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* Support for the w100 frame buffer.
* Copyright (c) 2004-2005 Richard Purdie
* Copyright (c) 2005 Ian Molton
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
#define W100_GPIO_PORT_A 0
#define W100_GPIO_PORT_B 1
#define CLK_SRC_XTAL 0
#define CLK_SRC_PLL 1
struct w100fb_par;
unsigned long w100fb_gpio_read(int port);
void w100fb_gpio_write(int port, unsigned long value);
unsigned long w100fb_get_hsynclen(struct device *dev);
/* LCD Specific Routines and Config */
struct w100_tg_info {
void (*change)(struct w100fb_par*);
void (*suspend)(struct w100fb_par*);
void (*resume)(struct w100fb_par*);
/* General Platform Specific w100 Register Values */
struct w100_gen_regs {
unsigned long lcd_format;
unsigned long lcdd_cntl1;
unsigned long lcdd_cntl2;
unsigned long genlcd_cntl1;
unsigned long genlcd_cntl2;
unsigned long genlcd_cntl3;
struct w100_gpio_regs {
unsigned long init_data1;
unsigned long init_data2;
unsigned long gpio_dir1;
unsigned long gpio_oe1;
unsigned long gpio_dir2;
unsigned long gpio_oe2;
/* Optional External Memory Configuration */
struct w100_mem_info {
unsigned long ext_cntl;
unsigned long sdram_mode_reg;
unsigned long ext_timing_cntl;
unsigned long io_cntl;
unsigned int size;
struct w100_bm_mem_info {
unsigned long ext_mem_bw;
unsigned long offset;
unsigned long ext_timing_ctl;
unsigned long ext_cntl;
unsigned long mode_reg;
unsigned long io_cntl;
unsigned long config;
/* LCD Mode definition */
struct w100_mode {
unsigned int xres;
unsigned int yres;
unsigned short left_margin;
unsigned short right_margin;
unsigned short upper_margin;
unsigned short lower_margin;
unsigned long crtc_ss;
unsigned long crtc_ls;
unsigned long crtc_gs;
unsigned long crtc_vpos_gs;
unsigned long crtc_rev;
unsigned long crtc_dclk;
unsigned long crtc_gclk;
unsigned long crtc_goe;
unsigned long crtc_ps1_active;
char pll_freq;
char fast_pll_freq;
int sysclk_src;
int sysclk_divider;
int pixclk_src;
int pixclk_divider;
int pixclk_divider_rotated;
struct w100_pll_info {
uint16_t freq; /* desired Fout for PLL (Mhz) */
uint8_t M; /* input divider */
uint8_t N_int; /* VCO multiplier */
uint8_t N_fac; /* VCO multiplier fractional part */
uint8_t tfgoal;
uint8_t lock_time;
/* Initial Video mode orientation flags */
* This structure describes the machine which we are running on.
* It is set by machine specific code and used in the probe routine
* of drivers/video/w100fb.c
struct w100fb_mach_info {
/* General Platform Specific Registers */
struct w100_gen_regs *regs;
/* Table of modes the LCD is capable of */
struct w100_mode *modelist;
unsigned int num_modes;
/* Hooks for any platform specific tg/lcd code (optional) */
struct w100_tg_info *tg;
/* External memory definition (if present) */
struct w100_mem_info *mem;
/* Additional External memory definition (if present) */
struct w100_bm_mem_info *bm_mem;
/* GPIO definitions (optional) */
struct w100_gpio_regs *gpio;
/* Initial Mode flags */
unsigned int init_mode;
/* Xtal Frequency */
unsigned int xtal_freq;
/* Enable Xtal input doubler (1 == enable) */
unsigned int xtal_dbl;
/* General frame buffer data structure */
struct w100fb_par {
unsigned int chip_id;
unsigned int xres;
unsigned int yres;
unsigned int extmem_active;
unsigned int flip;
unsigned int blanked;
unsigned int fastpll_mode;
unsigned long hsync_len;
struct w100_mode *mode;
struct w100_pll_info *pll_table;
struct w100fb_mach_info *mach;
uint32_t *saved_intmem;
uint32_t *saved_extmem;