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// Non-legacy
typedef struct _ssboot_img_hdr
unsigned int magic; /* Magic No to identify Header == 0x4D535044 */
unsigned int timestamp; /* image creation timestamp in second starting from 01/01/76 */
unsigned int ssboot_header_crc; /* 32 bit CRC of header */
unsigned int key_length; /* Length of Public Key 0/1K,2K/4K. */
unsigned int hash_type; /* Hash Type 0/Sha-256/Rsa-Sha-256. */
unsigned int image_len; /* Length of Current Image (excluding header). */
} ssboot_img_hdr;
#define SSBOOT_HEADER_LEN sizeof(ssboot_img_hdr)
#define CRC_INIT 0x0
#define C2K_KEY_LENGTH_4K 512
#define C2K_MAGIC 0x4D535044
// Legacy
typedef struct _legacy_img_hdr
unsigned int base_offset;// this is where we download the code in IRAM, offset of the load address from the base of ARAM
unsigned int len;// program length in bytes
unsigned int start_offset;// offset from the top of the dowloaded program, this is where pc jumps to
} legacy_img_hdr;
#define LEGACY_MAX_HEADER_LEN sizeof(legacy_img_hdr)