Marvell: MHSLPONLGCY-166 l2fwserver doesn't work on AvantaMC when working in GMAC's bridge mode

It is needed an additional rule in the 6601 packet processor to route
the broadcast from the SGMII to the CPU. With the current configuration,
the packets sent by the asking for the L2 upgrade are being
forwarded from the SGMII to the Ethernet PHY without reaching the CPU,
and this is why the l2fwserver doesn’t show any log.

These changes adds the missing rule in the packet processor to be able
to do the upgrade of the from the 6601.

Corresponding changes also needed in vendor/marvell/applications.
See go/fibercl/82880

3rd Hunk of merge had to be done manually:

@@ -1327,8 +1330,6 @@ INT32 cph_app_rx_bc(INT32 port, struct net_device *dev, struct eth_pbuf *pkt, st
             skb_old->len  -= MV_ETH_CRC_SIZE;  // Remove CRC

             /* If WAN interface is GMAC1, remove MH in upstream  */
-            cph_db_get_param(CPH_DB_PARAM_PROFILE_ID, &profile_id);
-            cph_db_get_param(CPH_DB_PARAM_ACTIVE_PORT, &active_port);
             if ((profile_id == TPM_PON_G1_SGMII_WAN_G0_SINGLE_PORT) && (active_port == MV_APP_GMAC_PORT_1))
               skb_old->data += MV_ETH_MH_SIZE;

In reference to b/33751089

Change-Id: Ibd0c16737539fb9a8febcf2f39b5f925a2b6ad57
1 file changed