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* Copyright (C) 2005-2006 Micronas USA Inc.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License (Version 2) as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation,
* Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston MA 02111-1307, USA.
* This is the private include file for the go7007 driver. It should not
* be included by anybody but the driver itself, and especially not by
* user-space applications.
#include <media/v4l2-device.h>
struct go7007;
/* IDs to activate board-specific support code */
#define GO7007_BOARDID_MATRIX_II 0
#define GO7007_BOARDID_STAR_TREK 2
#define GO7007_BOARDID_XMEN 4
#define GO7007_BOARDID_XMEN_II 5
#define GO7007_BOARDID_XMEN_III 6
#define GO7007_BOARDID_PX_M402U 16
#define GO7007_BOARDID_PX_TV402U_ANY 17 /* need to check tuner model */
#define GO7007_BOARDID_PX_TV402U_NA 18 /* detected NTSC tuner */
#define GO7007_BOARDID_PX_TV402U_EU 19 /* detected PAL tuner */
#define GO7007_BOARDID_PX_TV402U_JP 20 /* detected NTSC-J tuner */
#define GO7007_BOARDID_LIFEVIEW_LR192 21 /* TV Walker Ultra */
#define GO7007_BOARDID_ENDURA 22
#define GO7007_BOARDID_ADLINK_MPG24 23
#define GO7007_BOARDID_SENSORAY_2250 24 /* Sensoray 2250/2251 */
/* Various characteristics of each board */
#define GO7007_BOARD_HAS_AUDIO (1<<0)
#define GO7007_BOARD_USE_ONBOARD_I2C (1<<1)
#define GO7007_BOARD_HAS_TUNER (1<<2)
/* Characteristics of sensor devices */
#define GO7007_SENSOR_VALID_POLAR (1<<0)
#define GO7007_SENSOR_HREF_POLAR (1<<1)
#define GO7007_SENSOR_VREF_POLAR (1<<2)
#define GO7007_SENSOR_FIELD_ID_POLAR (1<<3)
#define GO7007_SENSOR_BIT_WIDTH (1<<4)
#define GO7007_SENSOR_VALID_ENABLE (1<<5)
#define GO7007_SENSOR_656 (1<<6)
#define GO7007_SENSOR_CONFIG_MASK 0x7f
#define GO7007_SENSOR_TV (1<<7)
#define GO7007_SENSOR_VBI (1<<8)
#define GO7007_SENSOR_SCALING (1<<9)
/* Characteristics of audio sensor devices */
#define GO7007_AUDIO_I2S_MODE_1 (1)
#define GO7007_AUDIO_I2S_MODE_2 (2)
#define GO7007_AUDIO_I2S_MODE_3 (3)
#define GO7007_AUDIO_BCLK_POLAR (1<<2)
#define GO7007_AUDIO_WORD_14 (14<<4)
#define GO7007_AUDIO_WORD_16 (16<<4)
#define GO7007_AUDIO_ONE_CHANNEL (1<<11)
#define GO7007_AUDIO_I2S_MASTER (1<<16)
#define GO7007_AUDIO_OKI_MODE (1<<17)
struct go7007_board_info {
char *firmware;
unsigned int flags;
int hpi_buffer_cap;
unsigned int sensor_flags;
int sensor_width;
int sensor_height;
int sensor_framerate;
int sensor_h_offset;
int sensor_v_offset;
unsigned int audio_flags;
int audio_rate;
int audio_bclk_div;
int audio_main_div;
int num_i2c_devs;
struct {
const char *type;
int id;
int addr;
} i2c_devs[4];
int num_inputs;
struct {
int video_input;
int audio_input;
char *name;
} inputs[4];
struct go7007_hpi_ops {
int (*interface_reset)(struct go7007 *go);
int (*write_interrupt)(struct go7007 *go, int addr, int data);
int (*read_interrupt)(struct go7007 *go);
int (*stream_start)(struct go7007 *go);
int (*stream_stop)(struct go7007 *go);
int (*send_firmware)(struct go7007 *go, u8 *data, int len);
int (*send_command)(struct go7007 *go, unsigned int cmd, void *arg);
/* The video buffer size must be a multiple of PAGE_SIZE */
#define GO7007_BUF_PAGES (128 * 1024 / PAGE_SIZE)
#define GO7007_BUF_SIZE (GO7007_BUF_PAGES << PAGE_SHIFT)
struct go7007_buffer {
struct go7007 *go; /* Reverse reference for VMA ops */
int index; /* Reverse reference for DQBUF */
u32 seq;
struct timeval timestamp;
struct list_head stream;
struct page *pages[GO7007_BUF_PAGES + 1]; /* extra for straddling */
unsigned long user_addr;
unsigned int page_count;
unsigned int offset;
unsigned int bytesused;
unsigned int frame_offset;
u32 modet_active;
int mapped;
struct go7007_file {
struct go7007 *go;
struct mutex lock;
int buf_count;
struct go7007_buffer *bufs;
#define GO7007_FORMAT_MJPEG 0
#define GO7007_FORMAT_MPEG4 1
#define GO7007_FORMAT_MPEG1 2
#define GO7007_FORMAT_MPEG2 3
#define GO7007_FORMAT_H263 4
#define GO7007_RATIO_1_1 0
#define GO7007_RATIO_4_3 1
#define GO7007_RATIO_16_9 2
enum go7007_parser_state {
struct go7007 {
struct device *dev;
struct go7007_board_info *board_info;
unsigned int board_id;
int tuner_type;
int channel_number; /* for multi-channel boards like Adlink PCI-MPG24 */
char name[64];
struct video_device *video_dev;
struct v4l2_device v4l2_dev;
int ref_count;
spinlock_t spinlock;
struct mutex hw_lock;
int streaming;
int in_use;
int audio_enabled;
/* Video input */
int input;
enum { GO7007_STD_NTSC, GO7007_STD_PAL, GO7007_STD_OTHER } standard;
int sensor_framerate;
int width;
int height;
int encoder_h_offset;
int encoder_v_offset;
unsigned int encoder_h_halve:1;
unsigned int encoder_v_halve:1;
unsigned int encoder_subsample:1;
/* Encoder config */
int format;
int bitrate;
int fps_scale;
int pali;
int aspect_ratio;
int gop_size;
unsigned int ipb:1;
unsigned int closed_gop:1;
unsigned int repeat_seqhead:1;
unsigned int seq_header_enable:1;
unsigned int gop_header_enable:1;
unsigned int dvd_mode:1;
unsigned int interlace_coding:1;
/* Motion detection */
unsigned int modet_enable:1;
struct {
unsigned int enable:1;
int pixel_threshold;
int motion_threshold;
int mb_threshold;
} modet[4];
unsigned char modet_map[1624];
unsigned char active_map[216];
/* Video streaming */
struct go7007_buffer *active_buf;
enum go7007_parser_state state;
int parse_length;
u16 modet_word;
int seen_frame;
u32 next_seq;
struct list_head stream;
wait_queue_head_t frame_waitq;
/* Audio streaming */
void (*audio_deliver)(struct go7007 *go, u8 *buf, int length);
void *snd_context;
/* I2C */
int i2c_adapter_online;
struct i2c_adapter i2c_adapter;
/* HPI driver */
struct go7007_hpi_ops *hpi_ops;
void *hpi_context;
int interrupt_available;
wait_queue_head_t interrupt_waitq;
unsigned short interrupt_value;
unsigned short interrupt_data;
static inline struct go7007 *to_go7007(struct v4l2_device *v4l2_dev)
return container_of(v4l2_dev, struct go7007, v4l2_dev);
/* All of these must be called with the hpi_lock mutex held! */
#define go7007_interface_reset(go) \
#define go7007_write_interrupt(go, x, y) \
((go)->hpi_ops->write_interrupt)((go), (x), (y))
#define go7007_stream_start(go) \
#define go7007_stream_stop(go) \
#define go7007_send_firmware(go, x, y) \
((go)->hpi_ops->send_firmware)((go), (x), (y))
#define go7007_write_addr(go, x, y) \
((go)->hpi_ops->write_interrupt)((go), (x)|0x8000, (y))
/* go7007-driver.c */
int go7007_read_addr(struct go7007 *go, u16 addr, u16 *data);
int go7007_read_interrupt(struct go7007 *go, u16 *value, u16 *data);
int go7007_boot_encoder(struct go7007 *go, int init_i2c);
int go7007_reset_encoder(struct go7007 *go);
int go7007_register_encoder(struct go7007 *go);
int go7007_start_encoder(struct go7007 *go);
void go7007_parse_video_stream(struct go7007 *go, u8 *buf, int length);
struct go7007 *go7007_alloc(struct go7007_board_info *board,
struct device *dev);
void go7007_remove(struct go7007 *go);
/* go7007-fw.c */
int go7007_construct_fw_image(struct go7007 *go, u8 **fw, int *fwlen);
/* go7007-i2c.c */
int go7007_i2c_init(struct go7007 *go);
int go7007_i2c_remove(struct go7007 *go);
/* go7007-v4l2.c */
int go7007_v4l2_init(struct go7007 *go);
void go7007_v4l2_remove(struct go7007 *go);
/* snd-go7007.c */
int go7007_snd_init(struct go7007 *go);
int go7007_snd_remove(struct go7007 *go);