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To extract firmware for the DM04/QQBOX you need to copy the
following file(s) to this directory.
for DM04+/QQBOX LME2510C (Sharp 7395 Tuner)
The Sharp 7395 driver can be found in windows/system32/drivers
US2A0D.sys (dated 17 Mar 2009)
and run
./get_dvb_firmware lme2510c_s7395
will produce
An alternative but older firmware can be found on the driver
disk DVB-S_EN_3.5A in BDADriver/driver
LMEBDA_DVBS7395C.sys (dated 18 Jan 2008)
and run
./get_dvb_firmware lme2510c_s7395_old
will produce
The LG firmware can be found on the driver
disk DM04+_5.1A[LG] in BDADriver/driver
for DM04 LME2510 (LG Tuner)
LMEBDA_DVBS.sys (dated 13 Nov 2007)
and run
./get_dvb_firmware lme2510_lg
will produce
Other LG firmware can be extracted manually from US280D.sys
only found in windows/system32/drivers
dd if=US280D.sys ibs=1 skip=42360 count=3924 of=dvb-usb-lme2510-lg.fw
for DM04 LME2510C (LG Tuner)
dd if=US280D.sys ibs=1 skip=35200 count=3850 of=dvb-usb-lme2510c-lg.fw
The Sharp 0194 tuner driver can be found in windows/system32/drivers
US290D.sys (dated 09 Apr 2009)
For LME2510
dd if=US290D.sys ibs=1 skip=36856 count=3976 of=dvb-usb-lme2510-s0194.fw
For LME2510C
dd if=US290D.sys ibs=1 skip=33152 count=3697 of=dvb-usb-lme2510c-s0194.fw
Copy the firmware file(s) to /lib/firmware