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* Copyright (C) 2004, 2007-2010, 2011-2012 Synopsys, Inc. (
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
* Vineetg: Dec 2007
* -Check if we are running on Simulator or on real hardware
* to skip certain things during boot on simulator
#include <asm/asm-offsets.h>
#include <asm/entry.h>
#include <linux/linkage.h>
#include <asm/arcregs.h>
#include <common/topaz_platform.h>
.cpu A7
.globl atag_head
.align 4
.long 0
.section .init.text, "ax",@progbits
.type stext, @function
.globl stext
;adding support for atag parsing
;If kernel parameters are passed by u-boot, then
; r0 = 0
; r1 = magic number (board identity)
; r2 = address of ATAG parameter list
cmp r0, 0x0
jne no_params
lr r3, [identity]
cmp r1, r3
jne no_params
st r2, [atag_head]
lr r0,[identity]
; processor ID [ 3 2 <1> 0 ]
; For ARC700 it is 0. For ARC800 it is core-ID (0, 1, ...)
asr r1, r0, 8
and.f r1, r1, 0x000000ff
; Whether it be single core in ARC700 or Boot CPU of ARC800,
; both have processor-ID = 0.
; In either case, jump to master_proceed.
; Code same for SMP and Non-SMP
jz master_proceed
; Secondary Halt self. Later master will set PC and clear halt bit
flag 1
; u-boot passes the command line variable at the beginning of BSS
; copy the first few bytes out of the BSS into the command_line variable.
mov r5, SYMBOL_NAME(command_line)
mov r6, __bss_start
ld.ab r0, [r6,4]
cmp r0, 0
beq __clear_bss
st.ab r0, [r5,4]
j __copy_commandline
; Clear BSS before updating any globals
; If u-boot is configured, then only clean the beginning.
mov r5, __bss_start
mov r6, __bss_start + 256
mov r6, __bss_stop
st.ab 0, [r5,4]
brlt r5, r6, __clear_bss_loop
; chip-id [ <3 2> 1 0 ]
; useful for determining SIM vs Real H/w (SIM = 0xffff)
lr r0, [identity]
lsr r3, r0, 16
sub r3, 0xffff, r3
st r3, [SYMBOL_NAME(running_on_hw)] ; 0 for sim, non-zero for real hw
; setup init_task as "current"
mov r25, SYMBOL_NAME(init_task)
st r25, [SYMBOL_NAME(_current_task)]
mov r5, __sram_bss_start
mov r6, __sram_bss_end
st.ab 0, [r5,4]
brlt r5, r6, __clear_sram_bss_loop
#include "head_fixup.S"
; setup stack (fp, sp)
mov fp, 0
mov sp,init_thread_union + THREAD_SIZE
/* Jump to start of kernel initialization routine */
jal start_kernel
; Routine called by Master to kick-start secondary
; TODO-vineetg: secondary_boot_data is one entry wide,
; so only 1 secondary CPU supported
.section .init.text, "ax",@progbits
.type wakeup_secondary, @function
.globl wakeup_secondary
; (2)------- Set the PC of 2nd CPU --------
mov r1, SYMBOL_NAME(secondary_boot_data) ; primary sets boot params here
ld r3, [r1, SECONDARY_BOOT_CPU_ID] ; Fetch cpu-id
asl r3, r3, ARC_XTL_REG_SYNTAX_CMD_CPU_ID ; shift left as per reg syntax
or r2, r2, r3 ; club cpu-id and write-pc cmd
ld r0, [r1, SECONDARY_BOOT_C_ENTRY] ; Fetch entry point
; Need to do these one-after-other
sr r0, [ARC_AUX_XTL_REG_PARAM] ; Params all set for WRITE_PC
sr r2, [ARC_AUX_XTL_REG_CMD] ; Trigger WRITE_PC
; (3)------- take the cpu out of Halt -----------
or r2, r2, r3 ; club cpu-id and clear-hlt cmd.
; r3 already has cpu-id nicely shifted
sr r2, [ARC_AUX_XTL_REG_CMD] ; trigger CLEAR_HTL
j [blink] ; function epilogue, return to caller
; First lines of code run by secondary before jumping to 'C'
.section .init.text, "ax",@progbits
.type first_lines_of_secondary, @function
.globl first_lines_of_secondary
; extract processor id
lr r1,[identity]
asr r1, r1, 8
and r1, r1, 0x000000ff
; setup stack
mov r2, SYMBOL_NAME(secondary_boot_data)
mov sp, r3
mov fp, 0
jal start_kernel_secondary