Btrfs: fix memory leak in reading btree blocks

commit 2571e739677f1e4c0c63f5ed49adcc0857923625 upstream.

So we can read a btree block via readahead or intentional read,
and we can end up with a memory leak when something happens as
1) readahead starts to read block A but does not wait for read
2) btree_readpage_end_io_hook finds that block A is corrupted,
   and it needs to clear all block A's pages' uptodate bit.
3) meanwhile an intentional read kicks in and checks block A's
   pages' uptodate to decide which page needs to be read.
4) when some pages have the uptodate bit during 3)'s check so
   3) doesn't count them for eb->io_pages, but they are later
   cleared by 2) so we has to readpage on the page, we get
   the wrong eb->io_pages which results in a memory leak of
   this block.

This fixes the problem by firstly getting all pages's locking and
then checking pages' uptodate bit.

   t1(readahead)                              t2(readahead endio)                                       t3(the following read)
read_extent_buffer_pages                    end_bio_extent_readpage
  for pg in eb:                                for page 0,1,2 in eb:
      if pg is uptodate:                           btree_readpage_end_io_hook(pg)
          num_reads++                              if uptodate:
  eb->io_pages = num_reads                             SetPageUptodate(pg)              _______________
  for pg in eb:                                for page 3 in eb:                                     read_extent_buffer_pages
       if pg is NOT uptodate:                      btree_readpage_end_io_hook(pg)                       for pg in eb:
           __extent_read_full_page(pg)                 sanity check reports something wrong                 if pg is uptodate:
                                                       clear_extent_buffer_uptodate(eb)                         num_reads++
                                                           for pg in eb:                                eb->io_pages = num_reads
                                                               ClearPageUptodate(page)  _______________
                                                                                                        for pg in eb:
                                                                                                            if pg is NOT uptodate:

So t3's eb->io_pages is not consistent with the number of pages it's reading,
and during endio(), atomic_dec_and_test(&eb->io_pages) will get a negative
number so that we're not able to free the eb.

Signed-off-by: Liu Bo <>
Reviewed-by: David Sterba <>
Signed-off-by: David Sterba <>
Signed-off-by: Greg Kroah-Hartman <>

1 file changed