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#ifndef _UAPIS390_CMB_H
#define _UAPIS390_CMB_H
#include <linux/types.h>
* struct cmbdata - channel measurement block data for user space
* @size: size of the stored data
* @elapsed_time: time since last sampling
* @ssch_rsch_count: number of ssch and rsch
* @sample_count: number of samples
* @device_connect_time: time of device connect
* @function_pending_time: time of function pending
* @device_disconnect_time: time of device disconnect
* @control_unit_queuing_time: time of control unit queuing
* @device_active_only_time: time of device active only
* @device_busy_time: time of device busy (ext. format)
* @initial_command_response_time: initial command response time (ext. format)
* All values are stored as 64 bit for simplicity, especially
* in 32 bit emulation mode. All time values are normalized to
* nanoseconds.
* Currently, two formats are known, which differ by the size of
* this structure, i.e. the last two members are only set when
* the extended channel measurement facility (first shipped in
* z990 machines) is activated.
* Potentially, more fields could be added, which would result in a
* new ioctl number.
struct cmbdata {
__u64 size;
__u64 elapsed_time;
/* basic and exended format: */
__u64 ssch_rsch_count;
__u64 sample_count;
__u64 device_connect_time;
__u64 function_pending_time;
__u64 device_disconnect_time;
__u64 control_unit_queuing_time;
__u64 device_active_only_time;
/* extended format only: */
__u64 device_busy_time;
__u64 initial_command_response_time;
/* enable channel measurement */
/* enable channel measurement */
/* read channel measurement data */
#endif /* _UAPIS390_CMB_H */