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* Copyright (c) 2016 Quantenna Communications, Inc.
#ifndef _DSP_STATS_H_
#define _DSP_STATS_H_
#include "qtn/txbf_common.h"
#define DSP_ACT_RX_DBG_SIZE 10
struct qtn_dsp_stats {
uint32_t dsp_ndp_rx;
/* Per-node DSP stats */
/* Total number of feedbacks received */
uint32_t dsp_act_rx[DSP_ACT_RX_DBG_SIZE];
/* Number of SU feedbacks */
uint32_t dsp_act_rx_su[DSP_ACT_RX_DBG_SIZE];
/* Number of MU group selection feedbacks */
uint32_t dsp_act_rx_mu_grp_sel[DSP_ACT_RX_DBG_SIZE];
/* Number of MU precoding feedbacks */
uint32_t dsp_act_rx_mu_prec[DSP_ACT_RX_DBG_SIZE];
/* Number of bad feedbacks, i.e. those that are not met SU nor MU criteria */
uint32_t dsp_act_rx_bad[DSP_ACT_RX_DBG_SIZE];
* Number of feedbacks that were not places into the cache due to any reason. Counters for two reasons
* are just below
uint32_t dsp_act_rx_mu_drop[DSP_ACT_RX_DBG_SIZE];
/* The number of MU feedback not placed into the cache as the previous one has not been exprired */
uint32_t dsp_act_rx_mu_nexp[DSP_ACT_RX_DBG_SIZE];
/* The number of MU feedback not placed into the cache due to cache is locked */
uint32_t dsp_act_rx_mu_lock_cache[DSP_ACT_RX_DBG_SIZE];
* The number of precoding feedback was released unused, i.e. not participated in QMat calculation.
* It means the buddy feedback either have not been received or received after cache expiration time
uint32_t dsp_act_rx_mu_rel_nuse[DSP_ACT_RX_DBG_SIZE];
/* The number of MU feedback for which dsp_qmat_check_act_len is failed */
uint32_t dsp_act_rx_inval_len[DSP_ACT_RX_DBG_SIZE];
uint32_t dsp_del_mu_node_rx;
uint32_t dsp_ipc_in;
uint32_t dsp_ipc_out;
uint32_t dsp_sleep_in;
uint32_t dsp_sleep_out;
uint32_t dsp_act_tx;
uint32_t dsp_ndp_discarded;
uint32_t dsp_ndp_inv_len;
uint32_t dsp_ndp_max_len;
uint32_t dsp_ndp_inv_bw;
uint32_t dsp_act_free_tx;
uint32_t dsp_inst_mu_grp_tx;
uint32_t dsp_qmat_invalid;
uint32_t dsp_su_feedback_proc_time;
/* Number of QMat currently installed */
int32_t dsp_sram_qmat_num;
* Number of times dsp_sram_qmat_num becomes negative. Non zero value signals that the number
* of QMat de-installation is more than the number of installations. This is an error condition but not a critical one
uint32_t dsp_err_neg_qmat_num;
uint32_t dsp_flag;
/* Interrupts */
uint32_t dsp_ipc_int;
uint32_t dsp_timer_int;
uint32_t dsp_timer1_int;
uint32_t dsp_last_int;
uint32_t dsp_exc;
/* registers */
uint32_t dsp_status32;
uint32_t dsp_status32_l1;
uint32_t dsp_status32_l2;
uint32_t dsp_ilink1;
uint32_t dsp_ilink2;
uint32_t dsp_blink;
uint32_t dsp_sp;
uint32_t dsp_time;
uint32_t dsp_point;
uint32_t dsp_stat_bad_stack;
int16_t dspmu_D_user1[4];
int16_t dspmu_D_user2[4];
int16_t dspmu_max_intf_user1;
int16_t dspmu_max_intf_user2;
int16_t rank_criteria;
int16_t pad;
uint32_t dsp_trig_mu_grp_sel;
uint32_t dsp_mu_rank_success;
uint32_t dsp_mu_rank_fail;
/* The number of failed group installations */
uint32_t dsp_mu_grp_inst_fail;
/* Per-MU group DSP stats */
/* The number of successful group installations */
uint32_t dsp_mu_grp_inst_success[QTN_MU_QMAT_MAX_SLOTS];
/* The number of successful QMat installations */
uint32_t dsp_mu_grp_update_success[QTN_MU_QMAT_MAX_SLOTS];
/* The number of failed QMat installations */
uint32_t dsp_mu_grp_update_fail[QTN_MU_QMAT_MAX_SLOTS];
/* Group's AID 0 */
uint32_t dsp_mu_grp_aid0[QTN_MU_QMAT_MAX_SLOTS];
/* Group's AID 1 */
uint32_t dsp_mu_grp_aid1[QTN_MU_QMAT_MAX_SLOTS];
/* Group's rank */
int32_t dsp_mu_grp_rank[QTN_MU_QMAT_MAX_SLOTS];
* Distribution (histogram) of MU QMat copying time
0: 0- 3us
1: 4- 7us
3: 12+ us
uint32_t dsp_mu_qmat_qmem_copy_time_hist[4];
uint32_t dsp_mu_qmat_qmem_copy_time_max;
* Distribution (histogram) of MU QMat calculation and installation time
0: 0- 3ms
1: 4- 7ms
3: 12+ ms
uint32_t dsp_mu_qmat_inst_time_hist[8];
uint32_t dsp_mu_qmat_inst_time_max;
uint32_t dsp_mu_grp_inv_act;
uint32_t dsp_act_cache_expired[2];
uint32_t dsp_mu_grp_upd_done;
uint32_t dsp_mu_node_del;
uint32_t dsp_mimo_ctrl_fail;
uint32_t dsp_mu_fb_80mhz;
uint32_t dsp_mu_fb_40mhz;
uint32_t dsp_mu_fb_20mhz;
uint32_t dsp_mu_drop_20mhz;
#endif /* _DSP_STATS_H_ */