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* Copyright (c) 2009-2012 Quantenna Communications, Inc.
* All rights reserved.
#ifndef __DETECT_H__
#define __DETECT_H__
#include <linux/spinlock.h>
#include "radar.h"
/* structure to hold raw samples returned from hardware */
typedef struct {
unsigned start;
unsigned stop;
unsigned max_pow;
bool tagged;
} raw_pulse_t;
/* configuration */
typedef struct {
u8 region;
bool sta_dfs;
unsigned maxPowTh;
bool maxPowEnable;
unsigned hwPwUBnd;
unsigned hwPwLBnd;
unsigned swPwUBnd;
unsigned swPwLBnd;
unsigned ssrPriUBnd;
unsigned ssrPriLBnd;
unsigned ssrPwUBnd;
unsigned ssrPwLBnd;
unsigned itlvPriUBnd;
unsigned itlvPriLBnd;
unsigned itlvPriDiffUBnd;
unsigned itlvPriDiffLBnd;
unsigned itlvPwUBnd;
unsigned itlvPwLBnd;
unsigned lsrPriUBnd;
unsigned lsrPriLBnd;
unsigned lsrPwUBnd;
unsigned lsrPwLBnd;
unsigned lsr_fsm_invalid_maxcnt;
unsigned maxPulseReadCnt;
unsigned ssrMaxPulseCnt;
unsigned maxFrbdnPri;
unsigned minFrbdnPri;
unsigned priNeighborRadius;
unsigned pwNeighborRadius;
unsigned lsrPwNeighborRadius;
unsigned priClusterRadius;
unsigned pwClusterRadius;
unsigned minFHpri;
unsigned maxFHpri;
int minFHpritol;
int maxFHpritol;
unsigned minFHw;
unsigned maxFHw;
unsigned localFHpercent; /* detection percent */
unsigned mergeSeparationMax;
unsigned maxPulseCnt;
unsigned maxPulseCntLSR;
unsigned maxPulseCntFH;
unsigned minDetectTh;
unsigned lsrTimerShrt;
unsigned lsr_min_pw_diff;
unsigned lsr_min_pcnt_diff;
unsigned lsr_min_chirp_detect;
unsigned lsr_max_chirp_reject;
unsigned lsr_min_diff_det_rej;
unsigned chirp_town_freq_th;
unsigned ocac_lsr_min_chirp_detect;
unsigned ocac_lsr_burstcnt_lbnd;
unsigned ocac_lsrTimerShrt;
bool fhDetectEnable;
bool itlvDetectEnable;
bool lsrDetectEnable;
bool detected_lsr_flag;
bool lsrEnhancedAlg;
bool localFHdetect;
bool tag;
bool rateFilter;
long maxRate;
int maxInstRate;
long maxAllowedInstRate; /* max instantaneous date rate for radar processing */
unsigned win_size;
unsigned win_per_pulse;
unsigned zcwin_per_pulse;
unsigned pw_2_zc_norm;
unsigned pulsetown_det_th;
unsigned pulsetown_det_th_eu_ocac;
unsigned max_radar_pulse_cnt;
unsigned max_lost_pulse_cnt;
unsigned lsr_timer_long;
unsigned lsr_burstcnt_lbnd;
unsigned lsr_burstcnt_ubnd;
bool lsr_off_center_det;
bool lsr_boost;
bool zc_diff_restrict;
unsigned zc_min_diff;
char region_str[7];
unsigned Korea2PriLbnd;
unsigned Korea2PriUbnd;
} detect_cfg_t;
/* statistics */
typedef struct {
unsigned detected_ssr; /* SSR detections */
unsigned detected_itlv; /* ITLV radar detections */
unsigned detected_lsr; /* LSR detections */
unsigned detected_rjt; /* detections rejected based on the pulse history */
unsigned numDetectReq; /* radar detection requests */
unsigned numSsrCandidate; /* SSR candidates */
unsigned numItlvCandidate; /* interleaving radar candidates */
unsigned numItlvVerifyStop; /* stopped itlv radar verification */
unsigned numRawPulse; /* raw pulses recorded in the radar memory */
unsigned numMaxPollingPulse; /* max raw pulses recorded at polling */
unsigned numProcRawPulse; /* processed raw pulses recorded in the radar memory */
unsigned numProcMaxPollingPulse; /* max processed raw pulses recorded at polling */
unsigned numReadPulse; /* pulses read from the radar memory for processing */
unsigned numLeftPulse; /* pulses after preprocessing of read ones */
unsigned numTagPulse; /* tagged pulses among read ones */
unsigned numMergePulse; /* merged pulses */
unsigned numPwFilterPulse; /* pulses discarded because of out-of-range pulse width */
unsigned numPowFilterPulse; /* pulses discarded because of low maximum power */
unsigned numLsrLikeBurst; /* bursts that look part of a long sequence radar */
unsigned lastRadarMemIdx;
unsigned burst_cnt;
unsigned pulse_cnt;
unsigned invalid_cnt;
unsigned max_pw;
unsigned min_pw;
unsigned min_pulsecnt;
unsigned max_pulsecnt;
unsigned chirp_det_cnt;
unsigned chirp_rej_cnt;
unsigned chirp_nsi_cnt;
int zc_index_hist[MAX_RADAR_PULSE_READ_CNT];
#define RADAR_PS_SIZE 10
int radar_ps_buf [RADAR_PS_SIZE];
int last_radar_ps_cnt;
int max_ps_cnt;
/* info from the last detection */
struct {
unsigned numPulse;
unsigned pri[3];
unsigned pw; /* pulse width */
} last;
} detect_sta_t;
struct detect_drv_sample_t {
spinlock_t lock;
int tx_pkts; /* packets transmitted by driver in last sample period */
int tx_bytes; /* bytes transmitted by driver in last sample period */
typedef struct {
unsigned start;
unsigned pw;
unsigned pri;
} pulse_info_t;
#define RADAR_REGION_US (1)
#define RADAR_REGION_EU (2)
#define RADAR_REGION_JP (3)
#define PULSETOWN_SIZE_MAX (11) /* 9 */
#define RADAR_PULSE_MOD (0x08000000)
#define RADAR_PRI_UPPER_BOUND_1 (13868)
#define RADAR_PRI_UPPER_BOUND_2 (14265)
#define RADAR_PRI_UPPER_BOUND_3 (39980)
#define RADAR_PRI_UPPER_BOUND_4 (38440)
#define RADAR_PRI_LOWER_BOUND_1 (5020)
#define RADAR_PRI_LOWER_BOUND_2 (13908)
#define RADAR_PRI_LOWER_BOUND_3 (14305)
#define RADAR_PRI_LOWER_BOUND_4 (38490)
#define W53_W56_SEPARATION_CHANNEL (100)
typedef struct {
pulse_info_t pulse[PULSETOWN_POPULATION];
unsigned size;
} pulse_town_t;
/* control block */
typedef struct {
detect_cfg_t cfg;
detect_sta_t sta;
pulse_town_t town;
} detect_cb_t;
/* zero-crossing call-back block */
typedef struct {
bool is_zc_accurate;
} zc_cb_t;
extern bool detect_dbg_verbose;
extern bool detect_dbg_rdisp;
extern detect_cb_t *detect_cb;
void detect_init(detect_cb_t *cb);
void detect_reset(void);
bool detect_radar(raw_pulse_t *s, int count, int count_last_window, zc_cb_t *zc_cb);
bool detect_radar_poll(void);
bool isit_itlv(unsigned *pri_vec);
bool radar_post_detection_process(raw_pulse_t *s, int count);
struct detect_drv_sample_t *detect_drv_sample_loc_get(void);
static inline unsigned diff(unsigned a, unsigned b)
return (a < b) ? (b-a) : (a-b);
#endif /* __DETECT_H__ */