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/* Copyright (c) 2011-2014 PLUMgrid,
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of version 2 of the GNU General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation.
#ifndef _LINUX_BPF_H
#define _LINUX_BPF_H 1
#include <uapi/linux/bpf.h>
#include <linux/workqueue.h>
#include <linux/file.h>
#include <linux/percpu.h>
struct bpf_map;
/* map is generic key/value storage optionally accesible by eBPF programs */
struct bpf_map_ops {
/* funcs callable from userspace (via syscall) */
struct bpf_map *(*map_alloc)(union bpf_attr *attr);
void (*map_free)(struct bpf_map *);
int (*map_get_next_key)(struct bpf_map *map, void *key, void *next_key);
/* funcs callable from userspace and from eBPF programs */
void *(*map_lookup_elem)(struct bpf_map *map, void *key);
int (*map_update_elem)(struct bpf_map *map, void *key, void *value, u64 flags);
int (*map_delete_elem)(struct bpf_map *map, void *key);
/* funcs called by prog_array and perf_event_array map */
void *(*map_fd_get_ptr) (struct bpf_map *map, int fd);
void (*map_fd_put_ptr) (void *ptr);
struct bpf_map {
atomic_t refcnt;
enum bpf_map_type map_type;
u32 key_size;
u32 value_size;
u32 max_entries;
u32 map_flags;
u32 pages;
struct user_struct *user;
const struct bpf_map_ops *ops;
struct work_struct work;
atomic_t usercnt;
struct bpf_map_type_list {
struct list_head list_node;
const struct bpf_map_ops *ops;
enum bpf_map_type type;
/* function argument constraints */
enum bpf_arg_type {
ARG_DONTCARE = 0, /* unused argument in helper function */
/* the following constraints used to prototype
* bpf_map_lookup/update/delete_elem() functions
ARG_CONST_MAP_PTR, /* const argument used as pointer to bpf_map */
ARG_PTR_TO_MAP_KEY, /* pointer to stack used as map key */
ARG_PTR_TO_MAP_VALUE, /* pointer to stack used as map value */
/* the following constraints used to prototype bpf_memcmp() and other
* functions that access data on eBPF program stack
ARG_PTR_TO_STACK, /* any pointer to eBPF program stack */
ARG_PTR_TO_RAW_STACK, /* any pointer to eBPF program stack, area does not
* need to be initialized, helper function must fill
* all bytes or clear them in error case.
ARG_CONST_STACK_SIZE, /* number of bytes accessed from stack */
ARG_CONST_STACK_SIZE_OR_ZERO, /* number of bytes accessed from stack or 0 */
ARG_PTR_TO_CTX, /* pointer to context */
ARG_ANYTHING, /* any (initialized) argument is ok */
/* type of values returned from helper functions */
enum bpf_return_type {
RET_INTEGER, /* function returns integer */
RET_VOID, /* function doesn't return anything */
RET_PTR_TO_MAP_VALUE_OR_NULL, /* returns a pointer to map elem value or NULL */
/* eBPF function prototype used by verifier to allow BPF_CALLs from eBPF programs
* to in-kernel helper functions and for adjusting imm32 field in BPF_CALL
* instructions after verifying
struct bpf_func_proto {
u64 (*func)(u64 r1, u64 r2, u64 r3, u64 r4, u64 r5);
bool gpl_only;
enum bpf_return_type ret_type;
enum bpf_arg_type arg1_type;
enum bpf_arg_type arg2_type;
enum bpf_arg_type arg3_type;
enum bpf_arg_type arg4_type;
enum bpf_arg_type arg5_type;
/* bpf_context is intentionally undefined structure. Pointer to bpf_context is
* the first argument to eBPF programs.
* For socket filters: 'struct bpf_context *' == 'struct sk_buff *'
struct bpf_context;
enum bpf_access_type {
/* types of values stored in eBPF registers */
enum bpf_reg_type {
NOT_INIT = 0, /* nothing was written into register */
UNKNOWN_VALUE, /* reg doesn't contain a valid pointer */
PTR_TO_CTX, /* reg points to bpf_context */
CONST_PTR_TO_MAP, /* reg points to struct bpf_map */
PTR_TO_MAP_VALUE, /* reg points to map element value */
PTR_TO_MAP_VALUE_OR_NULL,/* points to map elem value or NULL */
FRAME_PTR, /* reg == frame_pointer */
PTR_TO_STACK, /* reg == frame_pointer + imm */
CONST_IMM, /* constant integer value */
/* PTR_TO_PACKET represents:
* skb->data
* skb->data + imm
* skb->data + (u16) var
* skb->data + (u16) var + imm
* if (range > 0) then [ptr, ptr + range - off) is safe to access
* if (id > 0) means that some 'var' was added
* if (off > 0) menas that 'imm' was added
PTR_TO_PACKET_END, /* skb->data + headlen */
struct bpf_prog;
struct bpf_verifier_ops {
/* return eBPF function prototype for verification */
const struct bpf_func_proto *(*get_func_proto)(enum bpf_func_id func_id);
/* return true if 'size' wide access at offset 'off' within bpf_context
* with 'type' (read or write) is allowed
bool (*is_valid_access)(int off, int size, enum bpf_access_type type,
enum bpf_reg_type *reg_type);
u32 (*convert_ctx_access)(enum bpf_access_type type, int dst_reg,
int src_reg, int ctx_off,
struct bpf_insn *insn, struct bpf_prog *prog);
struct bpf_prog_type_list {
struct list_head list_node;
const struct bpf_verifier_ops *ops;
enum bpf_prog_type type;
struct bpf_prog_aux {
atomic_t refcnt;
u32 used_map_cnt;
u32 max_ctx_offset;
const struct bpf_verifier_ops *ops;
struct bpf_map **used_maps;
struct bpf_prog *prog;
struct user_struct *user;
union {
struct work_struct work;
struct rcu_head rcu;
struct bpf_array {
struct bpf_map map;
u32 elem_size;
/* 'ownership' of prog_array is claimed by the first program that
* is going to use this map or by the first program which FD is stored
* in the map to make sure that all callers and callees have the same
* prog_type and JITed flag
enum bpf_prog_type owner_prog_type;
bool owner_jited;
union {
char value[0] __aligned(8);
void *ptrs[0] __aligned(8);
void __percpu *pptrs[0] __aligned(8);
#define MAX_TAIL_CALL_CNT 32
u64 bpf_tail_call(u64 ctx, u64 r2, u64 index, u64 r4, u64 r5);
u64 bpf_get_stackid(u64 r1, u64 r2, u64 r3, u64 r4, u64 r5);
void bpf_fd_array_map_clear(struct bpf_map *map);
bool bpf_prog_array_compatible(struct bpf_array *array, const struct bpf_prog *fp);
const struct bpf_func_proto *bpf_get_trace_printk_proto(void);
const struct bpf_func_proto *bpf_get_event_output_proto(void);
DECLARE_PER_CPU(int, bpf_prog_active);
void bpf_register_prog_type(struct bpf_prog_type_list *tl);
void bpf_register_map_type(struct bpf_map_type_list *tl);
struct bpf_prog *bpf_prog_get(u32 ufd);
struct bpf_prog *bpf_prog_inc(struct bpf_prog *prog);
void bpf_prog_put(struct bpf_prog *prog);
void bpf_prog_put_rcu(struct bpf_prog *prog);
struct bpf_map *bpf_map_get_with_uref(u32 ufd);
struct bpf_map *__bpf_map_get(struct fd f);
struct bpf_map *bpf_map_inc(struct bpf_map *map, bool uref);
void bpf_map_put_with_uref(struct bpf_map *map);
void bpf_map_put(struct bpf_map *map);
int bpf_map_precharge_memlock(u32 pages);
extern int sysctl_unprivileged_bpf_disabled;
int bpf_map_new_fd(struct bpf_map *map);
int bpf_prog_new_fd(struct bpf_prog *prog);
int bpf_obj_pin_user(u32 ufd, const char __user *pathname);
int bpf_obj_get_user(const char __user *pathname);
int bpf_percpu_hash_copy(struct bpf_map *map, void *key, void *value);
int bpf_percpu_array_copy(struct bpf_map *map, void *key, void *value);
int bpf_percpu_hash_update(struct bpf_map *map, void *key, void *value,
u64 flags);
int bpf_percpu_array_update(struct bpf_map *map, void *key, void *value,
u64 flags);
int bpf_stackmap_copy(struct bpf_map *map, void *key, void *value);
/* memcpy that is used with 8-byte aligned pointers, power-of-8 size and
* forced to use 'long' read/writes to try to atomically copy long counters.
* Best-effort only. No barriers here, since it _will_ race with concurrent
* updates from BPF programs. Called from bpf syscall and mostly used with
* size 8 or 16 bytes, so ask compiler to inline it.
static inline void bpf_long_memcpy(void *dst, const void *src, u32 size)
const long *lsrc = src;
long *ldst = dst;
size /= sizeof(long);
while (size--)
*ldst++ = *lsrc++;
/* verify correctness of eBPF program */
int bpf_check(struct bpf_prog **fp, union bpf_attr *attr);
static inline void bpf_register_prog_type(struct bpf_prog_type_list *tl)
static inline struct bpf_prog *bpf_prog_get(u32 ufd)
static inline void bpf_prog_put(struct bpf_prog *prog)
static inline void bpf_prog_put_rcu(struct bpf_prog *prog)
/* verifier prototypes for helper functions called from eBPF programs */
extern const struct bpf_func_proto bpf_map_lookup_elem_proto;
extern const struct bpf_func_proto bpf_map_update_elem_proto;
extern const struct bpf_func_proto bpf_map_delete_elem_proto;
extern const struct bpf_func_proto bpf_get_prandom_u32_proto;
extern const struct bpf_func_proto bpf_get_smp_processor_id_proto;
extern const struct bpf_func_proto bpf_tail_call_proto;
extern const struct bpf_func_proto bpf_ktime_get_ns_proto;
extern const struct bpf_func_proto bpf_get_current_pid_tgid_proto;
extern const struct bpf_func_proto bpf_get_current_uid_gid_proto;
extern const struct bpf_func_proto bpf_get_current_comm_proto;
extern const struct bpf_func_proto bpf_skb_vlan_push_proto;
extern const struct bpf_func_proto bpf_skb_vlan_pop_proto;
extern const struct bpf_func_proto bpf_get_stackid_proto;
/* Shared helpers among cBPF and eBPF. */
void bpf_user_rnd_init_once(void);
u64 bpf_user_rnd_u32(u64 r1, u64 r2, u64 r3, u64 r4, u64 r5);
#endif /* _LINUX_BPF_H */