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* Copyright (C) 2005 - 2015 Avago Technologies
* All rights reserved.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2
* as published by the Free Software Foundation. The full GNU General
* Public License is included in this distribution in the file called COPYING.
* Written by: Jayamohan Kallickal (
* Contact Information:
* Avago Technologies
* 3333 Susan Street
* Costa Mesa, CA 92626
#ifndef _BE_ISCSI_
#define _BE_ISCSI_
#include "be_main.h"
#include "be_mgmt.h"
#define BE2_IPV4 0x1
#define BE2_IPV6 0x10
#define BE2_DHCP_V4 0x05
#define NON_BLOCKING 0x0
#define BLOCKING 0x1
void beiscsi_create_def_ifaces(struct beiscsi_hba *phba);
void beiscsi_destroy_def_ifaces(struct beiscsi_hba *phba);
int be2iscsi_iface_get_param(struct iscsi_iface *iface,
enum iscsi_param_type param_type,
int param, char *buf);
int be2iscsi_iface_set_param(struct Scsi_Host *shost,
void *data, uint32_t count);
umode_t be2iscsi_attr_is_visible(int param_type, int param);
void beiscsi_offload_connection(struct beiscsi_conn *beiscsi_conn,
struct beiscsi_offload_params *params);
void beiscsi_offload_iscsi(struct beiscsi_hba *phba, struct iscsi_conn *conn,
struct beiscsi_conn *beiscsi_conn,
unsigned int fw_handle);
struct iscsi_cls_session *beiscsi_session_create(struct iscsi_endpoint *ep,
uint16_t cmds_max,
uint16_t qdepth,
uint32_t initial_cmdsn);
void beiscsi_session_destroy(struct iscsi_cls_session *cls_session);
struct iscsi_cls_conn *beiscsi_conn_create(struct iscsi_cls_session
*cls_session, uint32_t cid);
int beiscsi_conn_bind(struct iscsi_cls_session *cls_session,
struct iscsi_cls_conn *cls_conn,
uint64_t transport_fd, int is_leading);
int beiscsi_ep_get_param(struct iscsi_endpoint *ep, enum iscsi_param param,
char *buf);
int beiscsi_get_host_param(struct Scsi_Host *shost,
enum iscsi_host_param param, char *buf);
int beiscsi_get_macaddr(char *buf, struct beiscsi_hba *phba);
int beiscsi_set_param(struct iscsi_cls_conn *cls_conn,
enum iscsi_param param, char *buf, int buflen);
int beiscsi_conn_start(struct iscsi_cls_conn *cls_conn);
struct iscsi_endpoint *beiscsi_ep_connect(struct Scsi_Host *shost,
struct sockaddr *dst_addr,
int non_blocking);
int beiscsi_ep_poll(struct iscsi_endpoint *ep, int timeout_ms);
void beiscsi_ep_disconnect(struct iscsi_endpoint *ep);
void beiscsi_conn_get_stats(struct iscsi_cls_conn *cls_conn,
struct iscsi_stats *stats);