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# Memory devices
menuconfig MEMORY
bool "Memory Controller drivers"
config ARM_PL172_MPMC
tristate "ARM PL172 MPMC driver"
depends on ARM_AMBA && OF
This selects the ARM PrimeCell PL172 MultiPort Memory Controller.
If you have an embedded system with an AMBA bus and a PL172
controller, say Y or M here.
bool "Atmel (Multi-port DDR-)SDRAM Controller"
default y
depends on ARCH_AT91 && OF
This driver is for Atmel SDRAM Controller or Atmel Multi-port
DDR-SDRAM Controller available on Atmel AT91SAM9 and SAMA5 SoCs.
Starting with the at91sam9g45, this controller supports SDR, DDR and
LP-DDR memories.
config TI_AEMIF
tristate "Texas Instruments AEMIF driver"
This driver is for the AEMIF module available in Texas Instruments
SoCs. AEMIF stands for Asynchronous External Memory Interface and
is intended to provide a glue-less interface to a variety of
asynchronuous memory devices like ASRAM, NOR and NAND memory. A total
of 256M bytes of any of these memories can be accessed at a given
time via four chip selects with 64M byte access per chip select.
config TI_EMIF
tristate "Texas Instruments EMIF driver"
depends on ARCH_OMAP2PLUS
select DDR
This driver is for the EMIF module available in Texas Instruments
SoCs. EMIF is an SDRAM controller that, based on its revision,
supports one or more of DDR2, DDR3, and LPDDR2 SDRAM protocols.
This driver takes care of only LPDDR2 memories presently. The
functions of the driver includes re-configuring AC timing
parameters and other settings during frequency, voltage and
temperature changes
config OMAP_GPMC
This driver is for the General Purpose Memory Controller (GPMC)
present on Texas Instruments SoCs (e.g. OMAP2+). GPMC allows
interfacing to a variety of asynchronous as well as synchronous
memory drives like NOR, NAND, OneNAND, SRAM.
bool "Enable GPMC debug output and skip reset of GPMC during init"
depends on OMAP_GPMC
Enables verbose debugging mostly to decode the bootloader provided
timings. To preserve the bootloader provided timings, the reset
of GPMC is skipped during init. Enable this during development to
configure devices connected to the GPMC bus.
NOTE: In addition to matching the register setup with the bootloader
you also need to match the GPMC FCLK frequency used by the
bootloader or else the GPMC timings won't be identical with the
bootloader timings.
bool "Marvell EBU Device Bus Controller"
default y
depends on PLAT_ORION && OF
This driver is for the Device Bus controller available in some
Marvell EBU SoCs such as Discovery (mv78xx0), Orion (88f5xxx) and
Armada 370 and Armada XP. This controller allows to handle flash
devices such as NOR, NAND, SRAM, and FPGA.
config TEGRA20_MC
bool "Tegra20 Memory Controller(MC) driver"
default y
depends on ARCH_TEGRA_2x_SOC
This driver is for the Memory Controller(MC) module available
in Tegra20 SoCs, mainly for a address translation fault
analysis, especially for IOMMU/GART(Graphics Address
Relocation Table) module.
tristate "Freescale CoreNet Error Reporting"
depends on FSL_SOC_BOOKE
Say Y for reporting of errors from the Freescale CoreNet
Coherency Fabric. Errors reported include accesses to
physical addresses that mapped by no local access window
(LAW) or an invalid LAW, as well as bad cache state that
represents a coherency violation.
config FSL_IFC
depends on FSL_SOC
config JZ4780_NEMC
bool "Ingenic JZ4780 SoC NEMC driver"
default y
depends on MACH_JZ4780
This driver is for the NAND/External Memory Controller (NEMC) in
the Ingenic JZ4780. This controller is used to handle external
memory devices such as NAND and SRAM.
source "drivers/memory/tegra/Kconfig"