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#ifndef __BPF_LOAD_H
#define __BPF_LOAD_H
#define MAX_MAPS 32
#define MAX_PROGS 32
extern int map_fd[MAX_MAPS];
extern int prog_fd[MAX_PROGS];
extern int event_fd[MAX_PROGS];
/* parses elf file compiled by llvm .c->.o
* . parses 'maps' section and creates maps via BPF syscall
* . parses 'license' section and passes it to syscall
* . parses elf relocations for BPF maps and adjusts BPF_LD_IMM64 insns by
* storing map_fd into insn->imm and marking such insns as BPF_PSEUDO_MAP_FD
* . loads eBPF programs via BPF syscall
* One ELF file can contain multiple BPF programs which will be loaded
* and their FDs stored stored in prog_fd array
* returns zero on success
int load_bpf_file(char *path);
void read_trace_pipe(void);
struct ksym {
long addr;
char *name;
int load_kallsyms(void);
struct ksym *ksym_search(long key);