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#include "types.h"
* mds map - describe servers in the mds cluster.
* we limit fields to those the client actually xcares about
struct ceph_mds_info {
u64 global_id;
struct ceph_entity_addr addr;
s32 state;
int num_export_targets;
u32 *export_targets;
struct ceph_mdsmap {
u32 m_epoch, m_client_epoch, m_last_failure;
u32 m_root;
u32 m_session_timeout; /* seconds */
u32 m_session_autoclose; /* seconds */
u64 m_max_file_size;
u32 m_max_mds; /* size of m_addr, m_state arrays */
struct ceph_mds_info *m_info;
/* which object pools file data can be stored in */
int m_num_data_pg_pools;
u32 *m_data_pg_pools;
u32 m_cas_pg_pool;
static inline struct ceph_entity_addr *
ceph_mdsmap_get_addr(struct ceph_mdsmap *m, int w)
if (w >= m->m_max_mds)
return NULL;
return &m->m_info[w].addr;
static inline int ceph_mdsmap_get_state(struct ceph_mdsmap *m, int w)
BUG_ON(w < 0);
if (w >= m->m_max_mds)
return m->m_info[w].state;
extern int ceph_mdsmap_get_random_mds(struct ceph_mdsmap *m);
extern struct ceph_mdsmap *ceph_mdsmap_decode(void **p, void *end);
extern void ceph_mdsmap_destroy(struct ceph_mdsmap *m);