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* Copyright (C) Sistina Software, Inc. 1997-2003 All rights reserved.
* Copyright (C) 2004-2008 Red Hat, Inc. All rights reserved.
* This copyrighted material is made available to anyone wishing to use,
* modify, copy, or redistribute it subject to the terms and conditions
* of the GNU General Public License version 2.
#ifndef __INCORE_DOT_H__
#define __INCORE_DOT_H__
#include <linux/fs.h>
#include <linux/workqueue.h>
#include <linux/slow-work.h>
#include <linux/dlm.h>
#include <linux/buffer_head.h>
#define DIO_WAIT 0x00000010
#define DIO_METADATA 0x00000020
#define DIO_ALL 0x00000100
struct gfs2_log_operations;
struct gfs2_log_element;
struct gfs2_holder;
struct gfs2_glock;
struct gfs2_quota_data;
struct gfs2_trans;
struct gfs2_ail;
struct gfs2_jdesc;
struct gfs2_sbd;
struct lm_lockops;
typedef void (*gfs2_glop_bh_t) (struct gfs2_glock *gl, unsigned int ret);
struct gfs2_log_header_host {
u64 lh_sequence; /* Sequence number of this transaction */
u32 lh_flags; /* GFS2_LOG_HEAD_... */
u32 lh_tail; /* Block number of log tail */
u32 lh_blkno;
u32 lh_hash;
* Structure of operations that are associated with each
* type of element in the log.
struct gfs2_log_operations {
void (*lo_add) (struct gfs2_sbd *sdp, struct gfs2_log_element *le);
void (*lo_before_commit) (struct gfs2_sbd *sdp);
void (*lo_after_commit) (struct gfs2_sbd *sdp, struct gfs2_ail *ai);
void (*lo_before_scan) (struct gfs2_jdesc *jd,
struct gfs2_log_header_host *head, int pass);
int (*lo_scan_elements) (struct gfs2_jdesc *jd, unsigned int start,
struct gfs2_log_descriptor *ld, __be64 *ptr,
int pass);
void (*lo_after_scan) (struct gfs2_jdesc *jd, int error, int pass);
const char *lo_name;
struct gfs2_log_element {
struct list_head le_list;
const struct gfs2_log_operations *le_ops;
#define GBF_FULL 1
struct gfs2_bitmap {
struct buffer_head *bi_bh;
char *bi_clone;
unsigned long bi_flags;
u32 bi_offset;
u32 bi_start;
u32 bi_len;
struct gfs2_rgrpd {
struct list_head rd_list; /* Link with superblock */
struct list_head rd_list_mru;
struct gfs2_glock *rd_gl; /* Glock for this rgrp */
u64 rd_addr; /* grp block disk address */
u64 rd_data0; /* first data location */
u32 rd_length; /* length of rgrp header in fs blocks */
u32 rd_data; /* num of data blocks in rgrp */
u32 rd_bitbytes; /* number of bytes in data bitmaps */
u32 rd_free;
u32 rd_free_clone;
u32 rd_dinodes;
u64 rd_igeneration;
struct gfs2_bitmap *rd_bits;
struct mutex rd_mutex;
struct gfs2_log_element rd_le;
struct gfs2_sbd *rd_sbd;
unsigned int rd_bh_count;
u32 rd_last_alloc;
u32 rd_flags;
#define GFS2_RDF_CHECK 0x10000000 /* check for unlinked inodes */
#define GFS2_RDF_UPTODATE 0x20000000 /* rg is up to date */
#define GFS2_RDF_ERROR 0x40000000 /* error in rg */
#define GFS2_RDF_MASK 0xf0000000 /* mask for internal flags */
enum gfs2_state_bits {
BH_Pinned = BH_PrivateStart,
BH_Escaped = BH_PrivateStart + 1,
BUFFER_FNS(Pinned, pinned)
TAS_BUFFER_FNS(Pinned, pinned)
BUFFER_FNS(Escaped, escaped)
TAS_BUFFER_FNS(Escaped, escaped)
struct gfs2_bufdata {
struct buffer_head *bd_bh;
struct gfs2_glock *bd_gl;
union {
struct list_head list_tr;
u64 blkno;
} u;
#define bd_list_tr u.list_tr
#define bd_blkno u.blkno
struct gfs2_log_element bd_le;
struct gfs2_ail *bd_ail;
struct list_head bd_ail_st_list;
struct list_head bd_ail_gl_list;
* Internally, we prefix things with gdlm_ and GDLM_ (for gfs-dlm) since a
* prefix of lock_dlm_ gets awkward.
#define GDLM_LVB_SIZE 32
enum {
struct lm_lockname {
u64 ln_number;
unsigned int ln_type;
#define lm_name_equal(name1, name2) \
(((name1)->ln_number == (name2)->ln_number) && \
((name1)->ln_type == (name2)->ln_type))
struct gfs2_glock_operations {
void (*go_xmote_th) (struct gfs2_glock *gl);
int (*go_xmote_bh) (struct gfs2_glock *gl, struct gfs2_holder *gh);
void (*go_inval) (struct gfs2_glock *gl, int flags);
int (*go_demote_ok) (const struct gfs2_glock *gl);
int (*go_lock) (struct gfs2_holder *gh);
void (*go_unlock) (struct gfs2_holder *gh);
int (*go_dump)(struct seq_file *seq, const struct gfs2_glock *gl);
void (*go_callback) (struct gfs2_glock *gl);
const int go_type;
const unsigned long go_min_hold_time;
enum {
/* States */
HIF_HOLDER = 6, /* Set for gh that "holds" the glock */
HIF_WAIT = 10,
struct gfs2_holder {
struct list_head gh_list;
struct gfs2_glock *gh_gl;
struct pid *gh_owner_pid;
unsigned int gh_state;
unsigned gh_flags;
int gh_error;
unsigned long gh_iflags; /* HIF_... */
unsigned long gh_ip;
enum {
struct gfs2_glock {
struct hlist_node gl_list;
unsigned long gl_flags; /* GLF_... */
struct lm_lockname gl_name;
atomic_t gl_ref;
spinlock_t gl_spin;
unsigned int gl_state;
unsigned int gl_target;
unsigned int gl_reply;
unsigned int gl_hash;
unsigned int gl_req;
unsigned int gl_demote_state; /* state requested by remote node */
unsigned long gl_demote_time; /* time of first demote request */
struct list_head gl_holders;
const struct gfs2_glock_operations *gl_ops;
char gl_strname[GDLM_STRNAME_BYTES];
struct dlm_lksb gl_lksb;
char gl_lvb[32];
unsigned long gl_tchange;
void *gl_object;
struct list_head gl_lru;
struct gfs2_sbd *gl_sbd;
struct inode *gl_aspace;
struct list_head gl_ail_list;
atomic_t gl_ail_count;
struct delayed_work gl_work;
struct work_struct gl_delete;
#define GFS2_MIN_LVB_SIZE 32 /* Min size of LVB that gfs2 supports */
struct gfs2_alloc {
/* Quota stuff */
struct gfs2_quota_data *al_qd[2*MAXQUOTAS];
struct gfs2_holder al_qd_ghs[2*MAXQUOTAS];
unsigned int al_qd_num;
u32 al_requested; /* Filled in by caller of gfs2_inplace_reserve() */
u32 al_alloced; /* Filled in by gfs2_alloc_*() */
/* Filled in by gfs2_inplace_reserve() */
unsigned int al_line;
char *al_file;
struct gfs2_holder al_ri_gh;
struct gfs2_holder al_rgd_gh;
struct gfs2_rgrpd *al_rgd;
enum {
GIF_USER = 4, /* user inode, not metadata addr space */
struct gfs2_inode {
struct inode i_inode;
u64 i_no_addr;
u64 i_no_formal_ino;
u64 i_generation;
u64 i_eattr;
loff_t i_disksize;
unsigned long i_flags; /* GIF_... */
struct gfs2_glock *i_gl; /* Move into i_gh? */
struct gfs2_holder i_iopen_gh;
struct gfs2_holder i_gh; /* for prepare/commit_write only */
struct gfs2_alloc *i_alloc;
u64 i_goal; /* goal block for allocations */
struct rw_semaphore i_rw_mutex;
struct list_head i_trunc_list;
u32 i_entries;
u32 i_diskflags;
u8 i_height;
u8 i_depth;
* Since i_inode is the first element of struct gfs2_inode,
* this is effectively a cast.
static inline struct gfs2_inode *GFS2_I(struct inode *inode)
return container_of(inode, struct gfs2_inode, i_inode);
static inline struct gfs2_sbd *GFS2_SB(const struct inode *inode)
return inode->i_sb->s_fs_info;
struct gfs2_file {
struct mutex f_fl_mutex;
struct gfs2_holder f_fl_gh;
struct gfs2_revoke_replay {
struct list_head rr_list;
u64 rr_blkno;
unsigned int rr_where;
enum {
struct gfs2_quota_data {
struct list_head qd_list;
struct list_head qd_reclaim;
atomic_t qd_count;
u32 qd_id;
unsigned long qd_flags; /* QDF_... */
s64 qd_change;
s64 qd_change_sync;
unsigned int qd_slot;
unsigned int qd_slot_count;
struct buffer_head *qd_bh;
struct gfs2_quota_change *qd_bh_qc;
unsigned int qd_bh_count;
struct gfs2_glock *qd_gl;
struct gfs2_quota_lvb qd_qb;
u64 qd_sync_gen;
unsigned long qd_last_warn;
struct gfs2_trans {
unsigned long tr_ip;
unsigned int tr_blocks;
unsigned int tr_revokes;
unsigned int tr_reserved;
struct gfs2_holder tr_t_gh;
int tr_touched;
unsigned int tr_num_buf;
unsigned int tr_num_buf_new;
unsigned int tr_num_databuf_new;
unsigned int tr_num_buf_rm;
unsigned int tr_num_databuf_rm;
struct list_head tr_list_buf;
unsigned int tr_num_revoke;
unsigned int tr_num_revoke_rm;
struct gfs2_ail {
struct list_head ai_list;
unsigned int ai_first;
struct list_head ai_ail1_list;
struct list_head ai_ail2_list;
u64 ai_sync_gen;
struct gfs2_journal_extent {
struct list_head extent_list;
unsigned int lblock; /* First logical block */
u64 dblock; /* First disk block */
u64 blocks;
struct gfs2_jdesc {
struct list_head jd_list;
struct list_head extent_list;
struct slow_work jd_work;
struct inode *jd_inode;
unsigned long jd_flags;
#define JDF_RECOVERY 1
unsigned int jd_jid;
unsigned int jd_blocks;
struct gfs2_statfs_change_host {
s64 sc_total;
s64 sc_free;
s64 sc_dinodes;
#define GFS2_QUOTA_OFF 0
#define GFS2_QUOTA_ON 2
#define GFS2_ERRORS_CONTINUE 1 /* place holder for future feature */
#define GFS2_ERRORS_RO 2 /* place holder for future feature */
struct gfs2_args {
char ar_lockproto[GFS2_LOCKNAME_LEN]; /* Name of the Lock Protocol */
char ar_locktable[GFS2_LOCKNAME_LEN]; /* Name of the Lock Table */
char ar_hostdata[GFS2_LOCKNAME_LEN]; /* Host specific data */
unsigned int ar_spectator:1; /* Don't get a journal */
unsigned int ar_ignore_local_fs:1; /* Ignore optimisations */
unsigned int ar_localflocks:1; /* Let the VFS do flock|fcntl */
unsigned int ar_localcaching:1; /* Local caching */
unsigned int ar_debug:1; /* Oops on errors */
unsigned int ar_upgrade:1; /* Upgrade ondisk format */
unsigned int ar_posix_acl:1; /* Enable posix acls */
unsigned int ar_quota:2; /* off/account/on */
unsigned int ar_suiddir:1; /* suiddir support */
unsigned int ar_data:2; /* ordered/writeback */
unsigned int ar_meta:1; /* mount metafs */
unsigned int ar_discard:1; /* discard requests */
unsigned int ar_errors:2; /* errors=withdraw | panic */
int ar_commit; /* Commit interval */
struct gfs2_tune {
spinlock_t gt_spin;
unsigned int gt_incore_log_blocks;
unsigned int gt_log_flush_secs;
unsigned int gt_logd_secs;
unsigned int gt_quota_simul_sync; /* Max quotavals to sync at once */
unsigned int gt_quota_warn_period; /* Secs between quota warn msgs */
unsigned int gt_quota_scale_num; /* Numerator */
unsigned int gt_quota_scale_den; /* Denominator */
unsigned int gt_quota_quantum; /* Secs between syncs to quota file */
unsigned int gt_new_files_jdata;
unsigned int gt_max_readahead; /* Max bytes to read-ahead from disk */
unsigned int gt_stall_secs; /* Detects trouble! */
unsigned int gt_complain_secs;
unsigned int gt_statfs_quantum;
unsigned int gt_statfs_slow;
enum {
#define GFS2_FSNAME_LEN 256
struct gfs2_inum_host {
u64 no_formal_ino;
u64 no_addr;
struct gfs2_sb_host {
u32 sb_magic;
u32 sb_type;
u32 sb_format;
u32 sb_fs_format;
u32 sb_multihost_format;
u32 sb_bsize;
u32 sb_bsize_shift;
struct gfs2_inum_host sb_master_dir;
struct gfs2_inum_host sb_root_dir;
char sb_lockproto[GFS2_LOCKNAME_LEN];
char sb_locktable[GFS2_LOCKNAME_LEN];
u8 sb_uuid[16];
* lm_mount() return values
* ls_jid - the journal ID this node should use
* ls_first - this node is the first to mount the file system
* ls_lockspace - lock module's context for this file system
* ls_ops - lock module's functions
struct lm_lockstruct {
unsigned int ls_jid;
unsigned int ls_first;
unsigned int ls_first_done;
unsigned int ls_nodir;
const struct lm_lockops *ls_ops;
unsigned long ls_flags;
dlm_lockspace_t *ls_dlm;
int ls_recover_jid_done;
int ls_recover_jid_status;
struct gfs2_sbd {
struct super_block *sd_vfs;
struct kobject sd_kobj;
unsigned long sd_flags; /* SDF_... */
struct gfs2_sb_host sd_sb;
/* Constants computed on mount */
u32 sd_fsb2bb;
u32 sd_fsb2bb_shift;
u32 sd_diptrs; /* Number of pointers in a dinode */
u32 sd_inptrs; /* Number of pointers in a indirect block */
u32 sd_jbsize; /* Size of a journaled data block */
u32 sd_hash_bsize; /* sizeof(exhash block) */
u32 sd_hash_bsize_shift;
u32 sd_hash_ptrs; /* Number of pointers in a hash block */
u32 sd_qc_per_block;
u32 sd_max_dirres; /* Max blocks needed to add a directory entry */
u32 sd_max_height; /* Max height of a file's metadata tree */
u64 sd_heightsize[GFS2_MAX_META_HEIGHT + 1];
u32 sd_max_jheight; /* Max height of journaled file's meta tree */
u64 sd_jheightsize[GFS2_MAX_META_HEIGHT + 1];
struct gfs2_args sd_args; /* Mount arguments */
struct gfs2_tune sd_tune; /* Filesystem tuning structure */
/* Lock Stuff */
struct lm_lockstruct sd_lockstruct;
struct gfs2_holder sd_live_gh;
struct gfs2_glock *sd_rename_gl;
struct gfs2_glock *sd_trans_gl;
/* Inode Stuff */
struct dentry *sd_master_dir;
struct dentry *sd_root_dir;
struct inode *sd_jindex;
struct inode *sd_statfs_inode;
struct inode *sd_sc_inode;
struct inode *sd_qc_inode;
struct inode *sd_rindex;
struct inode *sd_quota_inode;
/* StatFS stuff */
spinlock_t sd_statfs_spin;
struct gfs2_statfs_change_host sd_statfs_master;
struct gfs2_statfs_change_host sd_statfs_local;
/* Resource group stuff */
int sd_rindex_uptodate;
spinlock_t sd_rindex_spin;
struct mutex sd_rindex_mutex;
struct list_head sd_rindex_list;
struct list_head sd_rindex_mru_list;
struct gfs2_rgrpd *sd_rindex_forward;
unsigned int sd_rgrps;
/* Journal index stuff */
struct list_head sd_jindex_list;
spinlock_t sd_jindex_spin;
struct mutex sd_jindex_mutex;
unsigned int sd_journals;
struct gfs2_jdesc *sd_jdesc;
struct gfs2_holder sd_journal_gh;
struct gfs2_holder sd_jinode_gh;
struct gfs2_holder sd_sc_gh;
struct gfs2_holder sd_qc_gh;
/* Daemon stuff */
struct task_struct *sd_logd_process;
struct task_struct *sd_quotad_process;
/* Quota stuff */
struct list_head sd_quota_list;
atomic_t sd_quota_count;
struct mutex sd_quota_mutex;
wait_queue_head_t sd_quota_wait;
struct list_head sd_trunc_list;
spinlock_t sd_trunc_lock;
unsigned int sd_quota_slots;
unsigned int sd_quota_chunks;
unsigned char **sd_quota_bitmap;
u64 sd_quota_sync_gen;
/* Log stuff */
spinlock_t sd_log_lock;
unsigned int sd_log_blks_reserved;
unsigned int sd_log_commited_buf;
unsigned int sd_log_commited_databuf;
unsigned int sd_log_commited_revoke;
unsigned int sd_log_num_buf;
unsigned int sd_log_num_revoke;
unsigned int sd_log_num_rg;
unsigned int sd_log_num_databuf;
struct list_head sd_log_le_buf;
struct list_head sd_log_le_revoke;
struct list_head sd_log_le_rg;
struct list_head sd_log_le_databuf;
struct list_head sd_log_le_ordered;
atomic_t sd_log_blks_free;
struct mutex sd_log_reserve_mutex;
u64 sd_log_sequence;
unsigned int sd_log_head;
unsigned int sd_log_tail;
int sd_log_idle;
unsigned long sd_log_flush_time;
struct rw_semaphore sd_log_flush_lock;
atomic_t sd_log_in_flight;
wait_queue_head_t sd_log_flush_wait;
unsigned int sd_log_flush_head;
u64 sd_log_flush_wrapped;
struct list_head sd_ail1_list;
struct list_head sd_ail2_list;
u64 sd_ail_sync_gen;
/* Replay stuff */
struct list_head sd_revoke_list;
unsigned int sd_replay_tail;
unsigned int sd_found_blocks;
unsigned int sd_found_revokes;
unsigned int sd_replayed_blocks;
/* For quiescing the filesystem */
struct gfs2_holder sd_freeze_gh;
struct mutex sd_freeze_lock;
unsigned int sd_freeze_count;
char sd_fsname[GFS2_FSNAME_LEN];
char sd_table_name[GFS2_FSNAME_LEN];
char sd_proto_name[GFS2_FSNAME_LEN];
/* Debugging crud */
unsigned long sd_last_warning;
struct dentry *debugfs_dir; /* debugfs directory */
struct dentry *debugfs_dentry_glocks; /* for debugfs */
#endif /* __INCORE_DOT_H__ */