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* Pinctrl Driver for ADI GPIO2 controller
* Copyright 2007-2013 Analog Devices Inc.
* Licensed under the GPLv2 or later
#ifndef PINCTRL_ADI2_H
#define PINCTRL_ADI2_H
#include <linux/io.h>
#include <linux/platform_device.h>
* struct adi_pinctrl_gpio_platform_data - Pinctrl gpio platform data
* for ADI GPIO2 device.
* @port_gpio_base: Optional global GPIO index of the GPIO bank.
* 0 means driver decides.
* @port_pin_base: Pin index of the pin controller device.
* @port_width: PIN number of the GPIO bank device
* @pint_id: GPIO PINT device id that this GPIO bank should map to.
* @pint_assign: The 32-bit GPIO PINT registers can be divided into 2 parts. A
* GPIO bank can be mapped into either low 16 bits[0] or high 16
* bits[1] of each PINT register.
* @pint_map: GIOP bank mapping code in PINT device
struct adi_pinctrl_gpio_platform_data {
unsigned int port_gpio_base;
unsigned int port_pin_base;
unsigned int port_width;
u8 pinctrl_id;
u8 pint_id;
bool pint_assign;
u8 pint_map;