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* File: sound/soc/codecs/ssm2602.h
* Author: Cliff Cai <>
* Created: Tue June 06 2008
* Modified:
* Copyright 2008 Analog Devices Inc.
* Bugs: Enter bugs at
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, see the file COPYING, or write
* to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
* 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
#ifndef _SSM2602_H
#define _SSM2602_H
#include <linux/regmap.h>
struct device;
enum ssm2602_type {
extern const struct regmap_config ssm2602_regmap_config;
int ssm2602_probe(struct device *dev, enum ssm2602_type type,
struct regmap *regmap);
/* SSM2602 Codec Register definitions */
#define SSM2602_LINVOL 0x00
#define SSM2602_RINVOL 0x01
#define SSM2602_LOUT1V 0x02
#define SSM2602_ROUT1V 0x03
#define SSM2602_APANA 0x04
#define SSM2602_APDIGI 0x05
#define SSM2602_PWR 0x06
#define SSM2602_IFACE 0x07
#define SSM2602_SRATE 0x08
#define SSM2602_ACTIVE 0x09
#define SSM2602_RESET 0x0f
/*SSM2602 Codec Register Field definitions
*(Mask value to extract the corresponding Register field)
/*Left ADC Volume Control (SSM2602_REG_LEFT_ADC_VOL)*/
#define LINVOL_LIN_VOL 0x01F /* Left Channel PGA Volume control */
#define LINVOL_LIN_ENABLE_MUTE 0x080 /* Left Channel Input Mute */
#define LINVOL_LRIN_BOTH 0x100 /* Left Channel Line Input Volume update */
/*Right ADC Volume Control (SSM2602_REG_RIGHT_ADC_VOL)*/
#define RINVOL_RIN_VOL 0x01F /* Right Channel PGA Volume control */
#define RINVOL_RIN_ENABLE_MUTE 0x080 /* Right Channel Input Mute */
#define RINVOL_RLIN_BOTH 0x100 /* Right Channel Line Input Volume update */
/*Left DAC Volume Control (SSM2602_REG_LEFT_DAC_VOL)*/
#define LOUT1V_LHP_VOL 0x07F /* Left Channel Headphone volume control */
#define LOUT1V_ENABLE_LZC 0x080 /* Left Channel Zero cross detect enable */
#define LOUT1V_LRHP_BOTH 0x100 /* Left Channel Headphone volume update */
/*Right DAC Volume Control (SSM2602_REG_RIGHT_DAC_VOL)*/
#define ROUT1V_RHP_VOL 0x07F /* Right Channel Headphone volume control */
#define ROUT1V_ENABLE_RZC 0x080 /* Right Channel Zero cross detect enable */
#define ROUT1V_RLHP_BOTH 0x100 /* Right Channel Headphone volume update */
/*Analogue Audio Path Control (SSM2602_REG_ANALOGUE_PATH)*/
#define APANA_ENABLE_MIC_BOOST 0x001 /* Primary Microphone Amplifier gain booster control */
#define APANA_ENABLE_MIC_MUTE 0x002 /* Microphone Mute Control */
#define APANA_ADC_IN_SELECT 0x004 /* Microphone/Line IN select to ADC (1=MIC, 0=Line In) */
#define APANA_ENABLE_BYPASS 0x008 /* Line input bypass to line output */
#define APANA_SELECT_DAC 0x010 /* Select DAC (1=Select DAC, 0=Don't Select DAC) */
#define APANA_ENABLE_SIDETONE 0x020 /* Enable/Disable Side Tone */
#define APANA_SIDETONE_ATTN 0x0C0 /* Side Tone Attenuation */
#define APANA_ENABLE_MIC_BOOST2 0x100 /* Secondary Microphone Amplifier gain booster control */
/*Digital Audio Path Control (SSM2602_REG_DIGITAL_PATH)*/
#define APDIGI_ENABLE_ADC_HPF 0x001 /* Enable/Disable ADC Highpass Filter */
#define APDIGI_DE_EMPHASIS 0x006 /* De-Emphasis Control */
#define APDIGI_ENABLE_DAC_MUTE 0x008 /* DAC Mute Control */
#define APDIGI_STORE_OFFSET 0x010 /* Store/Clear DC offset when HPF is disabled */
/*Power Down Control (SSM2602_REG_POWER)
*(1=Enable PowerDown, 0=Disable PowerDown)
#define PWR_LINE_IN_PDN 0x001 /* Line Input Power Down */
#define PWR_MIC_PDN 0x002 /* Microphone Input & Bias Power Down */
#define PWR_ADC_PDN 0x004 /* ADC Power Down */
#define PWR_DAC_PDN 0x008 /* DAC Power Down */
#define PWR_OUT_PDN 0x010 /* Outputs Power Down */
#define PWR_OSC_PDN 0x020 /* Oscillator Power Down */
#define PWR_CLK_OUT_PDN 0x040 /* CLKOUT Power Down */
#define PWR_POWER_OFF 0x080 /* POWEROFF Mode */
/*Digital Audio Interface Format (SSM2602_REG_DIGITAL_IFACE)*/
#define IFACE_IFACE_FORMAT 0x003 /* Digital Audio input format control */
#define IFACE_AUDIO_DATA_LEN 0x00C /* Audio Data word length control */
#define IFACE_DAC_LR_POLARITY 0x010 /* Polarity Control for clocks in RJ,LJ and I2S modes */
#define IFACE_DAC_LR_SWAP 0x020 /* Swap DAC data control */
#define IFACE_ENABLE_MASTER 0x040 /* Enable/Disable Master Mode */
#define IFACE_BCLK_INVERT 0x080 /* Bit Clock Inversion control */
/*Sampling Control (SSM2602_REG_SAMPLING_CTRL)*/
#define SRATE_ENABLE_USB_MODE 0x001 /* Enable/Disable USB Mode */
#define SRATE_BOS_RATE 0x002 /* Base Over-Sampling rate */
#define SRATE_SAMPLE_RATE 0x03C /* Clock setting condition (Sampling rate control) */
#define SRATE_CORECLK_DIV2 0x040 /* Core Clock divider select */
#define SRATE_CLKOUT_DIV2 0x080 /* Clock Out divider select */
/*Active Control (SSM2602_REG_ACTIVE_CTRL)*/
#define ACTIVE_ACTIVATE_CODEC 0x001 /* Activate Codec Digital Audio Interface */
#define SSM2602_CACHEREGNUM 10
enum ssm2602_clk {