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* Driver for CPM (SCC/SMC) serial ports
* Copyright (C) 2004 Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
* 2006 (c) MontaVista Software, Inc.
* Vitaly Bordug <>
* This file is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License
* version 2. This program is licensed "as is" without any warranty of any
* kind, whether express or implied.
#ifndef CPM_UART_H
#define CPM_UART_H
#include <linux/platform_device.h>
#include <linux/fs_uart_pd.h>
#if defined(CONFIG_CPM2)
#include "cpm_uart_cpm2.h"
#elif defined(CONFIG_CPM1)
#include "cpm_uart_cpm1.h"
#define SERIAL_CPM_MAJOR 204
#define IS_SMC(pinfo) (pinfo->flags & FLAG_SMC)
#define IS_DISCARDING(pinfo) (pinfo->flags & FLAG_DISCARDING)
#define FLAG_DISCARDING 0x00000004 /* when set, don't discard */
#define FLAG_SMC 0x00000002
#define FLAG_CONSOLE 0x00000001
#define UART_SMC1 fsid_smc1_uart
#define UART_SMC2 fsid_smc2_uart
#define UART_SCC1 fsid_scc1_uart
#define UART_SCC2 fsid_scc2_uart
#define UART_SCC3 fsid_scc3_uart
#define UART_SCC4 fsid_scc4_uart
#define UART_NR fs_uart_nr
#define RX_NUM_FIFO 4
#define RX_BUF_SIZE 32
#define TX_NUM_FIFO 4
#define TX_BUF_SIZE 32
#define SCC_WAIT_CLOSING 100
#define GPIO_CTS 0
#define GPIO_RTS 1
#define GPIO_DCD 2
#define GPIO_DSR 3
#define GPIO_DTR 4
#define GPIO_RI 5
#define NUM_GPIOS (GPIO_RI+1)
struct uart_cpm_port {
struct uart_port port;
u16 rx_nrfifos;
u16 rx_fifosize;
u16 tx_nrfifos;
u16 tx_fifosize;
smc_t __iomem *smcp;
smc_uart_t __iomem *smcup;
scc_t __iomem *sccp;
scc_uart_t __iomem *sccup;
cbd_t __iomem *rx_bd_base;
cbd_t __iomem *rx_cur;
cbd_t __iomem *tx_bd_base;
cbd_t __iomem *tx_cur;
unsigned char *tx_buf;
unsigned char *rx_buf;
u32 flags;
struct clk *clk;
u8 brg;
uint dp_addr;
void *mem_addr;
dma_addr_t dma_addr;
u32 mem_size;
/* wait on close if needed */
int wait_closing;
/* value to combine with opcode to form cpm command */
u32 command;
int gpios[NUM_GPIOS];
extern int cpm_uart_nr;
extern struct uart_cpm_port cpm_uart_ports[UART_NR];
/* these are located in their respective files */
void cpm_line_cr_cmd(struct uart_cpm_port *port, int cmd);
void __iomem *cpm_uart_map_pram(struct uart_cpm_port *port,
struct device_node *np);
void cpm_uart_unmap_pram(struct uart_cpm_port *port, void __iomem *pram);
int cpm_uart_init_portdesc(void);
int cpm_uart_allocbuf(struct uart_cpm_port *pinfo, unsigned int is_con);
void cpm_uart_freebuf(struct uart_cpm_port *pinfo);
void smc1_lineif(struct uart_cpm_port *pinfo);
void smc2_lineif(struct uart_cpm_port *pinfo);
void scc1_lineif(struct uart_cpm_port *pinfo);
void scc2_lineif(struct uart_cpm_port *pinfo);
void scc3_lineif(struct uart_cpm_port *pinfo);
void scc4_lineif(struct uart_cpm_port *pinfo);
virtual to phys transtalion
static inline unsigned long cpu2cpm_addr(void *addr,
struct uart_cpm_port *pinfo)
int offset;
u32 val = (u32)addr;
u32 mem = (u32)pinfo->mem_addr;
/* sane check */
if (likely(val >= mem && val < mem + pinfo->mem_size)) {
offset = val - mem;
return pinfo->dma_addr + offset;
/* something nasty happened */
return 0;
static inline void *cpm2cpu_addr(unsigned long addr,
struct uart_cpm_port *pinfo)
int offset;
u32 val = addr;
u32 dma = (u32)pinfo->dma_addr;
/* sane check */
if (likely(val >= dma && val < dma + pinfo->mem_size)) {
offset = val - dma;
return pinfo->mem_addr + offset;
/* something nasty happened */
return NULL;
#endif /* CPM_UART_H */