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* drivers/net/ibm_newemac/mal.h
* Memory Access Layer (MAL) support
* Copyright 2007 Benjamin Herrenschmidt, IBM Corp.
* <>
* Based on the arch/ppc version of the driver:
* Copyright (c) 2004, 2005 Zultys Technologies.
* Eugene Surovegin <> or <>
* Based on original work by
* Armin Kuster <>
* Copyright 2002 MontaVista Softare Inc.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
* Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your
* option) any later version.
* There are some variations on the MAL, we express them in this driver as
* MAL Version 1 and 2 though that doesn't match any IBM terminology.
* We call MAL 1 the version in 405GP, 405GPR, 405EP, 440EP, 440GR and
* NP405H.
* We call MAL 2 the version in 440GP, 440GX, 440SP, 440SPE and Axon
* The driver expects a "version" property in the emac node containing
* a number 1 or 2. New device-trees for EMAC capable platforms are thus
* required to include that when porting to arch/powerpc.
/* MALx DCR registers */
#define MAL_CFG 0x00
#define MAL_CFG_SR 0x80000000
#define MAL_CFG_PLBB 0x00004000
#define MAL_CFG_OPBBL 0x00000080
#define MAL_CFG_EOPIE 0x00000004
#define MAL_CFG_LEA 0x00000002
#define MAL_CFG_SD 0x00000001
/* MAL V1 CFG bits */
#define MAL1_CFG_PLBP_MASK 0x00c00000
#define MAL1_CFG_PLBP_10 0x00800000
#define MAL1_CFG_GA 0x00200000
#define MAL1_CFG_OA 0x00100000
#define MAL1_CFG_PLBLE 0x00080000
#define MAL1_CFG_PLBT_MASK 0x00078000
/* MAL V2 CFG bits */
#define MAL2_CFG_RPP_MASK 0x00c00000
#define MAL2_CFG_RPP_10 0x00800000
#define MAL2_CFG_RMBS_MASK 0x00300000
#define MAL2_CFG_WPP_MASK 0x000c0000
#define MAL2_CFG_WPP_10 0x00080000
#define MAL2_CFG_WMBS_MASK 0x00030000
#define MAL2_CFG_PLBLE 0x00008000
#define MAL_ESR 0x01
#define MAL_ESR_EVB 0x80000000
#define MAL_ESR_CIDT 0x40000000
#define MAL_ESR_CID_MASK 0x3e000000
#define MAL_ESR_CID_SHIFT 25
#define MAL_ESR_DE 0x00100000
#define MAL_ESR_OTE 0x00040000
#define MAL_ESR_OSE 0x00020000
#define MAL_ESR_PEIN 0x00010000
#define MAL_ESR_DEI 0x00000010
#define MAL_ESR_OTEI 0x00000004
#define MAL_ESR_OSEI 0x00000002
#define MAL_ESR_PBEI 0x00000001
/* MAL V1 ESR bits */
#define MAL1_ESR_ONE 0x00080000
#define MAL1_ESR_ONEI 0x00000008
/* MAL V2 ESR bits */
#define MAL2_ESR_PTE 0x00800000
#define MAL2_ESR_PRE 0x00400000
#define MAL2_ESR_PWE 0x00200000
#define MAL2_ESR_PTEI 0x00000080
#define MAL2_ESR_PREI 0x00000040
#define MAL2_ESR_PWEI 0x00000020
#define MAL_IER 0x02
#define MAL_IER_DE 0x00000010
#define MAL_IER_OTE 0x00000004
#define MAL_IER_OE 0x00000002
#define MAL_IER_PE 0x00000001
/* MAL V1 IER bits */
#define MAL1_IER_NWE 0x00000008
/* MAL V2 IER bits */
#define MAL2_IER_PT 0x00000080
#define MAL2_IER_PRE 0x00000040
#define MAL2_IER_PWE 0x00000020
#define MAL_TXCASR 0x04
#define MAL_TXCARR 0x05
#define MAL_TXEOBISR 0x06
#define MAL_TXDEIR 0x07
#define MAL_RXCASR 0x10
#define MAL_RXCARR 0x11
#define MAL_RXEOBISR 0x12
#define MAL_RXDEIR 0x13
#define MAL_TXCTPR(n) ((n) + 0x20)
#define MAL_RXCTPR(n) ((n) + 0x40)
#define MAL_RCBS(n) ((n) + 0x60)
/* In reality MAL can handle TX buffers up to 4095 bytes long,
* but this isn't a good round number :) --ebs
#define MAL_MAX_TX_SIZE 4080
#define MAL_MAX_RX_SIZE 4080
static inline int mal_rx_size(int len)
len = (len + 0xf) & ~0xf;
return len > MAL_MAX_RX_SIZE ? MAL_MAX_RX_SIZE : len;
static inline int mal_tx_chunks(int len)
return (len + MAL_MAX_TX_SIZE - 1) / MAL_MAX_TX_SIZE;
#define MAL_CHAN_MASK(n) (0x80000000 >> (n))
/* MAL Buffer Descriptor structure */
struct mal_descriptor {
u16 ctrl; /* MAL / Commac status control bits */
u16 data_len; /* Max length is 4K-1 (12 bits) */
u32 data_ptr; /* pointer to actual data buffer */
/* the following defines are for the MadMAL status and control registers. */
/* MADMAL transmit and receive status/control bits */
#define MAL_RX_CTRL_EMPTY 0x8000
#define MAL_RX_CTRL_WRAP 0x4000
#define MAL_RX_CTRL_CM 0x2000
#define MAL_RX_CTRL_LAST 0x1000
#define MAL_RX_CTRL_FIRST 0x0800
#define MAL_RX_CTRL_INTR 0x0400
#define MAL_TX_CTRL_READY 0x8000
#define MAL_TX_CTRL_WRAP 0x4000
#define MAL_TX_CTRL_CM 0x2000
#define MAL_TX_CTRL_LAST 0x1000
#define MAL_TX_CTRL_INTR 0x0400
struct mal_commac_ops {
void (*poll_tx) (void *dev);
int (*poll_rx) (void *dev, int budget);
int (*peek_rx) (void *dev);
void (*rxde) (void *dev);
struct mal_commac {
struct mal_commac_ops *ops;
void *dev;
struct list_head poll_list;
long flags;
u32 tx_chan_mask;
u32 rx_chan_mask;
struct list_head list;
struct mal_instance {
int version;
dcr_host_t dcr_host;
int num_tx_chans; /* Number of TX channels */
int num_rx_chans; /* Number of RX channels */
int txeob_irq; /* TX End Of Buffer IRQ */
int rxeob_irq; /* RX End Of Buffer IRQ */
int txde_irq; /* TX Descriptor Error IRQ */
int rxde_irq; /* RX Descriptor Error IRQ */
int serr_irq; /* MAL System Error IRQ */
struct list_head poll_list;
struct napi_struct napi;
struct list_head list;
u32 tx_chan_mask;
u32 rx_chan_mask;
dma_addr_t bd_dma;
struct mal_descriptor *bd_virt;
struct of_device *ofdev;
int index;
spinlock_t lock;
struct net_device dummy_dev;
unsigned int features;
static inline u32 get_mal_dcrn(struct mal_instance *mal, int reg)
return dcr_read(mal->dcr_host, reg);
static inline void set_mal_dcrn(struct mal_instance *mal, int reg, u32 val)
dcr_write(mal->dcr_host, reg, val);
/* Features of various MAL implementations */
/* Set if you have interrupt coalescing and you have to clear the SDR
* register for TXEOB and RXEOB interrupts to work
#define MAL_FTR_CLEAR_ICINTSTAT 0x00000001
/* Set if your MAL has SERR, TXDE, and RXDE OR'd into a single UIC
* interrupt
#define MAL_FTR_COMMON_ERR_INT 0x00000002
enum {
static inline int mal_has_feature(struct mal_instance *dev,
unsigned long feature)
return (MAL_FTRS_ALWAYS & feature) ||
(MAL_FTRS_POSSIBLE & dev->features & feature);
/* Register MAL devices */
int mal_init(void);
void mal_exit(void);
int mal_register_commac(struct mal_instance *mal,
struct mal_commac *commac);
void mal_unregister_commac(struct mal_instance *mal,
struct mal_commac *commac);
int mal_set_rcbs(struct mal_instance *mal, int channel, unsigned long size);
/* Returns BD ring offset for a particular channel
(in 'struct mal_descriptor' elements)
int mal_tx_bd_offset(struct mal_instance *mal, int channel);
int mal_rx_bd_offset(struct mal_instance *mal, int channel);
void mal_enable_tx_channel(struct mal_instance *mal, int channel);
void mal_disable_tx_channel(struct mal_instance *mal, int channel);
void mal_enable_rx_channel(struct mal_instance *mal, int channel);
void mal_disable_rx_channel(struct mal_instance *mal, int channel);
void mal_poll_disable(struct mal_instance *mal, struct mal_commac *commac);
void mal_poll_enable(struct mal_instance *mal, struct mal_commac *commac);
/* Add/remove EMAC to/from MAL polling list */
void mal_poll_add(struct mal_instance *mal, struct mal_commac *commac);
void mal_poll_del(struct mal_instance *mal, struct mal_commac *commac);
/* Ethtool MAL registers */
struct mal_regs {
u32 tx_count;
u32 rx_count;
u32 cfg;
u32 esr;
u32 ier;
u32 tx_casr;
u32 tx_carr;
u32 tx_eobisr;
u32 tx_deir;
u32 rx_casr;
u32 rx_carr;
u32 rx_eobisr;
u32 rx_deir;
u32 tx_ctpr[32];
u32 rx_ctpr[32];
u32 rcbs[32];
int mal_get_regs_len(struct mal_instance *mal);
void *mal_dump_regs(struct mal_instance *mal, void *buf);
#endif /* __IBM_NEWEMAC_MAL_H */