending_queue iv_ppqueue; /* pairing pending queue */
struct ieee80211_app_ie_t qtn_pairing_ie;
u_int32_t iv_disconn_cnt; /* count of disconnection event */
u_int32_t iv_disconn_seq; /* sequence to query disconnection count */
struct timer_list iv_test_traffic; /* timer to start xr */
u_int32_t iv_test_traffic_period; /* Interval of periodically sending NULL packet to all associated STAs. 0 means disable */
uint32_t iv_11ac_enabled; /* Enable/disable 11AC feature on Topaz */
uint8_t iv_pri; /* vap priority, used to calculate priority for per node per tid queue */
uint8_t iv_pmf; /* VAP PMF/802.11w capability options */
u_int8_t iv_local_max_txpow; /* local max transmit power, equal to regulatory max power minus power constraint */
u_int16_t iv_disassoc_reason;
struct ieee80211_wme_state iv_wme; /* Per-VAP WME/WMM state for AP mode */
spinlock_t iv_extender_wds_lock;
ATH_LIST_HEAD(, ieee80211_extender_wds_info) iv_extender_wds_hash[IEEE80211_NODE_HASHSIZE];
uint8_t iv_tx_amsdu; /* Enable/disable A-MSDU */
uint8_t iv_tx_amsdu_11n; /* Enable/disable A-MSDU for 11n nodes */
uint8_t iv_tx_max_amsdu; /* Max TX A-MSDU */
/* 802.11u related */
uint8_t interworking; /* 1 - Enabled, 0 - Disabled */
struct interworking_info interw_info; /* Interworking information */
uint8_t hs20_enable; /* Enable/Disable HS2.0 */
uint8_t disable_dgaf; /* Disable Downstream Group-Addressed Forwarding - used by HS2.0 */
uint8_t proxy_arp; /* 1 - Enabled, 0- Disabled */
uint8_t iv_coex;
uint8_t allow_tkip_for_vht; /* 1 - TKIP is allowed, 0 - TKIP is not allowed */
uint8_t is_block_all_assoc; /* 1 - block, 0 - unblock */
uint8_t tx_ba_disable; /* 1 - TXBA disable, 0 - TXBA permitted */
uint8_t rx_ba_decline; /* 1 - RXBA decline, 0 - RXBA permitted */
uint8_t iv_vap_state; /* 1 - enabled, 0 - disabled */
uint8_t iv_osen; /* 1/0 - OSEN enabled/disabled */
uint8_t sample_sta_count;
spinlock_t sample_sta_lock;
struct list_head sample_sta_list;
struct bcast_pps_info bcast_pps;
uint8_t iv_11ac_and_11n_flag; /* 1 - IEEE80211_AC_ONLY, 2 - IEEE80211_N_ONLY */
#define IEEE80211_BAND_IDX_MAX 7
struct ieee80211_band_info {
uint8_t band_chan_step; /* step to next channel */
uint8_t band_first_chan; /* first channel in the band */
int16_t band_chan_cnt; /* channels in the band */
* Note: A node table lock must be acquired or IRQ disabled to maintain atomic
* when calling this function, and must not be released until a node ref is taken
* or the returned pointer is discarded.
static inline struct ieee80211_node *ieee80211_get_wds_peer_node_noref(struct ieee80211vap *iv)
struct ieee80211com *ic = iv->iv_ic;
if (IEEE80211_NODE_IDX_VALID(iv->iv_vapnode_idx)) {
return ic->ic_node_idx_ni[IEEE80211_NODE_IDX_UNMAP(iv->iv_vapnode_idx)];
return NULL;
static inline struct ieee80211_node *ieee80211_get_wds_peer_node_ref(struct ieee80211vap *iv)
struct ieee80211com *ic = iv->iv_ic;
struct ieee80211_node *ni = NULL;
ni = ieee80211_get_wds_peer_node_noref(iv);
if (ni)
return ni;
#define IEEE80211_ADDR_NULL(a1) (memcmp(a1, "\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00", \
IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN) == 0)
#define IEEE80211_ADDR_BCAST(a1) (memcmp(a1, "\xff\xff\xff\xff\xff\xff", \
IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN) == 0)
#define IEEE80211_ADDR_EQ(a1, a2) (memcmp(a1, a2, IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN) == 0)
#define IEEE80211_ADDR_COPY(dst, src) memcpy(dst, src, IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN)
#define IEEE80211_ADDR_SET_NULL(dst) memset(dst, 0, IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN)
/* ic_flags */
#define IEEE80211_F_FF 0x00000001 /* CONF: ATH FF enabled */
#define IEEE80211_F_TURBOP 0x00000002 /* CONF: ATH Turbo enabled*/
#define IEEE80211_F_PROMISC 0x00000004 /* STATUS: promiscuous mode */
#define IEEE80211_F_ALLMULTI 0x00000008 /* STATUS: all multicast mode */
/* NB: this is intentionally setup to be IEEE80211_CAPINFO_PRIVACY */
#define IEEE80211_F_PRIVACY 0x00000010 /* CONF: privacy enabled */
#define IEEE80211_F_PUREG 0x00000020 /* CONF: 11g w/o 11b sta's */
#define IEEE80211_F_XRUPDATE 0x00000040 /* CONF: update beacon XR element*/
#define IEEE80211_F_SCAN 0x00000080 /* STATUS: scanning */
#define IEEE80211_F_CCA 0x00000100 /* CONF: beacon cca info */
#define IEEE80211_F_SIBSS 0x00000200 /* STATUS: start IBSS */
/* NB: this is intentionally setup to be IEEE80211_CAPINFO_SHORT_SLOTTIME */
#define IEEE80211_F_SHSLOT 0x00000400 /* STATUS: use short slot time*/
#define IEEE80211_F_PMGTON 0x00000800 /* CONF: Power mgmt enable */
#define IEEE80211_F_DESBSSID 0x00001000 /* CONF: des_bssid is set */
#define IEEE80211_F_WME 0x00002000 /* CONF: enable WME use */
#define IEEE80211_F_BGSCAN 0x00004000 /* CONF: bg scan enabled */
#define IEEE80211_F_SWRETRY 0x00008000 /* CONF: sw tx retry enabled */
#define IEEE80211_F_TXPOW_FIXED 0x00010000 /* TX Power: fixed rate */
#define IEEE80211_F_IBSSON 0x00020000 /* CONF: IBSS creation enable */
#define IEEE80211_F_SHPREAMBLE 0x00040000 /* STATUS: use short preamble */
#define IEEE80211_F_DATAPAD 0x00080000 /* CONF: do alignment pad */
#define IEEE80211_F_USEPROT 0x00100000 /* STATUS: protection enabled */
#define IEEE80211_F_USEBARKER 0x00200000 /* STATUS: use barker preamble*/
#define IEEE80211_F_TIMUPDATE 0x00400000 /* STATUS: update beacon tim */
#define IEEE80211_F_WPA1 0x00800000 /* CONF: WPA enabled */
#define IEEE80211_F_WPA2 0x01000000 /* CONF: WPA2 enabled */
#define IEEE80211_F_WPA 0x01800000 /* CONF: WPA/WPA2 enabled */
#define IEEE80211_F_DROPUNENC 0x02000000 /* CONF: drop unencrypted */
#define IEEE80211_F_COUNTERM 0x04000000 /* CONF: TKIP countermeasures */
#define IEEE80211_F_HIDESSID 0x08000000 /* CONF: hide SSID in beacon */
#define IEEE80211_F_NOBRIDGE 0x10000000 /* CONF: disable internal bridge */
#define IEEE80211_F_WMEUPDATE 0x20000000 /* STATUS: update beacon wme */
#define IEEE80211_F_DOTH 0x40000000 /* enable 11.h */
#define IEEE80211_F_CHANSWITCH 0x80000000 /* force chanswitch */
/* ic_flags_ext */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_WDS 0x00000001 /* CONF: 4 addr allowed */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_COUNTRYIE 0x00000002 /* CONF: enable country IE */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_SCAN_PENDING 0x00000004 /* STATE: scan pending */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_BGSCAN 0x00000008 /* STATE: enable full bgscan completion */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_UAPSD 0x00000010 /* CONF: enable U-APSD */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_SLEEP 0x00000020 /* STATUS: sleeping */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_EOSPDROP 0x00000040 /* drop uapsd EOSP frames for test */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_MARKDFS 0x00000080 /* Enable marking of dfs interference */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_REGCLASS 0x00000100 /* CONF: send regclassids in country ie */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_ERPUPDATE 0x00000200 /* STATUS: update ERP element */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_SWBMISS 0x00000400 /* CONF: use software beacon timer */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_DROPUNENC_EAPOL 0x00000800 /* CONF: drop unencrypted eapol frames */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_APPIE_UPDATE 0x00001000 /* STATE: beacon APP IE updated */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_11N_PROTECT 0x00002000 /* Enable 11n protection */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_AMPDU 0x00004000 /* CONF: A-MPDU supported */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_AMSDU 0x00008000 /* CONF: A-MSDU supported */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_USEHT20 0x00010000 /* use HT20 channel in 20/40 mode*/
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_PURE11N 0x00020000 /* CONF: 11n w/o non ht sta's */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_REPEATER 0x00040000 /* CONF: Work as a repeater */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_SCAN_20 0x00080000 /* Temporarily use 20MHz channel when changing channel */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_DFS_FAST_SWITCH 0x00100000 /* on detection of radar, select a non-DFS channel and switch immediately */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_SCAN_NO_DFS 0x00200000 /* on detection of radar, only scan non-DFS channels */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_SCAN_FAST_REASS 0x00400000 /* Fast reassociation after power up
(remember the previous channel) */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_TPC 0x00800000 /* TPC feature enable or disable bit */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_TDLS_PROHIB 0x01000000 /* STATION prohibit TDLS function */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_TDLS_CS_PROHIB 0x02000000 /* TDLS channel switch is prohibited */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_TDLS_CS_PASSIVE 0x04000000 /* Passive TDLS channel switch */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_AP_TDLS_PROHIB 0x08000000 /* AP prohibit TDLS function */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_SPECIFIC_SCAN 0x10000000 /* Just perform specific SSID scan */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_SCAN_40 0x20000000 /* Temporarily use 40MHz channel when changing channel */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_24GVHT 0x40000000 /* VHT support(256-QAM) on 2.4G band */
#define IEEE80211_FEXT_BG_PROTECT 0x80000000 /* 802.11bg protect */
/* ic_flags_qtn */
#define IEEE80211_QTN_BCM_WAR 0x00000001 /* Workaround: rx odd length last aggregate */
#define IEEE80211_QTN_RADAR_SCAN_START 0x00000002 /* Radar: Start scan after non-occupancy timer expiry */
#define IEEE80211_QTN_PRINT_CH_INUSE 0x00000004 /* Enable printing of channels in Use. */
#define IEEE80211_QTN_BGSCAN 0x00000008 /* Quantenna background scanning */
#define IEEE80211_QTN_MONITOR 0x00000010 /* Quantenna sniffer mode */
#define IEEE80211_QTN_BMPS 0x00000020 /* Quantenna STA BMPS (power-saving) mode */
#define IEEE80211_QTN_SAMP_CHAN 0x00000040 /* Quantenna SCS sample channel */
static inline int
ieee80211_is_repeater(struct ieee80211com *ic)
if (!(ic->ic_flags_ext & IEEE80211_FEXT_REPEATER))
return 0;
return 1;
static inline int
ieee80211_is_repeater_associated(struct ieee80211com *ic)
struct ieee80211vap *vap;
if (!ieee80211_is_repeater(ic))
return 0;
/* 1st VAP is for STA interface */
vap = TAILQ_FIRST(&ic->ic_vaps);
if (vap && vap->iv_state == IEEE80211_S_RUN)
return 1;
return 0;
#define IEEE80211_COM_UAPSD_ENABLE(_ic) ((_ic)->ic_flags_ext |= IEEE80211_FEXT_UAPSD)
#define IEEE80211_COM_UAPSD_DISABLE(_ic) ((_ic)->ic_flags_ext &= ~IEEE80211_FEXT_UAPSD)
#define IEEE80211_COM_UAPSD_ENABLED(_ic) ((_ic)->ic_flags_ext & IEEE80211_FEXT_UAPSD)
#define IEEE80211_COM_GOTOSLEEP(_ic) ((_ic)->ic_flags_ext |= IEEE80211_FEXT_GOTOSLEEP)
#define IEEE80211_COM_WAKEUP(_ic) ((_ic)->ic_flags_ext &= ~IEEE80211_FEXT_SLEEP)
#define IEEE80211_COM_IS_SLEEPING(_ic) ((_ic)->ic_flags_ext & IEEE80211_FEXT_SLEEP)
#define IEEE80211_COM_WDS_IS_NONE(_ic) ((_ic)->ic_extender_role == IEEE80211_EXTENDER_ROLE_NONE)
#define IEEE80211_COM_WDS_IS_RBS(_ic) ((_ic)->ic_extender_role == IEEE80211_EXTENDER_ROLE_RBS)
#define IEEE80211_COM_WDS_IS_MBS(_ic) ((_ic)->ic_extender_role == IEEE80211_EXTENDER_ROLE_MBS)
#define IEEE80211_BG_PROTECT_ENABLED(_ic) ((_ic)->ic_flags_ext & IEEE80211_FEXT_BG_PROTECT)
#define IEEE80211_11N_PROTECT_ENABLED(_ic) ((_ic)->ic_flags_ext & IEEE80211_FEXT_11N_PROTECT)
#define IEEE80211_VAP_UAPSD_ENABLE(_v) ((_v)->iv_flags_ext |= IEEE80211_FEXT_UAPSD)
#define IEEE80211_VAP_UAPSD_DISABLE(_v) ((_v)->iv_flags_ext &= ~IEEE80211_FEXT_UAPSD)
#define IEEE80211_VAP_UAPSD_ENABLED(_v) ((_v)->iv_flags_ext & IEEE80211_FEXT_UAPSD)
#define IEEE80211_VAP_GOTOSLEEP(_v) ((_v)->iv_flags_ext |= IEEE80211_FEXT_SLEEP)
#define IEEE80211_VAP_WAKEUP(_v) ((_v)->iv_flags_ext &= ~IEEE80211_FEXT_SLEEP)
#define IEEE80211_VAP_IS_SLEEPING(_v) ((_v)->iv_flags_ext & IEEE80211_FEXT_SLEEP)
#define IEEE80211_VAP_EOSPDROP_ENABLE(_v) ((_v)->iv_flags_ext |= IEEE80211_FEXT_EOSPDROP)
#define IEEE80211_VAP_EOSPDROP_DISABLE(_v) ((_v)->iv_flags_ext &= ~IEEE80211_FEXT_EOSPDROP)
#define IEEE80211_VAP_EOSPDROP_ENABLED(_v) ((_v)->iv_flags_ext & IEEE80211_FEXT_EOSPDROP)
#define IEEE80211_VAP_DROPUNENC_EAPOL_ENABLE(_v) ((_v)->iv_flags_ext |= IEEE80211_FEXT_DROPUNENC_EAPOL)
#define IEEE80211_VAP_DROPUNENC_EAPOL_DISABLE(_v) ((_v)->iv_flags_ext &= ~IEEE80211_FEXT_DROPUNENC_EAPOL)
#define IEEE80211_VAP_DROPUNENC_EAPOL(_v) ((_v)->iv_flags_ext & IEEE80211_FEXT_DROPUNENC_EAPOL)
#define IEEE80211_VAP_WDS_ANY(_v) ((_v)->iv_opmode == IEEE80211_M_WDS)
#define IEEE80211_VAP_WDS_IS_RBS(_v) (((_v)->iv_opmode == IEEE80211_M_WDS) && \
(((_v)->iv_extdr_flags & IEEE80211_QTN_WDS_MASK) == IEEE80211_QTN_WDS_RBS))
#define IEEE80211_VAP_WDS_IS_MBS(_v) (((_v)->iv_opmode == IEEE80211_M_WDS) && \
(((_v)->iv_extdr_flags & IEEE80211_QTN_WDS_MASK) == IEEE80211_QTN_WDS_MBS))
#define IEEE80211_VAP_WDS_BASIC(_v) (((_v)->iv_opmode == IEEE80211_M_WDS) && \
(((_v)->iv_extdr_flags & IEEE80211_QTN_WDS_MASK) == IEEE80211_QTN_WDS_ONLY))
static __inline__ uint16_t ieee80211_extdr_get_flags(uint32_t comb)
return (comb & IEEE80211_QTN_EXTDR_ALLMASK);
static __inline__ uint16_t ieee80211_extdr_get_mask(uint32_t comb)
return ((comb >> IEEE80211_QTN_EXTDR_MASK_SHIFT) & IEEE80211_QTN_EXTDR_ALLMASK);
static inline void
ieee80211_vap_set_extdr_flags(struct ieee80211vap *vap, uint32_t etdr_comb)
int flags;
int mask;
flags = ieee80211_extdr_get_flags(etdr_comb);
mask = ieee80211_extdr_get_mask(etdr_comb);
vap->iv_extdr_flags &= ~mask;
vap->iv_extdr_flags |= flags;
#define IEEE80211_VAP_WDS_SET_RBS(_v) do {(_v)->iv_extdr_flags &= ~IEEE80211_QTN_WDS_MASK; \
(_v)->iv_extdr_flags |= IEEE80211_QTN_WDS_RBS ;} while(0)
#define IEEE80211_VAP_WDS_SET_MBS(_v) do {(_v)->iv_extdr_flags &= ~IEEE80211_QTN_WDS_MASK; \
(_v)->iv_extdr_flags |= IEEE80211_QTN_WDS_MBS;} while(0)
#define IEEE80211_VAP_WDS_SET_NONE(_v) do {(_v)->iv_extdr_flags &= ~IEEE80211_QTN_WDS_MASK; \
(_v)->iv_extdr_flags |= IEEE80211_QTN_WDS_ONLY;} while(0)
/* ic_caps */
#define IEEE80211_C_WEP 0x00000001 /* CAPABILITY: WEP available */
#define IEEE80211_C_TKIP 0x00000002 /* CAPABILITY: TKIP available */
#define IEEE80211_C_AES 0x00000004 /* CAPABILITY: AES OCB avail */
#define IEEE80211_C_AES_CCM 0x00000008 /* CAPABILITY: AES CCM avail */
#define IEEE80211_C_11N 0x00000010 /* CAPABILITY: 11n HT available */
#define IEEE80211_C_CKIP 0x00000020 /* CAPABILITY: CKIP available */
#define IEEE80211_C_FF 0x00000040 /* CAPABILITY: ATH FF avail */
#define IEEE80211_C_TURBOP 0x00000080 /* CAPABILITY: ATH Turbo avail*/
#define IEEE80211_C_IBSS 0x00000100 /* CAPABILITY: IBSS available */
#define IEEE80211_C_PMGT 0x00000200 /* CAPABILITY: Power mgmt */
#define IEEE80211_C_HOSTAP 0x00000400 /* CAPABILITY: HOSTAP avail */
#define IEEE80211_C_AHDEMO 0x00000800 /* CAPABILITY: Old Adhoc Demo */
#define IEEE80211_C_SWRETRY 0x00001000 /* CAPABILITY: sw tx retry */
#define IEEE80211_C_TXPMGT 0x00002000 /* CAPABILITY: tx power mgmt */
#define IEEE80211_C_SHSLOT 0x00004000 /* CAPABILITY: short slottime */
#define IEEE80211_C_SHPREAMBLE 0x00008000 /* CAPABILITY: short preamble */
#define IEEE80211_C_MONITOR 0x00010000 /* CAPABILITY: monitor mode */
#define IEEE80211_C_TKIPMIC 0x00020000 /* CAPABILITY: TKIP MIC avail */
#define IEEE80211_C_WPA1 0x00800000 /* CAPABILITY: WPA1 avail */
#define IEEE80211_C_WPA2 0x01000000 /* CAPABILITY: WPA2 avail */
#define IEEE80211_C_WPA 0x01800000 /* CAPABILITY: WPA1+WPA2 avail*/
#define IEEE80211_C_BURST 0x02000000 /* CAPABILITY: frame bursting */
#define IEEE80211_C_WME 0x04000000 /* CAPABILITY: WME avail */
#define IEEE80211_C_WDS 0x08000000 /* CAPABILITY: 4-addr support */
#define IEEE80211_C_WME_TKIPMIC 0x10000000 /* CAPABILITY: TKIP MIC for QoS frame */
#define IEEE80211_C_BGSCAN 0x20000000 /* CAPABILITY: bg scanning */
#define IEEE80211_C_UAPSD 0x40000000 /* CAPABILITY: UAPSD */
#define IEEE80211_C_UEQM 0x80000000 /* CAPABILITY: Unequal Modulation */
/* XXX protection/barker? */
#define IEEE80211_C_CRYPTO 0x0000002f /* CAPABILITY: crypto alg's */
/* HT flags */
#define IEEE80211_HTF_CBW_40MHZ_ONLY 0x00000001
#define IEEE80211_HTF_SHORTGI20_ONLY 0x00000002
#define IEEE80211_HTF_SHORTGI40_ONLY 0x00000004
#define IEEE80211_HTF_GF_MODE_ONLY 0x00000008
#define IEEE80211_HTF_NSS_2_ONLY 0x00000010
#define IEEE80211_HTF_TXSTBC_ONLY 0x00000020
#define IEEE80211_HTF_RXSTBC_ONLY 0x00000040
#define IEEE80211_HTF_DSSS_40MHZ_ONLY 0x00000080
#define IEEE80211_HTF_PSMP_SUPPORT_ONLY 0x00000100
#define IEEE80211_HTF_LSIG_TXOP_ONLY 0x00000200
#define IEEE80211_HTF_HTINFOUPDATE 0x00000400
#define IEEE80211_HTF_SHORTGI_ENABLED 0x00000800
#define IEEE80211_HTF_LDPC_ENABLED 0x00001000
#define IEEE80211_HTF_LDPC_ALLOW_NON_QTN 0x00002000
#define IEEE80211_HTF_STBC_ENABLED 0x00004000
/* Key management Capabilities */
#define WPA_KEY_MGMT_IEEE8021X BIT(0)
#define WPA_KEY_MGMT_FT_IEEE8021X BIT(5)
#define WPA_KEY_MGMT_IEEE8021X_SHA256 BIT(7)
#define WPA_KEY_MGMT_PSK_SHA256 BIT(8)
/* Atheros ABOLT definitions */
#define IEEE80211_ABOLT_TURBO_G 0x01 /* Legacy Turbo G */
#define IEEE80211_ABOLT_TURBO_PRIME 0x02 /* Turbo Prime */
#define IEEE80211_ABOLT_COMPRESSION 0x04 /* Compression */
#define IEEE80211_ABOLT_FAST_FRAME 0x08 /* Fast Frames */
#define IEEE80211_ABOLT_BURST 0x10 /* Bursting */
#define IEEE80211_ABOLT_WME_ELE 0x20 /* WME based cwmin/max/burst tuning */
#define IEEE80211_ABOLT_XR 0x40 /* XR */
#define IEEE80211_ABOLT_AR 0x80 /* AR switches out based on adjaced non-turbo traffic */
/* Atheros Advanced Capabilities ABOLT definition */
IEEE80211_ABOLT_XR | \
IEEE80211_ABOLT_AR | \
/* check if a capability was negotiated for use */
#define IEEE80211_ATH_CAP(vap, ni, bit) \
((ni)->ni_ath_flags & (vap)->iv_ath_cap & (bit))
/* flags to VAP create function */
#define IEEE80211_VAP_XR 0x10000 /* create a XR VAP without registering net device with OS */
int ieee80211_ifattach(struct ieee80211com *);
void ieee80211_ifdetach(struct ieee80211com *);
int ieee80211_vap_setup(struct ieee80211com *, struct net_device *,
const char *, int, int, int);
int ieee80211_vap_attach(struct ieee80211vap *, ifm_change_cb_t, ifm_stat_cb_t);
void ieee80211_vap_detach(struct ieee80211vap *);
void ieee80211_vap_detach_late(struct ieee80211vap *);
void ieee80211_announce(struct ieee80211com *);
void ieee80211_announce_channels(struct ieee80211com *);
int ieee80211_media_change(void *);
void ieee80211_media_status(void *, struct ifmediareq *);
int ieee80211_rate2media(struct ieee80211com*, int, enum ieee80211_phymode);
int ieee80211_media2rate(int);
int ieee80211_mcs2media(struct ieee80211com*, int, enum ieee80211_phymode);
int ieee80211_media2mcs(int);
int ieee80211_mcs2rate(int mcs, int mode, int sgi, int vht);
int ieee80211_rate2mcs(int rate, int mode, int sgi);
u_int ieee80211_get_chanflags(enum ieee80211_phymode mode);
u_int ieee80211_mhz2ieee(u_int, u_int);
u_int ieee80211_chan2ieee(struct ieee80211com *, const struct ieee80211_channel *);
u_int ieee80211_ieee2mhz(u_int, u_int);
struct ieee80211_channel *ieee80211_find_channel(struct ieee80211com *, int, int);
int ieee80211_setmode(struct ieee80211com *, enum ieee80211_phymode);
void ieee80211_reset_erp(struct ieee80211com *, enum ieee80211_phymode);
enum ieee80211_phymode ieee80211_chan2mode(const struct ieee80211_channel *);
int ieee80211_country_string_to_countryid( const char *input_str, u_int16_t *p_iso_code );
int ieee80211_countryid_to_country_string( const u_int16_t iso_code, char *output_str );
int ieee80211_region_to_operating_class(struct ieee80211com *ic, char *region_str);
void ieee80211_get_prichan_list_by_operating_class(struct ieee80211com *ic, int bw,
uint8_t *chan_list, uint32_t flag);
int ieee80211_get_current_operating_class(uint16_t iso_code, int chan, int bw);
void ieee80211_build_countryie(struct ieee80211com *);
int ieee80211_media_setup(struct ieee80211com *, struct ifmedia *, u_int32_t,
ifm_change_cb_t, ifm_stat_cb_t);
void ieee80211_param_to_qdrv(struct ieee80211vap *vap,
int param, int value, unsigned char *data, int len);
void ieee80211_param_from_qdrv(struct ieee80211vap *vap,
int param, int *value, unsigned char *data, int *len);
int ieee80211_param_scs_set(struct net_device *dev, struct ieee80211vap *vap, u_int32_t value);
int ieee80211_param_ocac_set(struct net_device *dev, struct ieee80211vap *vap, u_int32_t value);
void get_node_info(void *s, struct ieee80211_node *ni);
void get_node_assoc_state(void *s, struct ieee80211_node *ni);
void get_node_ver(void *s, struct ieee80211_node *ni);
void get_node_tx_stats(void *s, struct ieee80211_node *ni);
void get_node_rx_stats(void *s, struct ieee80211_node *ni);
void ieee80211_update_node_assoc_qual(struct ieee80211_node *ni);
u_int8_t ieee80211_bridgemode_set(struct ieee80211vap *vap, u_int8_t config_change);
void ieee80211_channel_switch_post(struct ieee80211com *ic);
void ieee80211_eap_output(struct net_device *dev, const void *eap_msg, int eap_msg_len);
int ieee80211_blacklist_check(struct ieee80211_node *ni);
void ieee80211_remove_node_blacklist_timeout(struct ieee80211_node *ni);
int ieee80211_pwr_adjust(struct ieee80211vap *vap, int rxgain_state);
void ieee80211_pm_queue_work(struct ieee80211com *ic);
void ieee80211_beacon_interval_set(struct ieee80211com *ic, int value);
void ieee80211_ocac_update_params(struct ieee80211com *ic, const char *region);
ieee80211_set_recv_ctrlpkts(struct ieee80211vap *vap);
struct ieee80211_channel * findchannel(struct ieee80211com *ic, int ieee, int mode);
struct ieee80211_channel* ieee80211_chk_update_pri_chan(struct ieee80211com *ic,
struct ieee80211_channel *chan, uint32_t rank_by_pwr, const char* caller, int print_warning);
void ieee80211_scs_metric_update_timestamps(struct ap_state *as);
void ieee80211_scs_update_tdls_stats(struct ieee80211com *ic, struct ieee80211_tdls_scs_stats *scs_stats);
void ieee80211_scs_free_node_tdls_stats(struct ieee80211com *ic, struct ieee80211_node *ni);
void ieee80211_scs_free_tdls_stats_list(struct ieee80211com *ic);
int ieee80211_scs_clean_stats(struct ieee80211com *ic, uint32_t level, int clear_dfs_reentry);
void ieee80211_scs_node_clean_stats(void *s, struct ieee80211_node *ni);
void ieee80211_scs_show_ranking_stats(struct ieee80211com *ic, int show_input, int show_result);
void ieee80211_show_initial_ranking_stats(struct ieee80211com *ic);
void ieee80211_scs_update_ranking_table_by_scan(struct ieee80211com *ic);
void ieee80211_scs_adjust_cca_threshold(struct ieee80211com *ic);
int ieee80211_dual_sec_chan_supported(struct ieee80211vap *vap, int chan);
void ieee80211_update_sec_chan_offset(struct ieee80211_channel *chan, int offset);
int ieee80211_get_bw(struct ieee80211com *ic);
int ieee80211_get_cap_bw(struct ieee80211com *ic);
int ieee80211_get_max_ap_bw(const struct ieee80211_scan_entry *se);
int ieee80211_get_max_node_bw(struct ieee80211_node *ni);
int ieee80211_get_max_system_bw(struct ieee80211com *ic);
int ieee80211_get_max_channel_bw(struct ieee80211com *ic, int channel);
int ieee80211_get_max_bw(struct ieee80211vap *vap, struct ieee80211_node *ni, uint32_t chan);
void ieee80211_update_bw_capa(struct ieee80211vap *vap, int bw);
int ieee80211_get_mu_grp(struct ieee80211com *ic,
struct qtn_mu_grp_args *mu_grp_tbl);
int ieee80211_find_sec_chan(struct ieee80211_channel *chan);
int ieee80211_find_sec40u_chan(struct ieee80211_channel *chan);
int ieee80211_find_sec40l_chan(struct ieee80211_channel *chan);
int ieee80211_find_sec_chan_by_operating_class(struct ieee80211com *ic, int chan, uint32_t preference);
int ieee80211_rst_dev_stats(struct ieee80211vap *vap);
int ieee80211_swfeat_is_supported(uint16_t feat, uint8_t print_msg);
void ieee80211_finish_csa(unsigned long arg);
int ieee80211_enter_csa(struct ieee80211com *ic, struct ieee80211_channel *chan,
void (*finish_csa)(unsigned long arg), uint32_t reason,
uint8_t csa_count, uint8_t csa_mode, uint32_t flag);
void ieee80211_obss_scan_timer(unsigned long arg);
void ieee80211_start_obss_scan_timer(struct ieee80211vap *vap);
int ieee80211_scs_pick_channel(struct ieee80211com *ic, int pick_flags, uint32_t cc_flag);
void ieee80211_parse_cipher_key(struct ieee80211vap *vap, void *ie, uint16_t len);
int ieee80211_vap_wds_mode_change(struct ieee80211vap *vap);
char *ieee80211_wireless_get_hw_desc(void);
struct ieee80211_channel *ieee80211_find_channel_by_ieee(struct ieee80211com *ic, int chan_ieee);
void ieee80211_add_sec_chan_off(u_int8_t **frm, struct ieee80211com *ic, u_int8_t csa_chan);
uint8_t ieee80211_wband_chanswitch_ie_len(uint32_t bw);
uint8_t ieee80211_sec_chan_off_ie_len(void);
void ieee80211_find_ht_pri_sec_chan(struct ieee80211vap *vap,
struct ieee80211_scan_entry *se, uint8_t *pri_chan, uint8_t *sec_chan);
int ieee80211_20_40_operation_permitted(struct ieee80211vap *vap,
uint8_t se_pri_chan, uint8_t se_sec_chan);
void ieee80211_off_channel_timeout(unsigned long arg);
void ieee80211_off_channel_resume(struct ieee80211vap *vap);
void ieee80211_off_channel_suspend(struct ieee80211vap *vap, uint32_t timeout);
int get_max_supported_chwidth(struct ieee80211_node *ni);
uint8_t recalc_opmode(struct ieee80211_node *ni, uint8_t opmode);
* Key update synchronization methods. XXX should not be visible.
static __inline void
ieee80211_key_update_begin(struct ieee80211vap *vap)
static __inline void
ieee80211_key_update_end(struct ieee80211vap *vap)
/* Check if the channel is valid */
static __inline int
is_channel_valid(int chan)
if ((chan >= IEEE80211_CHAN_MAX) || !chan)
return 0;
return 1;
static __inline int
is_ieee80211_chan_valid(struct ieee80211_channel *chan)
if (!chan || (chan == IEEE80211_CHAN_ANYC))
return 0;
return 1;
* XXX these need to be here for IEEE80211_F_DATAPAD
* Return the space occupied by the 802.11 header and any
* padding required by the driver. This works for a
* management or data frame.
static __inline int
ieee80211_hdrspace(struct ieee80211com *ic, const void *data)
int size;
if((ic->ic_caps & IEEE80211_C_11N) == IEEE80211_C_11N)
size = ieee80211_hdrsize(IEEE80211_HT_CAPABLE, data);
size = ieee80211_hdrsize(IEEE80211_NON_HT_CAPABLE, data);
if (ic->ic_flags & IEEE80211_F_DATAPAD)
size = roundup(size, sizeof(u_int32_t));
return size;
* Like ieee80211_hdrspace, but handles any type of frame.
static __inline int
ieee80211_anyhdrspace(struct ieee80211com *ic, const void *data)
int size;
if((ic->ic_caps & IEEE80211_C_11N) == IEEE80211_C_11N)
size = ieee80211_anyhdrsize(IEEE80211_HT_CAPABLE, data);
size = ieee80211_anyhdrsize(IEEE80211_NON_HT_CAPABLE, data);
if (ic->ic_flags & IEEE80211_F_DATAPAD)
size = roundup(size, sizeof(u_int32_t));
return size;
static __inline int
ieee80211_tx_amsdu_disabled(struct ieee80211_node *ni)
struct ieee80211vap *vap = ni->ni_vap;
if (!vap->iv_tx_amsdu)
return 1;
if (!IEEE80211_NODE_IS_VHT(ni) &&
IEEE80211_NODE_IS_HT(ni) &&
return 1;
return 0;
#define IEEE80211_MSG_11N 0x80000000 /* 11n mode debug */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_DEBUG 0x40000000 /* IFF_DEBUG equivalent */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_DUMPPKTS 0x20000000 /* IFF_LINK2 equivalent */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_CRYPTO 0x10000000 /* crypto work */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_INPUT 0x08000000 /* input handling */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_XRATE 0x04000000 /* rate set handling */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_ELEMID 0x02000000 /* element id parsing */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_NODE 0x01000000 /* node handling */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_ASSOC 0x00800000 /* association handling */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_AUTH 0x00400000 /* authentication handling */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_SCAN 0x00200000 /* scanning */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_OUTPUT 0x00100000 /* output handling */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_STATE 0x00080000 /* state machine */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_POWER 0x00040000 /* power save handling */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_DOT1X 0x00020000 /* 802.1X authenticator */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_NODEBSS 0x00010000 /* BSS node handling */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_RADIUS 0x00008000 /* 802.1X radius client */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_RADDUMP 0x00004000 /* dump 802.1X radius packets */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_RADKEYS 0x00002000 /* dump 802.1X keys */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_WPA 0x00001000 /* WPA/RSN protocol */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_ACL 0x00000800 /* ACL handling */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_WME 0x00000400 /* WME protocol */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_SUPG 0x00000200 /* SUPERG */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_DOTH 0x00000100 /* 11.h */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_INACT 0x00000080 /* inactivity handling */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_ROAM 0x00000040 /* sta-mode roaming */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_ACTION 0x00000020 /* action management frames */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_TPC 0x00000010 /* transmit power control */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_VSP 0x00000008 /* VSP */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_VHT 0x00000004 /* 11ac mode debug-VHT*/
#define IEEE80211_MSG_TDLS 0x00000002 /* TDLS */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_EXTDR 0x00000001 /* Extender: QHOP or Repeater */
#define IEEE80211_MSG_ANY 0xffffffff /* anything */
#define IEEE80211_TDLS_MSG_WARN 1
#define IEEE80211_TDLS_MSG_DBG 2
#define IEEE80211_EXTENDER_MSG_DBG 2
#ifdef IEEE80211_DEBUG
#define ieee80211_msg(_vap, _m) ((_vap)->iv_debug & (_m))
#define ieee80211_tdls_msg(_vap, _n) ((_n) <= (_vap)->tdls_verbose)
#define ieee80211_extender_msg(_vap, _n) ((_n) <= (_vap)->iv_ic->ic_extender_verbose)
#define IEEE80211_DPRINTF(_vap, _m, _fmt, ...) do { \
if (unlikely(ieee80211_msg(_vap, _m))) \
ieee80211_note(_vap, _fmt, __VA_ARGS__); \
} while (0)
#define IEEE80211_TDLS_DPRINTF(_vap, _m, _n, _fmt, ...) do { \
if (unlikely(ieee80211_msg(_vap, _m) && ieee80211_tdls_msg(_vap, _n))) \
ieee80211_note(_vap, _fmt, __VA_ARGS__); \
} while (0)
#define IEEE80211_EXTENDER_DPRINTF(_vap, _n, _fmt, ...) do { \
if (unlikely(ieee80211_extender_msg(_vap, _n))) \
ieee80211_note(_vap, _fmt, __VA_ARGS__); \
} while (0)
#define IEEE80211_NOTE(_vap, _m, _ni, _fmt, ...) do { \
if (unlikely(ieee80211_msg(_vap, _m))) \
ieee80211_note_mac(_vap, (_ni)->ni_macaddr, _fmt, __VA_ARGS__);\
} while (0)
#define IEEE80211_NOTE_MAC(_vap, _m, _mac, _fmt, ...) do { \
if (unlikely(ieee80211_msg(_vap, _m))) \
ieee80211_note_mac(_vap, _mac, _fmt, __VA_ARGS__); \
} while (0)
#define IEEE80211_NOTE_FRAME(_vap, _m, _wh, _fmt, ...) do { \
if (unlikely(ieee80211_msg(_vap, _m))) \
ieee80211_note_frame(_vap, _wh, _fmt, __VA_ARGS__); \
} while (0)
#define IEEE80211_DPRINTF_NODEREF(_ni, _func, _line) do { \
if (unlikely(!_ni || !_ni->ni_vap)) { \
printk("%s:%u epic fail ni=%p\n", _func, _line, _ni); \
break; \
} else if (unlikely(ieee80211_msg(_ni->ni_vap, (_ni == _ni->ni_vap->iv_bss) ? \
ieee80211_note(_ni->ni_vap, \
"[%s]%s:%u: nodecnt=%u ni=%p tbl=%u refcnt=%d\n", \
ether_sprintf(_ni->ni_macaddr), \
_func, _line, \
_ni->ni_ic ? _ni->ni_ic->ic_node_count : 0, \
_ni, (_ni->ni_table != NULL), \
ieee80211_node_refcnt(_ni)); \
} \
} while (0)
void ieee80211_note(struct ieee80211vap *, const char *, ...);
void ieee80211_note_mac(struct ieee80211vap *,
const u_int8_t mac[IEEE80211_ADDR_LEN], const char *, ...);
void ieee80211_note_frame(struct ieee80211vap *,
const struct ieee80211_frame *, const char *, ...);
#define ieee80211_msg_debug(_vap) \
ieee80211_msg(_vap, IEEE80211_MSG_DEBUG)
#define ieee80211_msg_dumppkts(_vap) \
ieee80211_msg(_vap, IEEE80211_MSG_DUMPPKTS)
#define ieee80211_msg_input(_vap) \
ieee80211_msg(_vap, IEEE80211_MSG_INPUT)
#define ieee80211_msg_radius(_vap) \
ieee80211_msg(_vap, IEEE80211_MSG_RADIUS)
#define ieee80211_msg_dumpradius(_vap) \
ieee80211_msg(_vap, IEEE80211_MSG_RADDUMP)
#define ieee80211_msg_dumpradkeys(_vap) \
ieee80211_msg(_vap, IEEE80211_MSG_RADKEYS)
#define ieee80211_msg_scan(_vap) \
ieee80211_msg(_vap, IEEE80211_MSG_SCAN)
#define ieee80211_msg_assoc(_vap) \
ieee80211_msg(_vap, IEEE80211_MSG_ASSOC)
#else /* IEEE80211_DEBUG */
#define IEEE80211_DPRINTF(_vap, _m, _fmt, ...)
#define IEEE80211_NOTE(_vap, _m, _wh, _fmt, ...)
#define IEEE80211_NOTE_FRAME(_vap, _m, _wh, _fmt, ...)
#define IEEE80211_NOTE_MAC(_vap, _m, _mac, _fmt, ...)
#define IEEE80211_DPRINTF_NODEREF(_ni, _func, _line)
#endif /* IEEE80211_DEBUG */
/* Some prototypes QHOP implementation */
extern int ieee80211_scs_is_wds_rbs_node(struct ieee80211com *ic);
extern void ieee80211_dfs_send_csa(struct ieee80211vap *vap, uint8_t new_chan);
struct ieee80211_band_info *ieee80211_get_band_info(int band_idx);
#if defined(QBMPS_ENABLE)
extern int ieee80211_wireless_set_sta_bmps(struct ieee80211vap *vap, struct ieee80211com *ic, int value);
extern int ieee80211_sta_bmps_update(struct ieee80211vap *vap);
extern int ieee80211_is_idle_state(struct ieee80211com *ic);
extern int ieee80211_is_on_weather_channel(struct ieee80211com *ic, struct ieee80211_channel *chan);
extern uint8_t g_l2_ext_filter;
extern uint8_t g_l2_ext_filter_port;
#endif /* _NET80211_IEEE80211_VAR_H_ */