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* Copyright(c) 2007 - 2012 Realtek Corporation. All rights reserved.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms of version 2 of the GNU General Public License as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
* ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
* FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for
* more details.
#ifndef _RTW_RECV_H_
#define _RTW_RECV_H_
#include <osdep_service.h>
#include <drv_types.h>
#define NR_RECVFRAME 256
#define MAX_RXFRAME_CNT 512
#define MAX_RX_NUMBLKS (32)
#define SNAP_SIZE sizeof(struct ieee80211_snap_hdr)
/* for Rx reordering buffer control */
struct recv_reorder_ctrl {
struct adapter *padapter;
u8 enable;
u16 indicate_seq;/* wstart_b, init_value=0xffff */
u16 wend_b;
u8 wsize_b;
struct __queue pending_recvframe_queue;
struct timer_list reordering_ctrl_timer;
struct stainfo_rxcache {
u16 tid_rxseq[16];
unsigned short tid0_rxseq;
unsigned short tid1_rxseq;
unsigned short tid2_rxseq;
unsigned short tid3_rxseq;
unsigned short tid4_rxseq;
unsigned short tid5_rxseq;
unsigned short tid6_rxseq;
unsigned short tid7_rxseq;
unsigned short tid8_rxseq;
unsigned short tid9_rxseq;
unsigned short tid10_rxseq;
unsigned short tid11_rxseq;
unsigned short tid12_rxseq;
unsigned short tid13_rxseq;
unsigned short tid14_rxseq;
unsigned short tid15_rxseq;
struct smooth_rssi_data {
u32 elements[100]; /* array to store values */
u32 index; /* index to current array to store */
u32 total_num; /* num of valid elements */
u32 total_val; /* sum of valid elements */
struct signal_stat {
u8 update_req; /* used to indicate */
u8 avg_val; /* avg of valid elements */
u32 total_num; /* num of valid elements */
u32 total_val; /* sum of valid elements */
#define MAX_PATH_NUM_92CS 3
struct phy_info {
u8 RxPWDBAll;
u8 SignalQuality; /* in 0-100 index. */
u8 RxMIMOSignalQuality[MAX_PATH_NUM_92CS]; /* EVM */
u8 RxMIMOSignalStrength[MAX_PATH_NUM_92CS];/* in 0~100 index */
s8 RxPower; /* in dBm Translate from PWdB */
/* Real power in dBm for this packet, no beautification and aggregation.
* Keep this raw info to be used for the other procedures. */
s8 recvpower;
u8 BTRxRSSIPercentage;
u8 SignalStrength; /* in 0-100 index. */
u8 RxPwr[MAX_PATH_NUM_92CS];/* per-path's pwdb */
u8 RxSNR[MAX_PATH_NUM_92CS];/* per-path's SNR */
struct rx_pkt_attrib {
u16 pkt_len;
u8 physt;
u8 drvinfo_sz;
u8 shift_sz;
u8 hdrlen; /* the WLAN Header Len */
u8 to_fr_ds;
u8 amsdu;
u8 qos;
u8 priority;
u8 pw_save;
u8 mdata;
u16 seq_num;
u8 frag_num;
u8 mfrag;
u8 order;
u8 privacy; /* in frame_ctrl field */
u8 bdecrypted;
u8 encrypt; /* when 0 indicate no encrypt. when non-zero,
* indicate the encrypt algorith */
u8 iv_len;
u8 icv_len;
u8 crc_err;
u8 icv_err;
u16 eth_type;
u8 dst[ETH_ALEN];
u8 src[ETH_ALEN];
u8 ta[ETH_ALEN];
u8 ra[ETH_ALEN];
u8 bssid[ETH_ALEN];
u8 ack_policy;
u8 key_index;
u8 mcs_rate;
u8 rxht;
u8 sgi;
u8 pkt_rpt_type;
u32 MacIDValidEntry[2]; /* 64 bits present 64 entry. */
struct phy_info phy_info;
/* These definition is used for Rx packet reordering. */
#define SN_LESS(a, b) (((a - b) & 0x800) != 0)
#define SN_EQUAL(a, b) (a == b)
#define REORDER_WAIT_TIME (50) /* (ms) */
#define RXDESC_SIZE 24
struct recv_stat {
__le32 rxdw0;
__le32 rxdw1;
__le32 rxdw2;
__le32 rxdw3;
__le32 rxdw4;
__le32 rxdw5;
#define EOR BIT(30)
accesser of recv_priv: rtw_recv_entry(dispatch / passive level);
recv_thread(passive) ; returnpkt(dispatch)
; halt(passive) ;
using enter_critical section to protect
struct recv_priv {
struct __queue free_recv_queue;
struct __queue recv_pending_queue;
struct __queue uc_swdec_pending_queue;
u8 *pallocated_frame_buf;
u8 *precv_frame_buf;
uint free_recvframe_cnt;
struct adapter *adapter;
u32 bIsAnyNonBEPkts;
u64 rx_bytes;
u64 rx_pkts;
u64 rx_drop;
u64 last_rx_bytes;
uint ff_hwaddr;
u8 rx_pending_cnt;
struct tasklet_struct irq_prepare_beacon_tasklet;
struct tasklet_struct recv_tasklet;
struct sk_buff_head free_recv_skb_queue;
struct sk_buff_head rx_skb_queue;
u8 *pallocated_recv_buf;
u8 *precv_buf; /* 4 alignment */
struct __queue free_recv_buf_queue;
u32 free_recv_buf_queue_cnt;
/* For display the phy informatiom */
u8 is_signal_dbg; /* for debug */
u8 signal_strength_dbg; /* for debug */
s8 rssi;
s8 rxpwdb;
u8 signal_strength;
u8 signal_qual;
u8 noise;
s8 RxRssi[2];
struct timer_list signal_stat_timer;
u32 signal_stat_sampling_interval;
struct signal_stat signal_qual_data;
struct signal_stat signal_strength_data;
#define rtw_set_signal_stat_timer(recvpriv) \
mod_timer(&(recvpriv)->signal_stat_timer, jiffies + \
struct sta_recv_priv {
spinlock_t lock;
int option;
struct __queue defrag_q; /* keeping the fragment frame until defrag */
struct stainfo_rxcache rxcache;
struct recv_buf {
struct adapter *adapter;
struct urb *purb;
struct sk_buff *pskb;
u8 reuse;
head ----->
data ----->
tail ----->
end ----->
len = (unsigned int )(tail - data);
struct recv_frame {
struct list_head list;
struct sk_buff *pkt;
struct sk_buff *pkt_newalloc;
struct adapter *adapter;
struct rx_pkt_attrib attrib;
uint len;
u8 *rx_head;
u8 *rx_data;
u8 *rx_tail;
u8 *rx_end;
struct sta_info *psta;
/* for A-MPDU Rx reordering buffer control */
struct recv_reorder_ctrl *preorder_ctrl;
struct recv_frame *_rtw_alloc_recvframe(struct __queue *pfree_recv_queue);
struct recv_frame *rtw_alloc_recvframe(struct __queue *pfree_recv_queue);
void rtw_init_recvframe(struct recv_frame *precvframe,
struct recv_priv *precvpriv);
int rtw_free_recvframe(struct recv_frame *precvframe,
struct __queue *pfree_recv_queue);
#define rtw_dequeue_recvframe(queue) rtw_alloc_recvframe(queue)
int _rtw_enqueue_recvframe(struct recv_frame *precvframe,
struct __queue *queue);
int rtw_enqueue_recvframe(struct recv_frame *precvframe, struct __queue *queue);
void rtw_free_recvframe_queue(struct __queue *pframequeue,
struct __queue *pfree_recv_queue);
u32 rtw_free_uc_swdec_pending_queue(struct adapter *adapter);
void rtw_reordering_ctrl_timeout_handler(unsigned long data);
static inline u8 *get_rxmem(struct recv_frame *precvframe)
/* always return rx_head... */
if (precvframe == NULL)
return NULL;
return precvframe->rx_head;
static inline u8 *recvframe_pull(struct recv_frame *precvframe, int sz)
/* rx_data += sz; move rx_data sz bytes hereafter */
/* used for extract sz bytes from rx_data, update rx_data and return
* the updated rx_data to the caller */
if (precvframe == NULL)
return NULL;
precvframe->rx_data += sz;
if (precvframe->rx_data > precvframe->rx_tail) {
precvframe->rx_data -= sz;
return NULL;
precvframe->len -= sz;
return precvframe->rx_data;
static inline u8 *recvframe_put(struct recv_frame *precvframe, int sz)
/* used for append sz bytes from ptr to rx_tail, update rx_tail
* and return the updated rx_tail to the caller */
/* after putting, rx_tail must be still larger than rx_end. */
if (precvframe == NULL)
return NULL;
precvframe->rx_tail += sz;
if (precvframe->rx_tail > precvframe->rx_end) {
precvframe->rx_tail -= sz;
return NULL;
precvframe->len += sz;
return precvframe->rx_tail;
static inline u8 *recvframe_pull_tail(struct recv_frame *precvframe, int sz)
/* rmv data from rx_tail (by yitsen) */
/* used for extract sz bytes from rx_end, update rx_end and return
* the updated rx_end to the caller */
/* after pulling, rx_end must be still larger than rx_data. */
if (precvframe == NULL)
return NULL;
precvframe->rx_tail -= sz;
if (precvframe->rx_tail < precvframe->rx_data) {
precvframe->rx_tail += sz;
return NULL;
precvframe->len -= sz;
return precvframe->rx_tail;
static inline s32 translate_percentage_to_dbm(u32 sig_stren_index)
s32 power; /* in dBm. */
/* Translate to dBm (x=0.5y-95). */
power = (s32)((sig_stren_index + 1) >> 1);
power -= 95;
return power;
struct sta_info;
void _rtw_init_sta_recv_priv(struct sta_recv_priv *psta_recvpriv);
void mgt_dispatcher(struct adapter *padapter, struct recv_frame *precv_frame);