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* (C) Copyright 2013 Quantenna Communications Inc.
#ifndef __TOPAZ_FWT_H
#define __TOPAZ_FWT_H
#include <qtn/topaz_fwt_cpuif.h>
typedef void (*fwt_notify_swap )( uint16_t dst_index, uint16_t src_index);
* The FWT algorithm maintain the first level entries available first for a fast look up
* In scenarios where there is a need to delete a first level entry with following index at the
* second level, there is a need to copy the second level entry over the first one, then delete
* the second level entry. The FWT interface register the overwrite call back so we can mirror the
* same entries indexers in both tables
* @param cbk_func: call back function to overwrite the index table entries
void topaz_fwt_register_overwrite(fwt_notify_swap cbk_func);
int topaz_fwt_add_entry(const uint8_t *mac_be, uint8_t out_port,
const uint8_t *out_node, unsigned int out_node_count, uint8_t portal);
int topaz_fwt_del_entry(const uint8_t *mac_id);
uint16_t topaz_fwt_hash(const uint8_t *mac_le);
int topaz_get_mac_be_from_index(uint16_t index, uint8_t *mac_be);
void topaz_update_node(uint16_t index, uint8_t node_index,uint8_t node,bool enable);
void topaz_set_portal(uint16_t index, uint8_t portal);
void topaz_fwt_sw_entry_set(uint16_t index, uint8_t out_port,
const uint8_t *out_nodes, unsigned int out_node_count, uint8_t portal);
void topaz_fwt_sw_entry_del(uint16_t fwt_index);
int topaz_sw_lookup(const uint8_t *mac_be);
void topaz_fwt_sw_entry_set_multicast(uint16_t fwt_index, uint16_t mcast_index);
int topaz_update_entry(uint16_t index, uint8_t port, uint8_t portal,
uint8_t node_index , uint8_t node_num, bool enable);
int topaz_fwt_get_timestamp(uint16_t index);
int topaz_fwt_init(void);
#endif /* __TOPAZ_FWT_H */