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This is part of rtl8187 OpenSource driver
Copyright (C) Andrea Merello 2004-2005 <>
Released under the terms of GPL (General Public Licence)
Parts of this driver are based on the GPL part of the
official realtek driver
Parts of this driver are based on the rtl8180 driver skeleton
from Patric Schenke & Andres Salomon
Parts of this driver are based on the Intel Pro Wireless 2100 GPL driver
We want to thank the Authors of such projects and the Ndiswrapper
project Authors.
/*This files contains card eeprom (93c46 or 93c56) programming routines*/
/*memory is addressed by WORDS*/
#include "r8192U.h"
#include "r8192U_hw.h"
#define EPROM_DELAY 10
#define EPROM_RFCHIPID 0x6
#define EPROM_TXPW_BASE 0x05
#define EPROM_RF_PARAM 0x4
#define EPROM_CONFIG2 0xc
#define EPROM_VERSION 0x1E
#define MAC_ADR 0x7
#define CIS 0x18
#define EPROM_TXPW0 0x16
#define EPROM_TXPW2 0x1b
#define EPROM_TXPW1 0x3d
u32 eprom_read(struct net_device *dev, u32 addr); /* reads a 16 bits word */