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--- HOWTO ---
If your package uses config.guess and/or config.sub, then it probably
relies on the autotools as its build system. In this case, you should
use the AUTOTARGETS infrastructure, which will take care of updating
the config.guess and/or config.sub files appropriately. See the
Buildroot documentation for details about the AUTOTARGETS
If for some reason your package does not use the AUTOTARGETS
infrastructure, you can request the config.guess and/or config.sub
files of your package to be updated by using:
$(call CONFIG_UPDATE,directory-of-your-package-sources)
--- UPDATE ---
GNU config is now managed in git, so to update:
# git clone git://
# cp config/config.* .
# for p in $(ls patches/*.patch); do patch -p0 < $p; done
# rm -rf config
A few local customizations are used to support uClibc so you may
have to make sure they're still needed. The patches are broken
out in the patches/ dir to keep things simple.