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#ifndef _UVESAFB_H
#define _UVESAFB_H
#include <linux/types.h>
struct v86_regs {
__u32 ebx;
__u32 ecx;
__u32 edx;
__u32 esi;
__u32 edi;
__u32 ebp;
__u32 eax;
__u32 eip;
__u32 eflags;
__u32 esp;
__u16 cs;
__u16 ss;
__u16 es;
__u16 ds;
__u16 fs;
__u16 gs;
/* Task flags */
#define TF_VBEIB 0x01
#define TF_BUF_ESDI 0x02
#define TF_BUF_ESBX 0x04
#define TF_BUF_RET 0x08
#define TF_EXIT 0x10
struct uvesafb_task {
__u8 flags;
int buf_len;
struct v86_regs regs;
/* Constants for the capabilities field
* in vbe_ib */
#define VBE_CAP_VGACOMPAT 0x02
/* The VBE Info Block */
struct vbe_ib {
char vbe_signature[4];
__u16 vbe_version;
__u32 oem_string_ptr;
__u32 capabilities;
__u32 mode_list_ptr;
__u16 total_memory;
__u16 oem_software_rev;
__u32 oem_vendor_name_ptr;
__u32 oem_product_name_ptr;
__u32 oem_product_rev_ptr;
__u8 reserved[222];
char oem_data[256];
char misc_data[512];
} __attribute__ ((packed));
#ifdef __KERNEL__
/* VBE CRTC Info Block */
struct vbe_crtc_ib {
u16 horiz_total;
u16 horiz_start;
u16 horiz_end;
u16 vert_total;
u16 vert_start;
u16 vert_end;
u8 flags;
u32 pixel_clock;
u16 refresh_rate;
u8 reserved[40];
} __attribute__ ((packed));
#define VBE_MODE_COLOR 0x08
#define VBE_MODE_GRAPHICS 0x10
#define VBE_MODE_LFB 0x80
/* VBE Mode Info Block */
struct vbe_mode_ib {
/* for all VBE revisions */
u16 mode_attr;
u8 winA_attr;
u8 winB_attr;
u16 win_granularity;
u16 win_size;
u16 winA_seg;
u16 winB_seg;
u32 win_func_ptr;
u16 bytes_per_scan_line;
/* for VBE 1.2+ */
u16 x_res;
u16 y_res;
u8 x_char_size;
u8 y_char_size;
u8 planes;
u8 bits_per_pixel;
u8 banks;
u8 memory_model;
u8 bank_size;
u8 image_pages;
u8 reserved1;
/* Direct color fields for direct/6 and YUV/7 memory models. */
/* Offsets are bit positions of lsb in the mask. */
u8 red_len;
u8 red_off;
u8 green_len;
u8 green_off;
u8 blue_len;
u8 blue_off;
u8 rsvd_len;
u8 rsvd_off;
u8 direct_color_info; /* direct color mode attributes */
/* for VBE 2.0+ */
u32 phys_base_ptr;
u8 reserved2[6];
/* for VBE 3.0+ */
u16 lin_bytes_per_scan_line;
u8 bnk_image_pages;
u8 lin_image_pages;
u8 lin_red_len;
u8 lin_red_off;
u8 lin_green_len;
u8 lin_green_off;
u8 lin_blue_len;
u8 lin_blue_off;
u8 lin_rsvd_len;
u8 lin_rsvd_off;
u32 max_pixel_clock;
u16 mode_id;
u8 depth;
} __attribute__ ((packed));
#define UVESAFB_DEFAULT_MODE "640x480-16"
/* How long to wait for a reply from userspace [ms] */
#define UVESAFB_TIMEOUT 5000
/* Max number of concurrent tasks */
#define dac_reg (0x3c8)
#define dac_val (0x3c9)
struct uvesafb_pal_entry {
u_char blue, green, red, pad;
} __attribute__ ((packed));
struct uvesafb_ktask {
struct uvesafb_task t;
void *buf;
struct completion *done;
u32 ack;
static int uvesafb_exec(struct uvesafb_ktask *tsk);
struct uvesafb_par {
struct vbe_ib vbe_ib; /* VBE Info Block */
struct vbe_mode_ib *vbe_modes; /* list of supported VBE modes */
int vbe_modes_cnt;
u8 nocrtc;
u8 ypan; /* 0 - nothing, 1 - ypan, 2 - ywrap */
u8 pmi_setpal; /* PMI for palette changes */
u16 *pmi_base; /* protected mode interface location */
void *pmi_start;
void *pmi_pal;
u8 *vbe_state_orig; /*
* original hardware state, before the
* driver was loaded
u8 *vbe_state_saved; /* state saved by fb_save_state */
int vbe_state_size;
atomic_t ref_count;
int mode_idx;
struct vbe_crtc_ib crtc;
#endif /* __KERNEL__ */
#endif /* _UVESAFB_H */