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STMMAC Common Header File
Copyright (C) 2007-2009 STMicroelectronics Ltd
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License,
version 2, as published by the Free Software Foundation.
This program is distributed in the hope it will be useful, but WITHOUT
ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for
more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with
this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
51 Franklin St - Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.
The full GNU General Public License is included in this distribution in
the file called "COPYING".
Author: Giuseppe Cavallaro <>
#include <linux/netdevice.h>
#if defined(CONFIG_VLAN_8021Q) || defined(CONFIG_VLAN_8021Q_MODULE)
#include <linux/if_vlan.h>
#include "descs.h"
/* Turn-on extra printk debug for MAC core, dma and descriptors */
/* #define CHIP_DEBUG_PRINT */
#define CHIP_DBG(fmt, args...) printk(fmt, ## args)
#define CHIP_DBG(fmt, args...) do { } while (0)
/* #define FRAME_FILTER_DEBUG */
struct stmmac_extra_stats {
/* Transmit errors */
unsigned long tx_underflow ____cacheline_aligned;
unsigned long tx_carrier;
unsigned long tx_losscarrier;
unsigned long tx_heartbeat;
unsigned long tx_deferred;
unsigned long tx_vlan;
unsigned long tx_jabber;
unsigned long tx_frame_flushed;
unsigned long tx_payload_error;
unsigned long tx_ip_header_error;
/* Receive errors */
unsigned long rx_desc;
unsigned long rx_partial;
unsigned long rx_runt;
unsigned long rx_toolong;
unsigned long rx_collision;
unsigned long rx_crc;
unsigned long rx_length;
unsigned long rx_mii;
unsigned long rx_multicast;
unsigned long rx_gmac_overflow;
unsigned long rx_watchdog;
unsigned long da_rx_filter_fail;
unsigned long sa_rx_filter_fail;
unsigned long rx_missed_cntr;
unsigned long rx_overflow_cntr;
unsigned long rx_vlan;
/* Tx/Rx IRQ errors */
unsigned long tx_undeflow_irq;
unsigned long tx_process_stopped_irq;
unsigned long tx_jabber_irq;
unsigned long rx_overflow_irq;
unsigned long rx_buf_unav_irq;
unsigned long rx_process_stopped_irq;
unsigned long rx_watchdog_irq;
unsigned long tx_early_irq;
unsigned long fatal_bus_error_irq;
/* Extra info */
unsigned long threshold;
unsigned long tx_pkt_n;
unsigned long rx_pkt_n;
unsigned long poll_n;
unsigned long sched_timer_n;
unsigned long normal_irq_n;
#define HASH_TABLE_SIZE 64
#define PAUSE_TIME 0x200
/* Flow Control defines */
#define FLOW_OFF 0
#define FLOW_RX 1
#define FLOW_TX 2
#define SF_DMA_MODE 1 /* DMA STORE-AND-FORWARD Operation Mode */
#define HW_CSUM 1
#define NO_HW_CSUM 0
enum rx_frame_status { /* IPC status */
good_frame = 0,
discard_frame = 1,
csum_none = 2,
enum tx_dma_irq_status {
tx_hard_error = 1,
tx_hard_error_bump_tc = 2,
handle_tx_rx = 3,
/* GMAC TX FIFO is 8K, Rx FIFO is 16K */
#define BUF_SIZE_16KiB 16384
#define BUF_SIZE_8KiB 8192
#define BUF_SIZE_4KiB 4096
#define BUF_SIZE_2KiB 2048
/* Power Down and WOL */
/* Common MAC defines */
#define MAC_CTRL_REG 0x00000000 /* MAC Control */
#define MAC_ENABLE_TX 0x00000008 /* Transmitter Enable */
#define MAC_RNABLE_RX 0x00000004 /* Receiver Enable */
/* MAC Management Counters register */
#define MMC_CONTROL 0x00000100 /* MMC Control */
#define MMC_HIGH_INTR 0x00000104 /* MMC High Interrupt */
#define MMC_LOW_INTR 0x00000108 /* MMC Low Interrupt */
#define MMC_HIGH_INTR_MASK 0x0000010c /* MMC High Interrupt Mask */
#define MMC_LOW_INTR_MASK 0x00000110 /* MMC Low Interrupt Mask */
#define MMC_CONTROL_MAX_FRM_MASK 0x0003ff8 /* Maximum Frame Size */
struct stmmac_desc_ops {
/* DMA RX descriptor ring initialization */
void (*init_rx_desc) (struct dma_desc *p, unsigned int ring_size,
int disable_rx_ic);
/* DMA TX descriptor ring initialization */
void (*init_tx_desc) (struct dma_desc *p, unsigned int ring_size);
/* Invoked by the xmit function to prepare the tx descriptor */
void (*prepare_tx_desc) (struct dma_desc *p, int is_fs, int len,
int csum_flag);
/* Set/get the owner of the descriptor */
void (*set_tx_owner) (struct dma_desc *p);
int (*get_tx_owner) (struct dma_desc *p);
/* Invoked by the xmit function to close the tx descriptor */
void (*close_tx_desc) (struct dma_desc *p);
/* Clean the tx descriptor as soon as the tx irq is received */
void (*release_tx_desc) (struct dma_desc *p);
/* Clear interrupt on tx frame completion. When this bit is
* set an interrupt happens as soon as the frame is transmitted */
void (*clear_tx_ic) (struct dma_desc *p);
/* Last tx segment reports the transmit status */
int (*get_tx_ls) (struct dma_desc *p);
/* Return the transmit status looking at the TDES1 */
int (*tx_status) (void *data, struct stmmac_extra_stats *x,
struct dma_desc *p, unsigned long ioaddr);
/* Get the buffer size from the descriptor */
int (*get_tx_len) (struct dma_desc *p);
/* Handle extra events on specific interrupts hw dependent */
int (*get_rx_owner) (struct dma_desc *p);
void (*set_rx_owner) (struct dma_desc *p);
/* Get the receive frame size */
int (*get_rx_frame_len) (struct dma_desc *p);
/* Return the reception status looking at the RDES1 */
int (*rx_status) (void *data, struct stmmac_extra_stats *x,
struct dma_desc *p);
struct stmmac_dma_ops {
/* DMA core initialization */
int (*init) (unsigned long ioaddr, int pbl, u32 dma_tx, u32 dma_rx);
/* Dump DMA registers */
void (*dump_regs) (unsigned long ioaddr);
/* Set tx/rx threshold in the csr6 register
* An invalid value enables the store-and-forward mode */
void (*dma_mode) (unsigned long ioaddr, int txmode, int rxmode);
/* To track extra statistic (if supported) */
void (*dma_diagnostic_fr) (void *data, struct stmmac_extra_stats *x,
unsigned long ioaddr);
void (*enable_dma_transmission) (unsigned long ioaddr);
void (*enable_dma_irq) (unsigned long ioaddr);
void (*disable_dma_irq) (unsigned long ioaddr);
void (*start_tx) (unsigned long ioaddr);
void (*stop_tx) (unsigned long ioaddr);
void (*start_rx) (unsigned long ioaddr);
void (*stop_rx) (unsigned long ioaddr);
int (*dma_interrupt) (unsigned long ioaddr,
struct stmmac_extra_stats *x);
struct stmmac_ops {
/* MAC core initialization */
void (*core_init) (unsigned long ioaddr) ____cacheline_aligned;
/* Dump MAC registers */
void (*dump_regs) (unsigned long ioaddr);
/* Handle extra events on specific interrupts hw dependent */
void (*host_irq_status) (unsigned long ioaddr);
/* Multicast filter setting */
void (*set_filter) (struct net_device *dev);
/* Flow control setting */
void (*flow_ctrl) (unsigned long ioaddr, unsigned int duplex,
unsigned int fc, unsigned int pause_time);
/* Set power management mode (e.g. magic frame) */
void (*pmt) (unsigned long ioaddr, unsigned long mode);
/* Set/Get Unicast MAC addresses */
void (*set_umac_addr) (unsigned long ioaddr, unsigned char *addr,
unsigned int reg_n);
void (*get_umac_addr) (unsigned long ioaddr, unsigned char *addr,
unsigned int reg_n);
struct mac_link {
int port;
int duplex;
int speed;
struct mii_regs {
unsigned int addr; /* MII Address */
unsigned int data; /* MII Data */
struct mac_device_info {
struct stmmac_ops *mac;
struct stmmac_desc_ops *desc;
struct stmmac_dma_ops *dma;
unsigned int pmt; /* support Power-Down */
struct mii_regs mii; /* MII register Addresses */
struct mac_link link;
struct mac_device_info *dwmac1000_setup(unsigned long addr);
struct mac_device_info *dwmac100_setup(unsigned long addr);
extern void stmmac_set_mac_addr(unsigned long ioaddr, u8 addr[6],
unsigned int high, unsigned int low);
extern void stmmac_get_mac_addr(unsigned long ioaddr, unsigned char *addr,
unsigned int high, unsigned int low);
extern void dwmac_dma_flush_tx_fifo(unsigned long ioaddr);