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config NVME_CORE
tristate "NVM Express block device"
depends on PCI && BLOCK
select NVME_CORE
The NVM Express driver is for solid state drives directly
connected to the PCI or PCI Express bus. If you know you
don't have one of these, it is safe to answer N.
To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the
module will be called nvme.
bool "SCSI emulation for NVMe device nodes"
depends on NVME_CORE
This adds support for the SG_IO ioctl on the NVMe character
and block devices nodes, as well as a translation for a small
number of selected SCSI commands to NVMe commands to the NVMe
driver. If you don't know what this means you probably want
to say N here, unless you run a distro that abuses the SCSI
emulation to provide stable device names for mount by id, like
some OpenSuSE and SLES versions.