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Date: 02/16/2012
- slb/pfe driver has frame work to verify on Chipit.
- This will generate .ko file to load. Verified for 3.0.2 Kernel version.
- This kernel module creates a few proc entries, to control pfe driver for unit test verification.
- Chipit verification is not yet completed fully.
- FW loading and PFE init is verified.
- read class pe DMEM memory is good.
- Able to send packets from host (hif) to PFE. and Class PE receives the packets.
- hif tx descriptor chain traverse by TX BDP and TX DMA looks ok.
- The content of the packet loaded in PBUF is not completely good. Few locations are corrupted. Need investigation.
- Some times, class-pe hangs (lockups) observed. Need investigation.
- rx header contenet in the pbuf is good. (ddr address, pkt_len, phy_portno)
- class-pe to Host path not yet verified.
- GEMAC interaction not yet verified.
Makefile.chipit - Makefile for PCI verification module (slb_pfe.ko)
Readme.chipit - This file
pfe - pfe_lib directory
pfe.c - pfe_lib file
pfe_driver.c - pfe control driver
pfe_firmware.c - pfe fw loader
pfe_pci.c - pfe pci specific
pfe_proc.c - Handles proc interface for sbl_pfe driver
pfe_unit.c - Some unit testing function
To compile:
$cp Makefile.chipit Makeifle
To load:
$insmod sbl_pfe.ko
To verify:
$cat /proc/pfe/pkt
==> This will dump TX DMA status.
$echo <pkt_len> > /proc/pfe/pkt
==> this will send(tx) a packet from host to pfe.
$cat /proc/pfe/dump
==> This will dump 4 class-pe program counnters
$echo <class_id> > /proc/pfe/dump
==> this will dump PBUF[0] memory (256 bytes) of given class_id
As the testing is processing... we can add more control as per the requirement.