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nubus.h: various definitions and prototypes for NuBus drivers to use.
Originally written by Alan Cox.
Hacked to death by C. Scott Ananian and David Huggins-Daines.
Some of the constants in here are from the corresponding
NetBSD/OpenBSD header file, by Allen Briggs. We figured out the
rest of them on our own. */
#include <asm/nubus.h>
#include <uapi/linux/nubus.h>
struct nubus_board {
struct nubus_board* next;
struct nubus_dev* first_dev;
/* Only 9-E actually exist, though 0-8 are also theoretically
possible, and 0 is a special case which represents the
motherboard and onboard peripherals (Ethernet, video) */
int slot;
/* For slot 0, this is bogus. */
char name[64];
/* Format block */
unsigned char* fblock;
/* Root directory (does *not* always equal fblock + doffset!) */
unsigned char* directory;
unsigned long slot_addr;
/* Offset to root directory (sometimes) */
unsigned long doffset;
/* Length over which to compute the crc */
unsigned long rom_length;
/* Completely useless most of the time */
unsigned long crc;
unsigned char rev;
unsigned char format;
unsigned char lanes;
struct nubus_dev {
/* Next link in device list */
struct nubus_dev* next;
/* Directory entry in /proc/bus/nubus */
struct proc_dir_entry* procdir;
/* The functional resource ID of this device */
unsigned char resid;
/* These are mostly here for convenience; we could always read
them from the ROMs if we wanted to */
unsigned short category;
unsigned short type;
unsigned short dr_sw;
unsigned short dr_hw;
/* This is the device's name rather than the board's.
Sometimes they are different. Usually the board name is
more correct. */
char name[64];
/* MacOS driver (I kid you not) */
unsigned char* driver;
/* Actually this is an offset */
unsigned long iobase;
unsigned long iosize;
unsigned char flags, hwdevid;
/* Functional directory */
unsigned char* directory;
/* Much of our info comes from here */
struct nubus_board* board;
/* This is all NuBus devices (used to find devices later on) */
extern struct nubus_dev* nubus_devices;
/* This is all NuBus cards */
extern struct nubus_board* nubus_boards;
/* Generic NuBus interface functions, modelled after the PCI interface */
void nubus_scan_bus(void);
extern void nubus_proc_init(void);
static inline void nubus_proc_init(void) {}
int get_nubus_list(char *buf);
int nubus_proc_attach_device(struct nubus_dev *dev);
/* If we need more precision we can add some more of these */
struct nubus_dev* nubus_find_device(unsigned short category,
unsigned short type,
unsigned short dr_hw,
unsigned short dr_sw,
const struct nubus_dev* from);
struct nubus_dev* nubus_find_type(unsigned short category,
unsigned short type,
const struct nubus_dev* from);
/* Might have more than one device in a slot, you know... */
struct nubus_dev* nubus_find_slot(unsigned int slot,
const struct nubus_dev* from);
/* These are somewhat more NuBus-specific. They all return 0 for
success and -1 for failure, as you'd expect. */
/* The root directory which contains the board and functional
directories */
int nubus_get_root_dir(const struct nubus_board* board,
struct nubus_dir* dir);
/* The board directory */
int nubus_get_board_dir(const struct nubus_board* board,
struct nubus_dir* dir);
/* The functional directory */
int nubus_get_func_dir(const struct nubus_dev* dev,
struct nubus_dir* dir);
/* These work on any directory gotten via the above */
int nubus_readdir(struct nubus_dir* dir,
struct nubus_dirent* ent);
int nubus_find_rsrc(struct nubus_dir* dir,
unsigned char rsrc_type,
struct nubus_dirent* ent);
int nubus_rewinddir(struct nubus_dir* dir);
/* Things to do with directory entries */
int nubus_get_subdir(const struct nubus_dirent* ent,
struct nubus_dir* dir);
void nubus_get_rsrc_mem(void* dest,
const struct nubus_dirent *dirent,
int len);
void nubus_get_rsrc_str(void* dest,
const struct nubus_dirent *dirent,
int maxlen);
#endif /* LINUX_NUBUS_H */