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W9966 Camera driver, written by Jakob Kemi (
After a lot of work in softice & wdasm, reading .pdf-files and tiresome
trial-and-error work I've finally got everything to work. I needed vision for a
robotics project so I borrowed this camera from a friend and started hacking.
Anyway I've converted my original code from the AVR 8bit RISC C/ASM code into
a working Linux driver.
To get it working simply configure your kernel to support
parport, ieee1284, video4linux and w9966
If w9966 is statically linked it will always perform aggressive probing for
the camera. If built as a module you'll have more configuration options.
modprobe w9966.o pardev=parport0(or whatever) parmode=0 (0=auto, 1=ecp, 2=epp)
you can also type 'modinfo -p w9966.o' for option usage
(or checkout w9966.c)
The only thing to keep in mind is that the image format is in Y-U-Y-V format
where every two pixels take 4 bytes. In SDL ( this format
is called VIDEO_PALETTE_YUV422 (16 bpp).
A minimal test application (with source) is available from:
The slow framerate is due to missing DMA ECP read support in the
parport drivers. I might add working EPP support later.
Good luck!
/Jakob Kemi