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* MS5611 pressure and temperature sensor driver
* Copyright (c) Tomasz Duszynski <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
#ifndef _MS5611_H
#define _MS5611_H
#include <linux/device.h>
#include <linux/iio/iio.h>
#include <linux/mutex.h>
struct regulator;
#define MS5611_RESET 0x1e
#define MS5611_READ_ADC 0x00
#define MS5611_READ_PROM_WORD 0xA0
#define MS5611_PROM_WORDS_NB 8
enum {
struct ms5611_chip_info {
u16 prom[MS5611_PROM_WORDS_NB];
int (*temp_and_pressure_compensate)(struct ms5611_chip_info *chip_info,
s32 *temp, s32 *pressure);
* OverSampling Rate descriptor.
* Warning: cmd MUST be kept aligned on a word boundary (see
* m5611_spi_read_adc_temp_and_pressure in ms5611_spi.c).
struct ms5611_osr {
unsigned long conv_usec;
u8 cmd;
unsigned short rate;
struct ms5611_state {
void *client;
struct mutex lock;
const struct ms5611_osr *pressure_osr;
const struct ms5611_osr *temp_osr;
int (*reset)(struct device *dev);
int (*read_prom_word)(struct device *dev, int index, u16 *word);
int (*read_adc_temp_and_pressure)(struct device *dev,
s32 *temp, s32 *pressure);
struct ms5611_chip_info *chip_info;
struct regulator *vdd;
int ms5611_probe(struct iio_dev *indio_dev, struct device *dev,
const char* name, int type);
int ms5611_remove(struct iio_dev *indio_dev);
#endif /* _MS5611_H */