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# Convenience script for setting up a default buildroot config
# for Xtensa processor targets..
usage() {
echo "Usage (invoke from top of buildroot tree):"
echo " ./target/xtensa/setup-config <corename>"
#echo " ./target/xtensa/setup-config <corename> [<overlaypath>]"
echo "where:"
echo " <corename> is the Xtensa core overlay name, as specified in the -c option"
echo " of the ./target/xtensa/xt-buildroot-overlay-install script."
echo ""
echo "For example:"
echo " ./target/xtensa/setup-config dc232b"
echo ""
echo "Currently installed (available) core overlay names are:"
echo " " `ls toolchain/binutils/binutils-xtensa_*.tgz | sed -e 's,toolchain\/binutils\/binutils-xtensa_\(.*\)\.tgz,\1,g'`
exit 1
if [ $# -ne 1 ]; then
core=$1 ; shift
if [ ! -f toolchain/binutils/binutils-xtensa_${core}.tgz \
-o ! -f toolchain/gcc/gcc-xtensa_${core}.tgz \
-o ! -f toolchain/gdb/gdb-xtensa_${core}.tgz ]; then
echo "ERROR: Did not find an installed Xtensa core overlay named '${core}'."
echo "ERROR: Please install it first with ./target/xtensa/xt-buildroot-overlay-install"
echo ""
# Use preset buildroot config:
cp target/xtensa/defconfig .defconfig-xtensa
# Set core name:
sed -i -e 's,^BR2_xtensa_\(.*\)=y,BR2_xtensa_custom=y\nBR2_xtensa_custom_name="'${core}'",' .defconfig-xtensa
## sed -i -e 's,^.*BR2_xtensa_core_name.*,BR_xtensa_core_name="'${core}'",' .defconfig-xtensa
# Create full .config with defaults:
make clean defconfig CONFIG_DEFCONFIG=.defconfig-xtensa || exit 1
# Busybox adjustments: turn off 'ar' (can't create archives yet overrides real one)
# and turn on NFS mounting (Xtensa defconfig turns on RPC so this can work):
bborig=`grep '^BR2_PACKAGE_BUSYBOX_CONFIG=' .config | sed -e 's,.*"\(.*\)".*,\1,'`
cp $bborig $bbconf
sed -i -e 's,^CONFIG_AR=y,# CONFIG_AR is not set,' $bbconf
# Make use of above busybox adjustments:
sed -i -e 's,.*\(BR2_PACKAGE_BUSYBOX_CONFIG\).*,\1="'$bbconf'",' .config
echo "Done."