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- move firmware loading to request_firmware()
- remove direct memory access of structures
- any remaining sparse and warnings
- use net_device_ops
- use dev->stats rather than adapter->stats
- don't cast netdev_priv it is already void
- work on all architectures
- without CONFIG_X86_64 confusion
- do 64 bit correctly
- don't depend on order of union
- get rid of ASSERT(), use BUG() instead but only where necessary
looks like most aren't really useful
- no new SIOCDEVPRIVATE ioctl allowed
- don't use module_param for configuring interrupt mitigation
use ethtool instead
- reorder code to elminate use of forward declarations
- don't keep private linked list of drivers.
- use PCI_DEVICE()
- do ethtool correctly using ethtool_ops
- wasted overhead of extra stats
- state variables for things that are
easily available and shouldn't be kept in card structure, cardnum, ...
slotnumber, events, ...
- volatile == bad design => bad code
- locking too fine grained, not designed just throw more locks
at problem
Please send patches to:
Greg Kroah-Hartman <>
and Cc: Lior Dotan <> and Christopher Harrer
<> as well as they are also able to test out any