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* OF Flat tree builder
#ifndef FT_BUILD_H
#define FT_BUILD_H
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <asm/barebox.h>
/* Definitions used by the flattened device tree */
#define OF_DT_HEADER 0xd00dfeed /* marker */
#define OF_DT_BEGIN_NODE 0x1 /* Start of node, full name */
#define OF_DT_END_NODE 0x2 /* End node */
#define OF_DT_PROP 0x3 /* Property: name off, size,
* content */
#define OF_DT_NOP 0x4 /* nop */
#define OF_DT_END 0x9
#define OF_DT_VERSION 0x10
struct boot_param_header {
u32 magic; /* magic word OF_DT_HEADER */
u32 totalsize; /* total size of DT block */
u32 off_dt_struct; /* offset to structure */
u32 off_dt_strings; /* offset to strings */
u32 off_mem_rsvmap; /* offset to memory reserve map */
u32 version; /* format version */
u32 last_comp_version; /* last compatible version */
/* version 2 fields below */
u32 boot_cpuid_phys; /* Physical CPU id we're booting on */
/* version 3 fields below */
u32 dt_strings_size; /* size of the DT strings block */
struct ft_cxt {
struct boot_param_header *bph;
u8 *p_rsvmap;
u8 *p_start; /* pointer to beginning of dt_struct */
u8 *p_end; /* pointer to end of dt_strings */
u8 *p; /* pointer to end of dt_struct and beginning of dt_strings */
void ft_begin_node(struct ft_cxt *cxt, const char *name);
void ft_init_cxt(struct ft_cxt *cxt, void *blob);
void ft_end_node(struct ft_cxt *cxt);
void ft_end_tree(struct ft_cxt *cxt);
void ft_finalize_tree(struct ft_cxt *cxt);
void ft_nop(struct ft_cxt *cxt);
void ft_prop(struct ft_cxt *cxt, const char *name, const void *data, int sz);
void ft_prop_str(struct ft_cxt *cxt, const char *name, const char *str);
void ft_prop_int(struct ft_cxt *cxt, const char *name, int val);
void ft_begin(struct ft_cxt *cxt, void *blob, int max_size);
void ft_add_rsvmap(struct ft_cxt *cxt, u64 physaddr, u64 size);
void ft_setup(void *blob, bd_t * bd, ulong initrd_start, ulong initrd_end);
void ft_dump_blob(const void *bphp);
void ft_merge_blob(struct ft_cxt *cxt, void *blob);
void *ft_get_prop(void *bphp, const char *propname, int *szp);
void ft_board_setup(void *blob, bd_t *bd);
void ft_cpu_setup(void *blob, bd_t *bd);
void ft_pci_setup(void *blob, bd_t *bd);