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config INOTIFY
bool "Inotify file change notification support"
default n
Say Y here to enable legacy in kernel inotify support. Inotify is a
file change notification system. It is a replacement for dnotify.
This option only provides the legacy inotify in kernel API. There
are no in tree kernel users of this interface since it is deprecated.
You only need this if you are loading an out of tree kernel module
that uses inotify.
For more information, see <file:Documentation/filesystems/inotify.txt>
If unsure, say N.
bool "Inotify support for userspace"
default y
Say Y here to enable inotify support for userspace, including the
associated system calls. Inotify allows monitoring of both files and
directories via a single open fd. Events are read from the file
descriptor, which is also select()- and poll()-able.
Inotify fixes numerous shortcomings in dnotify and introduces several
new features including multiple file events, one-shot support, and
unmount notification.
For more information, see <file:Documentation/filesystems/inotify.txt>
If unsure, say Y.