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This package, the EXT2 filesystem utilities, are made available under
the GNU Public License version 2, with the exception of the lib/ext2fs
and lib/e2p libraries, which are made available under the GNU Library
General Public License Version 2, the lib/uuid library which is made
available under a BSD-style license and the lib/et and lib/ss
libraries which are made available under an MIT-style license. Please
see lib/uuid/COPYING for more details for the license for the files
comprising the libuuid library, and the source file headers of the
libet and libss libraries for more information.
The most recent officially distributed version can be found at If you need to make a distribution,
that's the one you should use. If there is some reason why you'd like
a more recent version that is still in ALPHA testing (i.e., either
using the "WIP" test distributions or one from the hg or git
repository from the development branch, please contact me
( before you ship. The release schedules for this
package are flexible, if you give me enough lead time.
Theodore Ts'o