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* Copyright(c) 2007 - 2011 Realtek Corporation. All rights reserved.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms of version 2 of the GNU General Public License as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
* ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
* FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for
* more details.
#ifndef _RTW_XMIT_H_
#define _RTW_XMIT_H_
#include <osdep_service.h>
#include <drv_types.h>
#define MAX_XMITBUF_SZ (20480) /* 20k */
#define NR_XMITBUFF (4)
/* xmit extension buff defination */
#define MAX_XMIT_EXTBUF_SZ (1536)
#define NR_XMIT_EXTBUFF (32)
#define MAX_NUMBLKS (1)
#define XMIT_VO_QUEUE (0)
#define XMIT_VI_QUEUE (1)
#define XMIT_BE_QUEUE (2)
#define XMIT_BK_QUEUE (3)
#define VO_QUEUE_INX 0
#define VI_QUEUE_INX 1
#define BE_QUEUE_INX 2
#define BK_QUEUE_INX 3
#define BCN_QUEUE_INX 4
#define MGT_QUEUE_INX 5
#define HIGH_QUEUE_INX 6
#define HW_QUEUE_ENTRY 8
#define WEP_IV(pattrib_iv, dot11txpn, keyidx)\
do {\
pattrib_iv[0] = dot11txpn._byte_.TSC0;\
pattrib_iv[1] = dot11txpn._byte_.TSC1;\
pattrib_iv[2] = dot11txpn._byte_.TSC2;\
pattrib_iv[3] = ((keyidx & 0x3)<<6);\
dot11txpn.val = (dot11txpn.val == 0xffffff) ? 0 : (dot11txpn.val+1);\
} while (0)
#define TKIP_IV(pattrib_iv, dot11txpn, keyidx)\
do {\
pattrib_iv[0] = dot11txpn._byte_.TSC1;\
pattrib_iv[1] = (dot11txpn._byte_.TSC1 | 0x20) & 0x7f;\
pattrib_iv[2] = dot11txpn._byte_.TSC0;\
pattrib_iv[3] = BIT(5) | ((keyidx & 0x3)<<6);\
pattrib_iv[4] = dot11txpn._byte_.TSC2;\
pattrib_iv[5] = dot11txpn._byte_.TSC3;\
pattrib_iv[6] = dot11txpn._byte_.TSC4;\
pattrib_iv[7] = dot11txpn._byte_.TSC5;\
dot11txpn.val = dot11txpn.val == 0xffffffffffffULL ? 0 : (dot11txpn.val+1);\
} while (0)
#define AES_IV(pattrib_iv, dot11txpn, keyidx)\
do { \
pattrib_iv[0] = dot11txpn._byte_.TSC0; \
pattrib_iv[1] = dot11txpn._byte_.TSC1; \
pattrib_iv[2] = 0; \
pattrib_iv[3] = BIT(5) | ((keyidx & 0x3)<<6); \
pattrib_iv[4] = dot11txpn._byte_.TSC2; \
pattrib_iv[5] = dot11txpn._byte_.TSC3; \
pattrib_iv[6] = dot11txpn._byte_.TSC4; \
pattrib_iv[7] = dot11txpn._byte_.TSC5; \
dot11txpn.val = dot11txpn.val == 0xffffffffffffULL ? 0 : (dot11txpn.val+1);\
} while (0)
#define HWXMIT_ENTRY 4
#define TXDESC_SIZE 32
#define PACKET_OFFSET_SZ (8)
struct tx_desc {
/* DWORD 0 */
__le32 txdw0;
__le32 txdw1;
__le32 txdw2;
__le32 txdw3;
__le32 txdw4;
__le32 txdw5;
__le32 txdw6;
__le32 txdw7;
struct hw_xmit {
struct __queue *sta_queue;
int accnt;
/* reduce size */
struct pkt_attrib {
u8 type;
u8 subtype;
u8 bswenc;
u8 dhcp_pkt;
u16 ether_type;
u16 seqnum;
u16 pkt_hdrlen; /* the original 802.3 pkt header len */
u16 hdrlen; /* the WLAN Header Len */
u32 pktlen; /* the original 802.3 pkt raw_data len (not include
* ether_hdr data) */
u32 last_txcmdsz;
u8 nr_frags;
u8 encrypt; /* when 0 indicate no encrypt. when non-zero,
* indicate the encrypt algorith */
u8 iv_len;
u8 icv_len;
u8 iv[18];
u8 icv[16];
u8 priority;
u8 ack_policy;
u8 mac_id;
u8 vcs_mode; /* virtual carrier sense method */
u8 dst[ETH_ALEN];
u8 src[ETH_ALEN];
u8 ta[ETH_ALEN];
u8 ra[ETH_ALEN];
u8 key_idx;
u8 qos_en;
u8 ht_en;
u8 raid;/* rate adpative id */
u8 bwmode;
u8 ch_offset;/* PRIME_CHNL_OFFSET */
u8 sgi;/* short GI */
u8 ampdu_en;/* tx ampdu enable */
u8 mdata;/* more data bit */
u8 pctrl;/* per packet txdesc control enable */
u8 triggered;/* for ap mode handling Power Saving sta */
u8 qsel;
u8 eosp;
u8 rate;
u8 intel_proxim;
u8 retry_ctrl;
struct sta_info *psta;
#define NULL_FRAMETAG (0x0)
#define DATA_FRAMETAG 0x01
#define L2_FRAMETAG 0x02
#define MGNT_FRAMETAG 0x03
#define AMSDU_FRAMETAG 0x04
#define EII_FRAMETAG 0x05
#define IEEE8023_FRAMETAG 0x06
#define MP_FRAMETAG 0x07
#define TXAGG_FRAMETAG 0x08
struct submit_ctx {
u32 submit_time; /* */
u32 timeout_ms; /* <0: not synchronous, 0: wait forever, >0: up to ms waiting */
int status; /* status for operation */
struct completion done;
enum {
void rtw_sctx_init(struct submit_ctx *sctx, int timeout_ms);
int rtw_sctx_wait(struct submit_ctx *sctx);
void rtw_sctx_done_err(struct submit_ctx **sctx, int status);
struct xmit_buf {
struct list_head list;
struct adapter *padapter;
u8 *pallocated_buf;
u8 *pbuf;
void *priv_data;
u16 ext_tag; /* 0: Normal xmitbuf, 1: extension xmitbuf. */
u16 flags;
u32 alloc_sz;
u32 len;
struct submit_ctx *sctx;
u32 ff_hwaddr;
struct urb *pxmit_urb[8];
dma_addr_t dma_transfer_addr; /* (in) dma addr for transfer_buffer */
u8 bpending[8];
int last[8];
struct xmit_frame {
struct list_head list;
struct pkt_attrib attrib;
struct sk_buff *pkt;
int frame_tag;
struct adapter *padapter;
u8 *buf_addr;
struct xmit_buf *pxmitbuf;
u8 agg_num;
s8 pkt_offset;
u8 ack_report;
struct tx_servq {
struct list_head tx_pending;
struct __queue sta_pending;
int qcnt;
struct sta_xmit_priv {
spinlock_t lock;
int option;
int apsd_setting; /* When bit mask is on, the associated edca
* queue supports APSD. */
struct tx_servq be_q; /* priority == 0,3 */
struct tx_servq bk_q; /* priority == 1,2 */
struct tx_servq vi_q; /* priority == 4,5 */
struct tx_servq vo_q; /* priority == 6,7 */
struct list_head legacy_dz;
struct list_head apsd;
u16 txseq_tid[16];
struct hw_txqueue {
volatile int head;
volatile int tail;
volatile int free_sz; /* in units of 64 bytes */
volatile int free_cmdsz;
volatile int txsz[8];
uint ff_hwaddr;
uint cmd_hwaddr;
int ac_tag;
struct agg_pkt_info {
u16 offset;
u16 pkt_len;
struct xmit_priv {
spinlock_t lock;
struct semaphore xmit_sema;
struct semaphore terminate_xmitthread_sema;
struct __queue be_pending;
struct __queue bk_pending;
struct __queue vi_pending;
struct __queue vo_pending;
struct __queue bm_pending;
u8 *pallocated_frame_buf;
u8 *pxmit_frame_buf;
uint free_xmitframe_cnt;
struct __queue free_xmit_queue;
uint frag_len;
struct adapter *adapter;
u8 vcs_setting;
u8 vcs;
u8 vcs_type;
u64 tx_bytes;
u64 tx_pkts;
u64 tx_drop;
u64 last_tx_bytes;
u64 last_tx_pkts;
struct hw_xmit *hwxmits;
u8 hwxmit_entry;
u8 wmm_para_seq[4];/* sequence for wmm ac parameter strength
* from large to small. it's value is 0->vo,
* 1->vi, 2->be, 3->bk. */
struct semaphore tx_retevt;/* all tx return event; */
u8 txirp_cnt;/* */
struct tasklet_struct xmit_tasklet;
/* per AC pending irp */
int beq_cnt;
int bkq_cnt;
int viq_cnt;
int voq_cnt;
struct __queue free_xmitbuf_queue;
struct __queue pending_xmitbuf_queue;
u8 *pallocated_xmitbuf;
u8 *pxmitbuf;
uint free_xmitbuf_cnt;
struct __queue free_xmit_extbuf_queue;
u8 *pallocated_xmit_extbuf;
u8 *pxmit_extbuf;
uint free_xmit_extbuf_cnt;
u16 nqos_ssn;
int ack_tx;
struct mutex ack_tx_mutex;
struct submit_ctx ack_tx_ops;
struct xmit_buf *rtw_alloc_xmitbuf_ext(struct xmit_priv *pxmitpriv);
s32 rtw_free_xmitbuf_ext(struct xmit_priv *pxmitpriv,
struct xmit_buf *pxmitbuf);
struct xmit_buf *rtw_alloc_xmitbuf(struct xmit_priv *pxmitpriv);
s32 rtw_free_xmitbuf(struct xmit_priv *pxmitpriv,
struct xmit_buf *pxmitbuf);
void rtw_count_tx_stats(struct adapter *padapter,
struct xmit_frame *pxmitframe, int sz);
void rtw_update_protection(struct adapter *padapter, u8 *ie, uint ie_len);
s32 rtw_make_wlanhdr(struct adapter *padapter, u8 *hdr,
struct pkt_attrib *pattrib);
s32 rtw_put_snap(u8 *data, u16 h_proto);
struct xmit_frame *rtw_alloc_xmitframe(struct xmit_priv *pxmitpriv);
s32 rtw_free_xmitframe(struct xmit_priv *pxmitpriv,
struct xmit_frame *pxmitframe);
void rtw_free_xmitframe_queue(struct xmit_priv *pxmitpriv,
struct __queue *pframequeue);
struct tx_servq *rtw_get_sta_pending(struct adapter *padapter,
struct sta_info *psta, int up, u8 *ac);
s32 rtw_xmitframe_enqueue(struct adapter *padapter,
struct xmit_frame *pxmitframe);
struct xmit_frame *rtw_dequeue_xframe(struct xmit_priv *pxmitpriv,
struct hw_xmit *phwxmit_i, int entry);
s32 rtw_xmit_classifier(struct adapter *padapter,
struct xmit_frame *pxmitframe);
u32 rtw_calculate_wlan_pkt_size_by_attribue(struct pkt_attrib *pattrib);
#define rtw_wlan_pkt_size(f) rtw_calculate_wlan_pkt_size_by_attribue(&f->attrib)
s32 rtw_xmitframe_coalesce(struct adapter *padapter, struct sk_buff *pkt,
struct xmit_frame *pxmitframe);
s32 _rtw_init_hw_txqueue(struct hw_txqueue *phw_txqueue, u8 ac_tag);
void _rtw_init_sta_xmit_priv(struct sta_xmit_priv *psta_xmitpriv);
s32 rtw_txframes_pending(struct adapter *padapter);
s32 rtw_txframes_sta_ac_pending(struct adapter *padapter,
struct pkt_attrib *pattrib);
void rtw_init_hwxmits(struct hw_xmit *phwxmit, int entry);
s32 _rtw_init_xmit_priv(struct xmit_priv *pxmitpriv, struct adapter *padapter);
void _rtw_free_xmit_priv(struct xmit_priv *pxmitpriv);
void rtw_alloc_hwxmits(struct adapter *padapter);
void rtw_free_hwxmits(struct adapter *padapter);
s32 rtw_xmit(struct adapter *padapter, struct sk_buff **pkt);
#if defined(CONFIG_88EU_AP_MODE)
int xmitframe_enqueue_for_sleeping_sta(struct adapter *padapter, struct xmit_frame *pxmitframe);
void stop_sta_xmit(struct adapter *padapter, struct sta_info *psta);
void wakeup_sta_to_xmit(struct adapter *padapter, struct sta_info *psta);
void xmit_delivery_enabled_frames(struct adapter *padapter, struct sta_info *psta);
u8 qos_acm(u8 acm_mask, u8 priority);
u32 rtw_get_ff_hwaddr(struct xmit_frame *pxmitframe);
int rtw_ack_tx_wait(struct xmit_priv *pxmitpriv, u32 timeout_ms);
void rtw_ack_tx_done(struct xmit_priv *pxmitpriv, int status);
/* include after declaring struct xmit_buf, in order to avoid warning */
#include <xmit_osdep.h>
#endif /* _RTL871X_XMIT_H_ */