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* Copyright (c) 2000-2006 Silicon Graphics, Inc.
* All Rights Reserved.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it would be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write the Free Software Foundation,
* Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
#ifndef __XFS_BMAP_H__
#define __XFS_BMAP_H__
struct getbmap;
struct xfs_bmbt_irec;
struct xfs_ifork;
struct xfs_inode;
struct xfs_mount;
struct xfs_trans;
extern kmem_zone_t *xfs_bmap_free_item_zone;
* Argument structure for xfs_bmap_alloc.
struct xfs_bmalloca {
xfs_fsblock_t *firstblock; /* i/o first block allocated */
struct xfs_bmap_free *flist; /* bmap freelist */
struct xfs_trans *tp; /* transaction pointer */
struct xfs_inode *ip; /* incore inode pointer */
struct xfs_bmbt_irec prev; /* extent before the new one */
struct xfs_bmbt_irec got; /* extent after, or delayed */
xfs_fileoff_t offset; /* offset in file filling in */
xfs_extlen_t length; /* i/o length asked/allocated */
xfs_fsblock_t blkno; /* starting block of new extent */
struct xfs_btree_cur *cur; /* btree cursor */
xfs_extnum_t idx; /* current extent index */
int nallocs;/* number of extents alloc'd */
int logflags;/* flags for transaction logging */
xfs_extlen_t total; /* total blocks needed for xaction */
xfs_extlen_t minlen; /* minimum allocation size (blocks) */
xfs_extlen_t minleft; /* amount must be left after alloc */
bool eof; /* set if allocating past last extent */
bool wasdel; /* replacing a delayed allocation */
bool userdata;/* set if is user data */
bool aeof; /* allocated space at eof */
bool conv; /* overwriting unwritten extents */
int flags;
* List of extents to be free "later".
* The list is kept sorted on xbf_startblock.
typedef struct xfs_bmap_free_item
xfs_fsblock_t xbfi_startblock;/* starting fs block number */
xfs_extlen_t xbfi_blockcount;/* number of blocks in extent */
struct xfs_bmap_free_item *xbfi_next; /* link to next entry */
} xfs_bmap_free_item_t;
* Header for free extent list.
* xbf_low is used by the allocator to activate the lowspace algorithm -
* when free space is running low the extent allocator may choose to
* allocate an extent from an AG without leaving sufficient space for
* a btree split when inserting the new extent. In this case the allocator
* will enable the lowspace algorithm which is supposed to allow further
* allocations (such as btree splits and newroots) to allocate from
* sequential AGs. In order to avoid locking AGs out of order the lowspace
* algorithm will start searching for free space from AG 0. If the correct
* transaction reservations have been made then this algorithm will eventually
* find all the space it needs.
typedef struct xfs_bmap_free
xfs_bmap_free_item_t *xbf_first; /* list of to-be-free extents */
int xbf_count; /* count of items on list */
int xbf_low; /* alloc in low mode */
} xfs_bmap_free_t;
* Flags for xfs_bmapi_*
#define XFS_BMAPI_ENTIRE 0x001 /* return entire extent, not trimmed */
#define XFS_BMAPI_METADATA 0x002 /* mapping metadata not user data */
#define XFS_BMAPI_ATTRFORK 0x004 /* use attribute fork not data */
#define XFS_BMAPI_PREALLOC 0x008 /* preallocation op: unwritten space */
#define XFS_BMAPI_IGSTATE 0x010 /* Ignore state - */
/* combine contig. space */
#define XFS_BMAPI_CONTIG 0x020 /* must allocate only one extent */
* unwritten extent conversion - this needs write cache flushing and no additional
* allocation alignments. When specified with XFS_BMAPI_PREALLOC it converts
* from written to unwritten, otherwise convert from unwritten to written.
#define XFS_BMAPI_CONVERT 0x040
static inline int xfs_bmapi_aflag(int w)
* Special values for xfs_bmbt_irec_t br_startblock field.
#define DELAYSTARTBLOCK ((xfs_fsblock_t)-1LL)
#define HOLESTARTBLOCK ((xfs_fsblock_t)-2LL)
static inline void xfs_bmap_init(xfs_bmap_free_t *flp, xfs_fsblock_t *fbp)
((flp)->xbf_first = NULL, (flp)->xbf_count = 0, \
(flp)->xbf_low = 0, *(fbp) = NULLFSBLOCK);
* Flags for xfs_bmap_add_extent*.
#define BMAP_LEFT_CONTIG (1 << 0)
#define BMAP_RIGHT_CONTIG (1 << 1)
#define BMAP_LEFT_FILLING (1 << 2)
#define BMAP_RIGHT_FILLING (1 << 3)
#define BMAP_LEFT_DELAY (1 << 4)
#define BMAP_RIGHT_DELAY (1 << 5)
#define BMAP_LEFT_VALID (1 << 6)
#define BMAP_RIGHT_VALID (1 << 7)
#define BMAP_ATTRFORK (1 << 8)
* This macro is used to determine how many extents will be shifted
* in one write transaction. We could require two splits,
* an extent move on the first and an extent merge on the second,
* So it is proper that one extent is shifted inside write transaction
* at a time.
enum shift_direction {
#ifdef DEBUG
void xfs_bmap_trace_exlist(struct xfs_inode *ip, xfs_extnum_t cnt,
int whichfork, unsigned long caller_ip);
#define XFS_BMAP_TRACE_EXLIST(ip,c,w) \
xfs_bmap_trace_exlist(ip,c,w, _THIS_IP_)
#define XFS_BMAP_TRACE_EXLIST(ip,c,w)
int xfs_bmap_add_attrfork(struct xfs_inode *ip, int size, int rsvd);
void xfs_bmap_local_to_extents_empty(struct xfs_inode *ip, int whichfork);
void xfs_bmap_add_free(xfs_fsblock_t bno, xfs_filblks_t len,
struct xfs_bmap_free *flist, struct xfs_mount *mp);
void xfs_bmap_cancel(struct xfs_bmap_free *flist);
int xfs_bmap_finish(struct xfs_trans **tp, struct xfs_bmap_free *flist,
int *committed);
void xfs_bmap_compute_maxlevels(struct xfs_mount *mp, int whichfork);
int xfs_bmap_first_unused(struct xfs_trans *tp, struct xfs_inode *ip,
xfs_extlen_t len, xfs_fileoff_t *unused, int whichfork);
int xfs_bmap_last_before(struct xfs_trans *tp, struct xfs_inode *ip,
xfs_fileoff_t *last_block, int whichfork);
int xfs_bmap_last_offset(struct xfs_inode *ip, xfs_fileoff_t *unused,
int whichfork);
int xfs_bmap_one_block(struct xfs_inode *ip, int whichfork);
int xfs_bmap_read_extents(struct xfs_trans *tp, struct xfs_inode *ip,
int whichfork);
int xfs_bmapi_read(struct xfs_inode *ip, xfs_fileoff_t bno,
xfs_filblks_t len, struct xfs_bmbt_irec *mval,
int *nmap, int flags);
int xfs_bmapi_delay(struct xfs_inode *ip, xfs_fileoff_t bno,
xfs_filblks_t len, struct xfs_bmbt_irec *mval,
int *nmap, int flags);
int xfs_bmapi_write(struct xfs_trans *tp, struct xfs_inode *ip,
xfs_fileoff_t bno, xfs_filblks_t len, int flags,
xfs_fsblock_t *firstblock, xfs_extlen_t total,
struct xfs_bmbt_irec *mval, int *nmap,
struct xfs_bmap_free *flist);
int xfs_bunmapi(struct xfs_trans *tp, struct xfs_inode *ip,
xfs_fileoff_t bno, xfs_filblks_t len, int flags,
xfs_extnum_t nexts, xfs_fsblock_t *firstblock,
struct xfs_bmap_free *flist, int *done);
int xfs_check_nostate_extents(struct xfs_ifork *ifp, xfs_extnum_t idx,
xfs_extnum_t num);
uint xfs_default_attroffset(struct xfs_inode *ip);
int xfs_bmap_shift_extents(struct xfs_trans *tp, struct xfs_inode *ip,
xfs_fileoff_t *next_fsb, xfs_fileoff_t offset_shift_fsb,
int *done, xfs_fileoff_t stop_fsb, xfs_fsblock_t *firstblock,
struct xfs_bmap_free *flist, enum shift_direction direction,
int num_exts);
int xfs_bmap_split_extent(struct xfs_inode *ip, xfs_fileoff_t split_offset);
#endif /* __XFS_BMAP_H__ */