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/* written by Philipp Rumpf, Copyright (C) 1999 SuSE GmbH Nuernberg
** Copyright (C) 2000 Grant Grundler, Hewlett-Packard
#include <linux/types.h>
/* This struct defines the way the registers are stored on the
* stack during a system call.
* N.B. gdb/strace care about the size and offsets within this
* structure. If you change things, you may break object compatibility
* for those applications.
struct pt_regs {
unsigned long gr[32]; /* PSW is in gr[0] */
__u64 fr[32];
unsigned long sr[ 8];
unsigned long iasq[2];
unsigned long iaoq[2];
unsigned long cr27;
unsigned long pad0; /* available for other uses */
unsigned long orig_r28;
unsigned long ksp;
unsigned long kpc;
unsigned long sar; /* CR11 */
unsigned long iir; /* CR19 */
unsigned long isr; /* CR20 */
unsigned long ior; /* CR21 */
unsigned long ipsw; /* CR22 */
* The numbers chosen here are somewhat arbitrary but absolutely MUST
* not overlap with any of the number assigned in <linux/ptrace.h>.
* These ones are taken from IA-64 on the assumption that theirs are
* the most correct (and we also want to support PTRACE_SINGLEBLOCK
* since we have taken branch traps too)
#define PTRACE_SINGLEBLOCK 12 /* resume execution until next branch */
#endif /* _UAPI_PARISC_PTRACE_H */