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* Driver for the Conexant CX25821 PCIe bridge
* Copyright (C) 2009 Conexant Systems Inc.
* Authors <>, <>
* Based on Steven Toth <> cx23885 driver
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
#ifndef CX25821_H_
#define CX25821_H_
#include <linux/pci.h>
#include <linux/i2c.h>
#include <linux/i2c-algo-bit.h>
#include <linux/interrupt.h>
#include <linux/delay.h>
#include <linux/sched.h>
#include <linux/kdev_t.h>
#include <linux/smp_lock.h>
#include <media/v4l2-common.h>
#include <media/v4l2-device.h>
#include <media/tuner.h>
#include <media/tveeprom.h>
#include <media/videobuf-dma-sg.h>
#include <media/videobuf-dvb.h>
#include "btcx-risc.h"
#include "cx25821-reg.h"
#include "cx25821-medusa-reg.h"
#include "cx25821-sram.h"
#include "cx25821-audio.h"
#include "media/cx2341x.h"
#include <linux/version.h>
#include <linux/mutex.h>
#define CX25821_VERSION_CODE KERNEL_VERSION(0, 0, 106)
#define UNSET (-1U)
#define NO_SYNC_LINE (-1U)
#define CX25821_MAXBOARDS 2
#define TRUE 1
#define FALSE 0
#define LINE_SIZE_D1 1440
// Number of decoders and encoders
#define MAX_DECODERS 8
#define MAX_ENCODERS 2
#define MAX_CAMERAS 16
/* Max number of inputs by card */
#define MAX_CX25821_INPUT 8
#define INPUT(nr) (&cx25821_boards[dev->board].input[nr])
#define RESOURCE_VIDEO4 16
#define RESOURCE_VIDEO5 32
#define RESOURCE_VIDEO6 64
#define RESOURCE_VIDEO7 128
#define RESOURCE_VIDEO8 256
#define RESOURCE_VIDEO9 512
#define RESOURCE_VIDEO10 1024
#define RESOURCE_VIDEO11 2048
#define BUFFER_TIMEOUT (HZ) /* 0.5 seconds */
#define CX25821_BOARD 1
/* Currently supported by the driver */
#define CX25821_NORMS (\
struct cx25821_fmt {
char *name;
u32 fourcc; /* v4l2 format id */
int depth;
int flags;
u32 cxformat;
struct cx25821_ctrl {
struct v4l2_queryctrl v;
u32 off;
u32 reg;
u32 mask;
u32 shift;
struct cx25821_tvnorm {
char *name;
v4l2_std_id id;
u32 cxiformat;
u32 cxoformat;
struct cx25821_fh {
struct cx25821_dev *dev;
enum v4l2_buf_type type;
int radio;
u32 resources;
enum v4l2_priority prio;
/* video overlay */
struct v4l2_window win;
struct v4l2_clip *clips;
unsigned int nclips;
/* video capture */
struct cx25821_fmt *fmt;
unsigned int width, height;
/* vbi capture */
struct videobuf_queue vidq;
struct videobuf_queue vbiq;
/* H264 Encoder specifics ONLY */
struct videobuf_queue mpegq;
atomic_t v4l_reading;
enum cx25821_itype {
enum cx25821_src_sel_type {
CX25821_SRC_SEL_EXT_656_VIDEO = 0,
/* buffer for one video frame */
struct cx25821_buffer {
/* common v4l buffer stuff -- must be first */
struct videobuf_buffer vb;
/* cx25821 specific */
unsigned int bpl;
struct btcx_riscmem risc;
struct cx25821_fmt *fmt;
u32 count;
struct cx25821_input {
enum cx25821_itype type;
unsigned int vmux;
u32 gpio0, gpio1, gpio2, gpio3;
typedef enum {
CX25821_UNDEFINED = 0,
} port_t;
struct cx25821_board {
char *name;
port_t porta, portb, portc;
unsigned int tuner_type;
unsigned int radio_type;
unsigned char tuner_addr;
unsigned char radio_addr;
u32 clk_freq;
struct cx25821_input input[2];
struct cx25821_subid {
u16 subvendor;
u16 subdevice;
u32 card;
struct cx25821_i2c {
struct cx25821_dev *dev;
int nr;
/* i2c i/o */
struct i2c_adapter i2c_adap;
struct i2c_algo_bit_data i2c_algo;
struct i2c_client i2c_client;
u32 i2c_rc;
/* cx25821 registers used for raw addess */
u32 i2c_period;
u32 reg_ctrl;
u32 reg_stat;
u32 reg_addr;
u32 reg_rdata;
u32 reg_wdata;
struct cx25821_dmaqueue {
struct list_head active;
struct list_head queued;
struct timer_list timeout;
struct btcx_riscmem stopper;
u32 count;
struct cx25821_data {
struct cx25821_dev *dev;
struct sram_channel *channel;
struct cx25821_dev {
struct list_head devlist;
atomic_t refcount;
struct v4l2_device v4l2_dev;
struct v4l2_prio_state prio;
/* pci stuff */
struct pci_dev *pci;
unsigned char pci_rev, pci_lat;
int pci_bus, pci_slot;
u32 base_io_addr;
u32 __iomem *lmmio;
u8 __iomem *bmmio;
int pci_irqmask;
int hwrevision;
u32 clk_freq;
/* I2C adapters: Master 1 & 2 (External) & Master 3 (Internal only) */
struct cx25821_i2c i2c_bus[3];
int nr;
struct mutex lock;
/* board details */
unsigned int board;
char name[32];
/* sram configuration */
struct sram_channel *sram_channels;
/* Analog video */
u32 resources;
unsigned int input;
u32 tvaudio;
v4l2_std_id tvnorm;
unsigned int tuner_type;
unsigned char tuner_addr;
unsigned int radio_type;
unsigned char radio_addr;
unsigned int has_radio;
unsigned int videc_type;
unsigned char videc_addr;
unsigned short _max_num_decoders;
int ctl_bright;
int ctl_contrast;
int ctl_hue;
int ctl_saturation;
struct cx25821_data timeout_data[MAX_VID_CHANNEL_NUM];
/* Analog Audio Upstream */
int _audio_is_running;
int _audiopixel_format;
int _is_first_audio_frame;
int _audiofile_status;
int _audio_lines_count;
int _audioframe_count;
int _audio_upstream_channel_select;
int _last_index_irq; //The last interrupt index processed.
__le32 *_risc_audio_jmp_addr;
__le32 *_risc_virt_start_addr;
__le32 *_risc_virt_addr;
dma_addr_t _risc_phys_addr;
dma_addr_t _risc_phys_start_addr;
unsigned int _audiorisc_size;
unsigned int _audiodata_buf_size;
__le32 *_audiodata_buf_virt_addr;
dma_addr_t _audiodata_buf_phys_addr;
char *_audiofilename;
/* V4l */
u32 freq;
struct video_device *video_dev[MAX_VID_CHANNEL_NUM];
struct video_device *vbi_dev;
struct video_device *radio_dev;
struct video_device *ioctl_dev;
struct cx25821_dmaqueue vidq[MAX_VID_CHANNEL_NUM];
spinlock_t slock;
/* Video Upstream */
int _line_size;
int _prog_cnt;
int _pixel_format;
int _is_first_frame;
int _is_running;
int _file_status;
int _lines_count;
int _frame_count;
int _channel_upstream_select;
unsigned int _risc_size;
__le32 *_dma_virt_start_addr;
__le32 *_dma_virt_addr;
dma_addr_t _dma_phys_addr;
dma_addr_t _dma_phys_start_addr;
unsigned int _data_buf_size;
__le32 *_data_buf_virt_addr;
dma_addr_t _data_buf_phys_addr;
char *_filename;
char *_defaultname;
int _line_size_ch2;
int _prog_cnt_ch2;
int _pixel_format_ch2;
int _is_first_frame_ch2;
int _is_running_ch2;
int _file_status_ch2;
int _lines_count_ch2;
int _frame_count_ch2;
int _channel2_upstream_select;
unsigned int _risc_size_ch2;
__le32 *_dma_virt_start_addr_ch2;
__le32 *_dma_virt_addr_ch2;
dma_addr_t _dma_phys_addr_ch2;
dma_addr_t _dma_phys_start_addr_ch2;
unsigned int _data_buf_size_ch2;
__le32 *_data_buf_virt_addr_ch2;
dma_addr_t _data_buf_phys_addr_ch2;
char *_filename_ch2;
char *_defaultname_ch2;
/* MPEG Encoder ONLY settings */
u32 cx23417_mailbox;
struct cx2341x_mpeg_params mpeg_params;
struct video_device *v4l_device;
atomic_t v4l_reader_count;
struct cx25821_tvnorm encodernorm;
u32 upstream_riscbuf_size;
u32 upstream_databuf_size;
u32 upstream_riscbuf_size_ch2;
u32 upstream_databuf_size_ch2;
u32 audio_upstream_riscbuf_size;
u32 audio_upstream_databuf_size;
int _isNTSC;
int _frame_index;
int _audioframe_index;
struct workqueue_struct *_irq_queues;
struct work_struct _irq_work_entry;
struct workqueue_struct *_irq_queues_ch2;
struct work_struct _irq_work_entry_ch2;
struct workqueue_struct *_irq_audio_queues;
struct work_struct _audio_work_entry;
char *input_filename;
char *input_filename_ch2;
int _frame_index_ch2;
int _isNTSC_ch2;
char *vid_stdname_ch2;
int pixel_format_ch2;
int channel_select_ch2;
int command_ch2;
char *input_audiofilename;
char *vid_stdname;
int pixel_format;
int channel_select;
int command;
int pixel_formats[VID_CHANNEL_NUM];
int use_cif_resolution[VID_CHANNEL_NUM];
int cif_width[VID_CHANNEL_NUM];
int channel_opened;
struct upstream_user_struct {
char *input_filename;
char *vid_stdname;
int pixel_format;
int channel_select;
int command;
struct downstream_user_struct {
char *vid_stdname;
int pixel_format;
int cif_resolution_enable;
int cif_width;
int decoder_select;
int command;
int reg_address;
int reg_data;
extern struct upstream_user_struct *up_data;
static inline struct cx25821_dev *get_cx25821(struct v4l2_device *v4l2_dev)
return container_of(v4l2_dev, struct cx25821_dev, v4l2_dev);
#define cx25821_call_all(dev, o, f, args...) \
v4l2_device_call_all(&dev->v4l2_dev, 0, o, f, ##args)
extern struct list_head cx25821_devlist;
extern struct cx25821_board cx25821_boards[];
extern struct cx25821_subid cx25821_subids[];
#define SRAM_CH00 0 /* Video A */
#define SRAM_CH01 1 /* Video B */
#define SRAM_CH02 2 /* Video C */
#define SRAM_CH03 3 /* Video D */
#define SRAM_CH04 4 /* Video E */
#define SRAM_CH05 5 /* Video F */
#define SRAM_CH06 6 /* Video G */
#define SRAM_CH07 7 /* Video H */
#define SRAM_CH08 8 /* Audio A */
#define SRAM_CH09 9 /* Video Upstream I */
#define SRAM_CH10 10 /* Video Upstream J */
#define SRAM_CH11 11 /* Audio Upstream AUD_CHANNEL_B */
#define VIDEO_IOCTL_CH 11
struct sram_channel {
char *name;
u32 i;
u32 cmds_start;
u32 ctrl_start;
u32 cdt;
u32 fifo_start;
u32 fifo_size;
u32 ptr1_reg;
u32 ptr2_reg;
u32 cnt1_reg;
u32 cnt2_reg;
u32 int_msk;
u32 int_stat;
u32 int_mstat;
u32 dma_ctl;
u32 gpcnt_ctl;
u32 gpcnt;
u32 aud_length;
u32 aud_cfg;
u32 fld_aud_fifo_en;
u32 fld_aud_risc_en;
//For Upstream Video
u32 vid_fmt_ctl;
u32 vid_active_ctl1;
u32 vid_active_ctl2;
u32 vid_cdt_size;
u32 vip_ctl;
u32 pix_frmt;
u32 jumponly;
u32 irq_bit;
extern struct sram_channel cx25821_sram_channels[];
#define cx_read(reg) readl(dev->lmmio + ((reg)>>2))
#define cx_write(reg, value) writel((value), dev->lmmio + ((reg)>>2))
#define cx_andor(reg, mask, value) \
writel((readl(dev->lmmio+((reg)>>2)) & ~(mask)) |\
((value) & (mask)), dev->lmmio+((reg)>>2))
#define cx_set(reg, bit) cx_andor((reg), (bit), (bit))
#define cx_clear(reg, bit) cx_andor((reg), (bit), 0)
#define Set_GPIO_Bit(Bit) (1 << Bit)
#define Clear_GPIO_Bit(Bit) (~(1 << Bit))
#define CX25821_ERR(fmt, args...) printk(KERN_ERR "cx25821(%d): " fmt, dev->board, ## args)
#define CX25821_WARN(fmt, args...) printk(KERN_WARNING "cx25821(%d): " fmt, dev->board , ## args)
#define CX25821_INFO(fmt, args...) printk(KERN_INFO "cx25821(%d): " fmt, dev->board , ## args)
extern int cx25821_i2c_register(struct cx25821_i2c *bus);
extern void cx25821_card_setup(struct cx25821_dev *dev);
extern int cx25821_ir_init(struct cx25821_dev *dev);
extern int cx25821_i2c_read(struct cx25821_i2c *bus, u16 reg_addr, int *value);
extern int cx25821_i2c_write(struct cx25821_i2c *bus, u16 reg_addr, int value);
extern int cx25821_i2c_unregister(struct cx25821_i2c *bus);
extern void cx25821_gpio_init(struct cx25821_dev *dev);
extern void cx25821_set_gpiopin_direction(struct cx25821_dev *dev,
int pin_number, int pin_logic_value);
extern int medusa_video_init(struct cx25821_dev *dev);
extern int medusa_set_videostandard(struct cx25821_dev *dev);
extern void medusa_set_resolution(struct cx25821_dev *dev, int width,
int decoder_select);
extern int medusa_set_brightness(struct cx25821_dev *dev, int brightness,
int decoder);
extern int medusa_set_contrast(struct cx25821_dev *dev, int contrast,
int decoder);
extern int medusa_set_hue(struct cx25821_dev *dev, int hue, int decoder);
extern int medusa_set_saturation(struct cx25821_dev *dev, int saturation,
int decoder);
extern int cx25821_sram_channel_setup(struct cx25821_dev *dev,
struct sram_channel *ch, unsigned int bpl,
u32 risc);
extern int cx25821_risc_buffer(struct pci_dev *pci, struct btcx_riscmem *risc,
struct scatterlist *sglist,
unsigned int top_offset,
unsigned int bottom_offset,
unsigned int bpl,
unsigned int padding, unsigned int lines);
extern int cx25821_risc_databuffer_audio(struct pci_dev *pci,
struct btcx_riscmem *risc,
struct scatterlist *sglist,
unsigned int bpl,
unsigned int lines, unsigned int lpi);
extern void cx25821_free_buffer(struct videobuf_queue *q,
struct cx25821_buffer *buf);
extern int cx25821_risc_stopper(struct pci_dev *pci, struct btcx_riscmem *risc,
u32 reg, u32 mask, u32 value);
extern void cx25821_sram_channel_dump(struct cx25821_dev *dev,
struct sram_channel *ch);
extern void cx25821_sram_channel_dump_audio(struct cx25821_dev *dev,
struct sram_channel *ch);
extern struct cx25821_dev *cx25821_dev_get(struct pci_dev *pci);
extern void cx25821_print_irqbits(char *name, char *tag, char **strings,
int len, u32 bits, u32 mask);
extern void cx25821_dev_unregister(struct cx25821_dev *dev);
extern int cx25821_sram_channel_setup_audio(struct cx25821_dev *dev,
struct sram_channel *ch,
unsigned int bpl, u32 risc);
extern int cx25821_vidupstream_init_ch1(struct cx25821_dev *dev,
int channel_select, int pixel_format);
extern int cx25821_vidupstream_init_ch2(struct cx25821_dev *dev,
int channel_select, int pixel_format);
extern int cx25821_audio_upstream_init(struct cx25821_dev *dev,
int channel_select);
extern void cx25821_free_mem_upstream_ch1(struct cx25821_dev *dev);
extern void cx25821_free_mem_upstream_ch2(struct cx25821_dev *dev);
extern void cx25821_free_mem_upstream_audio(struct cx25821_dev *dev);
extern void cx25821_start_upstream_video_ch1(struct cx25821_dev *dev,
struct upstream_user_struct
extern void cx25821_start_upstream_video_ch2(struct cx25821_dev *dev,
struct upstream_user_struct
extern void cx25821_start_upstream_audio(struct cx25821_dev *dev,
struct upstream_user_struct *up_data);
extern void cx25821_stop_upstream_video_ch1(struct cx25821_dev *dev);
extern void cx25821_stop_upstream_video_ch2(struct cx25821_dev *dev);
extern void cx25821_stop_upstream_audio(struct cx25821_dev *dev);
extern int cx25821_sram_channel_setup_upstream(struct cx25821_dev *dev,
struct sram_channel *ch,
unsigned int bpl, u32 risc);
extern void cx25821_set_pixel_format(struct cx25821_dev *dev, int channel,
u32 format);
extern void cx25821_videoioctl_unregister(struct cx25821_dev *dev);
extern struct video_device *cx25821_vdev_init(struct cx25821_dev *dev,
struct pci_dev *pci,
struct video_device *template,
char *type);