GFRM100: Fix Info, OK, and Search buttons in Linux 3.16

1) Add gfrm_input_mapping() to handle GFRM100 non-standard mappings:
   - Consumer.0004 -> KEY_INFO
   - Consumer.0041 -> KEY_OK

2) Adjust gfrm_raw_event() to handle Search-key correctly:
   - use standard Consumer.0221 event, which is already mapped to KEY_SEARCH
   - use hid_report_raw_event() because recursive call to hid_input_report()
     won't work due to already held semaphore
   - return negative value so that hid_input_report() won't try to call
     hid_report_raw_event() again

Change-Id: Ieb078cb93f474632d4e01839eb0534083dd01054
1 file changed