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#ifndef __NOTIFIER_H
#define __NOTIFIER_H
* Notifer chains loosely based on the according Linux framework
struct notifier_block {
int (*notifier_call)(struct notifier_block *, unsigned long, void *);
struct list_head list;
struct notifier_head {
struct list_head blocks;
int notifier_chain_register(struct notifier_head *nh, struct notifier_block *n);
int notifier_chain_unregister(struct notifier_head *nh, struct notifier_block *n);
int notifier_call_chain(struct notifier_head *nh, unsigned long val, void *v);
* Register a function which is called upon changes of
* clock frequencies in the system.
int clock_register_client(struct notifier_block *nb);
int clock_unregister_client(struct notifier_block *nb);
int clock_notifier_call_chain(void);
#define NOTIFIER_HEAD(name) \
struct notifier_head name = { \
.blocks = LIST_HEAD_INIT((name).blocks), \
#endif /* __NOTIFIER_H */