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The latest stable release is <b>2012.02</b>, which can be downloaded
<a href="/downloads/buildroot-2012.02.tar.gz">buildroot-2012.02.tar.gz</a>
<a href="/downloads/buildroot-2012.02.tar.bz2">buildroot-2012.02.tar.bz2</a>.
The latest release candidate is <b>2012.02-rc3</b>, which can be
downloaded here:<p>
<a href="/downloads/buildroot-2012.02-rc3.tar.gz">buildroot-2012.02-rc3.tar.gz</a>
<a href="/downloads/buildroot-2012.02-rc3.tar.bz2">buildroot-2012.02-rc3.tar.bz2</a>.
This and earlier releases can always be downloaded from
<a href="/downloads/"></a>.
You can also obtain <a href="/downloads/snapshots/">Daily
Snapshots</a> of the latest Buildroot source tree if you want to to
follow development, but cannot or do not wish to use Git.
<li> Click here to <a href="downloads/snapshots/">Daily Snapshots</a>.
<li> Click here to <a href="">browse the source tree</a>.
<li>Anonymous <a href="git.html">Git access</a> is available.
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